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Shin Mina Shows All Sides in Sure

Shin Mina shot this photo spread for fashion magazine Sure, where we get a dose of various sides of the lovely actress.

From sporty to lovely to chic to sexy, the April issue of Sure is full of Shin Mina goodness.

Netizens went crazy for the foxy actress’s pretty leg line in the photo above, but they’re also talking about her sudden change to short hair.

Fans commented on this collection, “Shin Mina proves she can look great and sexy in anything.”

Do you think Shin Mina nailed it in her latest fashion photo shoot?



27 Comments on “Shin Mina Shows All Sides in Sure”

  1. anya says:

    love her^^

  2. yurin .. says:

    Love her ..
    cutee & sweety …

    .. the red heels is so cute .. want one ..

  3. dera says:

    Nice pics but do they ever make the cover like who is on the cover of all these magazine shoots. Due they use models or westerners.

  4. bd2 says:

    That combination of gorgeous and cute (mannerisms) is deadly.

  5. table says:

    I can only see her showing one side, the front side. Maybe I’m missing some photos. She’s just another korean who is utterly expressionless with 2.3×10^34 filipinos worshipping her simply because she’s korean.

    Very interesting to see how they behave though.

    • bd2 says:

      And you’re just a worthless brainSTEM; so those Fils, Koreans, etc. that you so pitifully love to bash are still way better than your worthless life.

      • Book says:

        I do wonder why people like you do anything to take a bullet for your k-gods.

        • jay says:

          why are u here?
          ur not pathetic enough to amuse urself this way are you? if u are, i feel really really sorry …life is slipping away from you.

        • bd2 says:

          Get over yourself you lamebrain.

          I could give a rat’s arse about 99.9% of k-pop stars, but I have no problem ripping on the braindead like yourself.

          There’s nothing wrong w/ criticism if there is some validity behind it; but morons like you just spew insults for no reason other than hatred/jealousy or having something up your anus.

          • Cake says:

            When are you going to start ripping in?

          • jay says:

            classic 10 year old rant.
            “braindead” was last used in the 20th century when corduroy was popular and u outdid urself with ‘lamebrain’. that one takes the cake….i feel so sorry for you… -_- theres nothing i can say when ur already on the floor humiliating urself.

  6. albita says:

    Excelent, she is very pretty and has a nice figure.

  7. justmega says:


  8. K says:

    I would go gay for this girl…a spot that used to be exclusively reserved for Lara Stone.

  9. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    shin minah is so pretty. i love her. she’s awesome!!
    man, if she even wore something trashy, i bet she would still look hot

  10. joana says:


  11. Kathleen says:

    She’s so lovely plus the dimples:D

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