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Crown J is planning “big things”

A music video is in the works!

The rapper and his international crew have been tweeting up a storm about Crown Js upcoming project. The photo above is what the K-hip hop artist called the ” thumbnail” for his upcoming video.

Below are a few of his recent tweets and retweets about the new project:

“dis gonna b the thumbnail for the video! on worldstarhiphop…i know y’all been waiting for too long for my video. 6 more dayz…Just got off the phone wit my boy @OFFICIALCROWNJ in Korea. He’s doing big things. Can’t wait to see the final edit”

Are you ready? Will you be there to view his latest work of hip hop art?

Sources: @OFFICIALCROWNJ @masikakalysha


25 Comments on “Crown J is planning “big things””

  1. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    well if u r gonna make a good rap video you are going to need some random black people and maybe a hispanic thats just how it works. hope it doesnt suck. >.< i have an awful way with words. sorry.

  2. Sweetgirl1990 says:

    The lighter skinned one doesn’t look Hispanic ha! I think he’s black. Oh well good luck to him

    • Jam says:

      He’s not even Korean, so why is Popseoul so bothered about him? Are they going to have articles about other americans next week? Why not have something about some country singers?

      • Book says:

        Watch out or rory will delete your comments again

      • ---- says:

        He’s a korean stupid. If you don’t know a thing about him, just keep ur mouth shut man-.-

        • Cable says:

          He’s an american heritage leech. Goes around trying to be something other than american (in this case, korean) and then tries to get validation from this. The only thing propagating the nonsense is the fact koreans worship anything vaguely american.

  3. johyn says:

    isn’t crown j like thirty years old? why must he talk like that…. I think he would have more success volunteering down at the animal shelter then producing this album

  4. NotchaChingu says:

    Hmm well almost all the Asians I know in the US are the ghetto Asian variety LOL so even though I don’t listen to rap or hiphop, I wish him luck with the song. If it’s danceable and fun like a lot of Pitbull’s songs, he may do well.

    • Cable says:

      Seems lots of the Koreans in Korea are ghetto-fabulous these days too. It’s a big part of their culture to be ghetto-fab.

  5. smoothscorpion says:

    ahhhh i like CJ i hope this coming album is good and enjoyable (^_^)

  6. Cake says:

    Has he found a special technique to actually become a black person at last and shed his asian body? maybe using gene therapy.

  7. Open minded says:

    Some of you people are so ignorant and close minded it isnt even funny. So what if he wants to be part of hip hop or as you people claim “trying to be black”. I’m black and I love kpop so does that make me a person who wants to be Korean no it just makes me open minded. Its funny how some people can be so quick to tear each other down.

    People make fun of me for loving kpop but thats just what I like . When did it become such a bad thing to enjoy different kinds of music. I for one love CJ and I hope he succeeds in whatever he is trying to do. More props to him for even trying to do what others failed to accomplish.

    I never posts on these types of sites because the ignorance amazes me but i just needed to say this. If you wanna bash me for speaking my mind go ahead it just shows your lack of maturity.

    • CreditCard says:

      Are you blind? Have you seen what this guy is wearing? How he acts? As a ‘black man’ so attuned to your own culture, surely you can see this.

      To be fair Crown J isn’t even korean, he’s american.. so we shouldn’t expect him to act like a korean, because he’s not. However even I as an observer can see he’s acting blacker than even Dr Huxtable in his happy message sweater.

  8. Lela Chingseng says:

    i agree with Open minded!

    but dont forget that cake and creditCard and all the others nicknames are the same person. his problem only is that he thought that he has some respect in his working place till the day comes where the other workers told him that he is not that importand that he thought he is. and now he dont like his life anymore – because there is nobody out there who wants him. it is a big shock to him to life his life now.

  9. Lela Chingseng says:

    yes … the truth is always funny. And scary! isnt it CreditCard?

    • CreditCard says:

      Not really. Just that was funny, due to being totally wide of the mark. But keep your analyses and judgements going, they’re amusing.

  10. Lela Chingseng says:

    i see that your coming out had happend longer time ago?

    but i can tell you that you never will loose your bad feelings when you start at the day – i am sorry to tell this to you. it will keep on your mind day by day, our to our, minute after minute … and so on. till the rest of your life is starting. lol

    • CreditCard says:

      So you’re an indovietmalaypinay who worships korean and you’re currently in an internet café, you read my note and in order to protect your K-gods, you decided to step in line to protect them.

      So why do you worship koreans and wish you weren’t your own genes?

  11. Lela Chingseng says:


    i love the korean people because they are so beautiful, nice and handsome and they are respected for what they are doing. not like you. how can you life you life without beeing some in you world? how do you feel today CreditCard?

    • CreditCard says:

      So you want a korean farmer to marry you? So you can become a part of the korean culture and korean society, rather than the indovietmalaypinay k-slave society? Is that basically what this is about?

      I guess we cannot blame you for marrying above your station by trying to get one of your k-gods into wedlock. Good luck with that.

  12. Lela Chingseng says:

    hey CreditCard:

    you are such a seppo !

    btw i came home from work. nothing special happend, everybody knows what to do. same work like almoust 8 years now. and i am bored now. that s why i am posting a bit.

    i know that you dont know life like this!

    I am thinking about to take some piano-lessons. do you think that is an good idea?

  13. What's next? says:

    I love it when people really show their true colors because it’s so obvious on here.

    For those who say that Crown J is trying to be ” Black”, I would really like to know what it really mean? Gee, if he’s trying to be black, then what is being Korean? Some you guys really need to learn the difference between style and culture because it seems that some of you have no idea what it mean. Crown J loves hip-hop style,but real Black culture, (since some of you want to negatively associate us with it through hip-hop) is more than about music. It is about inventors, aviators, musicians, entrepreneurs , civil rights leaders etc. It’s about history, a legacy that I’m very proud to be in that my ancestors passed to me and many other AA’s.Being from the ATL where many of my freedom fighters originate from, I’m proud to say that I’m a proud Atlien and proud that my folks fought for their rights to express themselves for my right to not be treated like a nobody and for people like Crown J and Young Dro to have rights in expressing themselves through their music.

    It’s amazing how people will through up the hip-hop mantra to describe one’s culture. Ok, if Hip hop is supposed to be Black “culture”, then what culture did they have during the earlier times? As I recall it, there was NO hip hip in the 1980’s..70’s..60’s..I hope that you get my point.So what other racist excuse that some of you will use in to downgrade Black people?

    I also get tired of people pretending that they have the ” master race”..or at least that is how Hitler described non- Jewish Germans.Oh Crown J is embarrasing to Koreans world wide. Why? is it because some of you don’t understand American regional styles of music, it’s sounds funny or in more obvious cases he’s doing his stuff with an African American rapper and predominately AA cast to boot. I’ve visited some other K-pop sites and let’s just say that some of you guys don’t have a lot of room to criticize Crown J or the people he collaborates with. There is no such thing as the perfect race. If that was the case we wouldn’t be here.I ‘d bet that if Crown J was a Korean born and raised rapper who kept all his business in Korea,you wouldn’t be this hostile to him. Admit who you really are the sooner, the better.

    If there is one thing I dislike is another minority thinking that they are better than another, which seems to be the case with the supposed fans on here. As history will tell you, you were no better than us as both of us was treated like second class citizens. Instead of respecting Crown J as a human being, some you have relegated him ( as well as his team) as Black ,which to your eyes is nobody. As an African woman, I don’t appreciate that at all.

    I will give Korea lots of credit. There are lots of great talent there, unfortunately, with fans like some of you on here, you’re going to destroy them.How? because there are people who are sooo racist they don’t want African-Americans to ” taint” their favorite entertainer.
    They would rather keep it in Korea or somewhere where we don’t have to listen to it. I appreciate them and I would love to see them make it big in the States and all over the world,but with fans like the ones on here and other K-pop sites, they will be the ones that will ultimately taint them by their racist attitudes and leaving their favorite K-pop a star will a bad image of being one.

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