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[POPSelca] Victoria becomes Minnie Mouse!

Where do you think she wants to go on her next honeymoon?

The f(x) leader, Victoria, uploaded the photo above on her Me2Day page today. Her caption for the Disney inspired picture was just as uplifting. She explained how hard the members of f(x) are working to return to the stage and entertain their fans again. The singer introduced herself as Minnie and told everyone to continue to wait for them. The unique girl band is expected to make their K-pop comeback later this year.

Until then, say hi to Minnie and wonder what Nickey….I mean Nich-khun thinks of his wife’s return to her childhood! Most girls dream of becoming Cinderella,however, Victoria had a different character in her nightmare fantasy.

Source: Sports Chosun


9 Comments on “[POPSelca] Victoria becomes Minnie Mouse!”

  1. bianca says:

    Everything seems to link wgm. This is completely wgm unrelated.

  2. piano says:

    “this unique girl band” *cough* bollocks *cough*

    • bee says:

      kpop bands are never unique. They just follow what their company tells them and are in a sense manufactured robots. ALL of them. No exceptions.

  3. piano says:

    Has the american Nickhun been forced to marry her now, in some kind of sham wedding organised by the Entertainment companies? Gosh.

  4. QUINCY says:

    She looks cute in this Minnie Mouse costum 😀

  5. ara says:

    popseoul, the article is somewhat confusing. or perhaps i’m just not smart enough to understand it at first. but please, make the sentences easier to understand.

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