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The Tiger Family for Vogue

Hip hop couple Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae and their hip hop son Jordan had a fashion spread forVogue Korea. Jordan is adorable!

The couple decided to do a spread in Vogue Korea for the “STOP & LOVE” Campaign — a campaign aimed to prevent child abuse, so with the help of their own young son the family is using their fame to promote prevention and raise awareness of abuse against children.

Tiger JK supported his cause, “People know that child abuse is wrong, but at the same time don’t ask about a stranger’s family. Also, if someone is convicted of the crime, I see the punishment become less and less severe.”

Korean Hip Hop’s First Family’s spread can be see in the April issue of Vogue Korea.


29 Comments on “The Tiger Family for Vogue”

  1. Kim Jong says:

    Cool, look at the americans jumping about.. how wonderful that they live in USA doing american things. I wish I lived in LA like they do, rather than in Seoul.

  2. piano says:

    Note to Editors: Seriously, what the hell do these americans have to do with anything anyone wants to read about??? Can we get back to articles about real korean people.. thanks.

    Kind regards, The League of Popeseoul Commenters

  3. pat says:

    Somebody, please let the cat out. he smells.

  4. ngy says:

    what is real korean or not real korean? that’s freaky bias term, especially when the surname’s still korean. dumbass The League of Popeseoul Commenters

    • table says:

      Real koreans = koreans who live in korea and like being korean, and did their army duty.

      Fake koreans = american heritage leeches who spend all their time trying to be asian, whilst rejecting everything about being american and end up accountants.

      • K says:

        It’s not hard to be Korean for ethnically Korean foreigners. A person’s identity is tied to their culture, and culture is learned. Anyone living or willing to embrace another culture can perfectly assimilate or become a part of its people with enough time. Also, Americans have a right to choose to serve or not serve in the military force because the US has a bigger population. Btw, those people ARE Asian.

        • table says:

          The fact is, real-koreans only consider american korean leeches like daniel henney and most of f(x) to be ‘korean’ whereas koreans who live in culturally korean places like historical balhae, they don’t refer to them as korean. The underlying fact is that all korean males have to serve in the k-military, so it’s a simple test to see if someone is korean, by just asking if they did their military service and most american heritage leeches like that tool who left 2PM, didn’t. Therefore they’re not korean.

          Americans normally hate being american because of all the prozac they have to take, that’s why they try to leech onto any culture they can find rather than admitting their parents abandoned it and now they’re cultureless and vacant.

          • Amazed says:

            Seriously, it shouldn’t wow me anymore, but I still get astonished at exactly how much information about Korea you know, for someone who seems to “hate” the country, its people, its culture, etc. Sure, you can say that you searched up information to argue against persons like myself, but really, we all know otherwise.

            • Jam says:

              Are you just upset because I’m right and correct? The whole premise of this article is about koreans seeing a typical american family on the adverts and wanting to be like them, because americans don’t abuse their kids.

              The whole emotional pull of this advert is envy, capturing the blind envy of koreans to move to USA. The irony is that the american family in the photos are desperately trying to be korean, as with many americans who have no heritage.

              I pick up the odd bit of information every here and there, it’s normal when studying people from a whorshipful hierarchy, in order to see why they behave in this way.

          • K says:

            So you’re saying that for a male, having completed the army training is necessary for Korean citizens to see them as truly “Korean”. That reminds me of little boys who go through rites of passages to be accepted into a group. In the end, who’s Korean or not really depends on an individual’s perception and it’s a lose lose battle.

            Btw, saying Americans taking Prozac for depression is like saying Koreans are mentally unstable/suicidal because of the social oppression they face. It doesn’t apply to everyone, and as a generalization is completely invalid.

            • Jam says:

              So if a filipina perceives herself to be korean, that makes her korean? or someone from Ghana? Let’s get this straight then, using your definition of who or who isn’t korean anyone who thinks or perceives themselves to be korean, is a korean.

              That’s utter nonsense.

              Now let’s look at you saying americans don’t take prozac, well they do and because they don’t spend any time with their children they also have to give them Ritalin which turns their child into a vegetable so they don’t say anything about the amount of caffeine/soda-death-pop and fast food they are ingesting.

              • K says:

                No, you misunderstood. How another Korean perceives another possible Korean depends on their own nationalistic values. And yes, some Americans do take Prozac, but not all Americans. Since you’re throwing stereotypes here, in America I’ve heard many people (who haven’t met a lot of natural born Korean citizens) assume they have an “odor” because they consume kimchi in monstrous amounts. Is this true? Of course not, and the same should be said of Ritalin turning children into vegetables, and the placid acceptance of bombarding food products. As a country becomes more westernized, no country is unaffected by the latter consumption. I”m sure Korea has soda death pop and fast food too no?

  5. Leah says:

    I love this couple. Their chemistry is just… so clam and peceful. Love it. And Jordan is always so adorable. I love his smile and his laugh. So cute.

    • table says:

      That’s because you’re an american and you love seeing fake koreans on everything.

      • dwilliams says:

        okay dude what is up with all of these korean and american stuff damn every other post is about that let’s try something different.

        • Jam says:

          Well, you mention americans which we all know is the secret love of korea, and the S.E. asians all line up to take a metaphorical bullet for their k-gods.

          It’s simple and works really really effectively.

  6. youareannoying says:

    Seriously Popseoul has one of the most annoying commenters i’ve seen! I liked this site before but lately there are too many haters here. Almost on every article I read people saying “how some idols are not korean but american and that others try to be american etc.”. eeh wtf? I’m turkish but I live in germany so am i german? no I’m not. Even people with a german passport (not only turkish people) are not called german. So stop calling them “fake korean”!
    and also some trolls bashing kpop fans from other asian countries like vietnam,thailand,indonesia,malaysia etc.

    Well now I know why almost everyone prefers allkpop…

  7. Chuchu says:

    I love this couple. They are such a cute and lovely looking couple. Their son is looking more and more like his mother. He’s going to be tall when he becomes a man.

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  9. the good cause says:

    i just wanted to point out the main reason why this article was written, because of the good deed that the Tiger Family is doing. They are trying to help and prevent child abuse, which I feel that all cultures can relate to because every culture has to deal with child abuse.

    i think its great that they are trying to bring awareness to this issue and try to prevent it from becoming a a greater issude.

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