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The Wonder Girls will be in concert on March 26th…..

pack your bags and get ready to follow them to…..


Korea’s Wonder Girls are joining Chinese and Taiwanese superstars Elva Hsaio, David Tao, and Kenji Wu at the “China Mobile Concert”.The March 26th show venue will be held at Beijing’s Olympic Stadium. The location, that can hold 90,000, will be their musical playing field!  JYPE’s Wonder Girls plan to stay in China for a day or two, before they head back to the states to continue working their USA album.

Don’t “Tell Me” Nobody” in K-pop can rise to international fame…the Wonder Girls are working hard to achieve it!

Source: Star News


22 Comments on “The Wonder Girls will be in concert on March 26th…..”

  1. peace says:

    OK, you guys are gonna kill or curse me for saying this, but I’ll just throw out there. It’s been 2 freaking years, but they are still singing one song over and over again to achieve what this article says ( they’re still not known here in the states). I like them but I don’t like the fact they’re still singing one song for this long. Maybe, it’s time to come up something new, while they are remembered. I mean, I am happy they listed in 4 in Canadian chart. But, i think it won’t last long. People like change and new things.

  2. huh says:

    They look ridiculous in that poster!

  3. Hermes says:

    Gotta say… Out of all the girl groups in kpop, they wear the ugliest outfits on and off stage.

    They are SO not known here in the States, as they want people back in their home country to believe. It’s a big exaggeration whenever any of these kpopsters have articles about their “success” in the States/Canada.

    • Book says:

      You’ll be abused for saying the truth, people here don’t like the truth.

      • Dovey says:

        lol It’d only be their fans that would flame this person…But Hermes speaks the truth about them not really being known at all here in the States. I could ask my friends that are not into K-pop or the Korean culture and they’d probably say they’ve never heard of them, let alone knew they were here in the states before.

  4. johyn says:

    yoobin looks like a ganguro girl….lulz

  5. NotchaChingu says:

    Follow them where? To the depths of fashion hell? No Thanks.

    I just listened to the Tell Me song today at work. It brought back memories. It is the only WG song I like. I actually liked the song because of the parodies…you know policemen etc doing the dance all over the place.

    But looking at the video and listening to the “me so horny” tones in their underaged voices was a little gross in retrospect. They were selling that perverted little sexy girl image that men in Korea enjoy.

    Their singing is not good, and the dance itself wasn’t even just happened to become a fad. I think they need to hang it up and go to college or something. They’re not 16 anymore, so I think they may be over the hill as a k-pop girlgroup.

    The more I see them the sadder their makeup and hair etc looks. Do they owe JYP money? It’s time to move on, ladies. Don’t drink the Koolaid, you’re not awesome singers or performers. You enjoyed the 15 minutes, now go home.

  6. ara says:

    oot, Love David Tao’s voice.

  7. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    guy with the blonde hair is handsome.

  8. lizzzzzz says:


  9. justmega says:

    Moo Dah Lee Fuglys.

  10. sweety says:

    hi! I love your group!

  11. i wonder who actually likes their outfits not my style at all, they need help in that department amongst others

  12. dannel says:

    don’t ‘tell me’ if wonder girl bad,’nobody’ can’t be like wonder girl cause they is very ‘so hot’

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