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U-Kiss Is Reborn With “Bran New Kiss’

After replacing Alexander & Kim Kibum for 2 new members, U-Kiss is officially ready for a fresh new beginning in their 5th mini “Bran New Kiss“.

The album will contain 5 “bran new” songs and U-Kiss will promote the track “0303” with a nerdy concept. Ah, don’t you love those argyle socks?

01. IT’S TIME (Intro)
02. 0303
03. 내게 아픈 말은…
04. Every Day

U-Kiss is set to release their album sometime by the end of March, and on March 31st, the boy band will perform on popular music show Mnet McountDown!” for their comeback stage.

Are you excited for U-Kiss‘s new album?


64 Comments on “U-Kiss Is Reborn With “Bran New Kiss’”

  1. Srf says:

    Not really excited since their songs have been consistenly weak. But on the other hand I don’t all the rage Ukiss are getting for booting out two members. Like if you are thecweakest link you will be chopped this is the real world. Plus the new members are cuter and are probably singers and dancers.

  2. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    BRAN? bran the outer layer of wheat? pleez tell me thats a typo.

  3. Shereen says:

    Not interested in them anymore. After booting out the 2 members.

  4. table says:

    official proof that getting unemployable americans to teach koreans to speak english is a waste of time and that Koreans are ultimately very shyte at language acquisition because they’re just not very bright.

    ‘bran new kiss’ << seriously what the hell is that?

    • Amazed says:

      You take the word “idiot” to a whole new level.

      For one thing, to call Koreans stupid on a Kpop website isn’t the smartest thing to do.

      What are you trying to accomplish? Trying to prove to the limited number of people accessing this website that you’re really a ‘European’? Not likely, considering how much you know about Korea (as I’ve said in other replies).

      I know there are always going to be haters, but why don’t you make better use of your time?? It really boggles my mind.

      • Jam says:

        What you’re doing here is called ‘Rationalisation’ because it’s quite clear that your k-gods cannot speak american, and have albums called ‘bran new kiss’ because it’s an album all about dietary fibre and pooping… and eating high-bran cereal.

        But yes, I must be the idiot… not them, they’re never wrong. HAhah

    • chair says:

      how discriminatory…
      It is said that they intended to do it. I don’t know of the reason but maybe it’s because the “d” sound in brand new is sometimes omitted? What other reasons could there be?

      • Jam says:

        Well the main reason for them not putting a D on the end is that they’re just abysmal at American. You look at most Korean pop videos and there is some misspelled American hanging around on it.

        If you think they intended on doing it, then you’re an imbecile trying to change reality to fit in with the fact this group are so stupid they cannot even see when their album is about ‘dietary fibre’

        • Han River Cruiser says:

          It’s not “misspelled American”, it’s misspelled English.
          American is not a language. Also, grammatically speaking
          you should have written “this group IS so stupid”, since group is
          a singular entity. And if you think the group is responsible for
          naming their album, then you are misinformed. They have PR
          people and focus groups and record labels who decide what names
          to give albums, etc.

          • Jam says:

            Either way, their album is still called ‘i love kissing bran’ or ‘bran is awesome’ or some other bran based title.

            You think that’s professional? I guess you do.

            • Han River Cruiser says:

              No, I agree it’s silly. But the point is you can’t blame the group for the title. The only reason I can think of for it is that they didn’t have someone fluent in English check the title for them. I agree with you that there seems to be a lot of that kind of thing happening in Korea, where the use of English to show off is negated by the poor use of inappropriate and misspelled English. So you and I do agree on that, but I think you’re just going about it in a bit of an angry and somewhat rude way.

        • chair says:

          You can’t say they’re stupid nor can you say I’m an imbecile, since as pointed out by Han River Cruiser you are not perfect at English grammar. No one is perfect.
          They might have misspelled it… Or they might have done it on purpose, for style perhaps. Kevin Woo on his twitter account says they did it on purpose.
          I agree that they aren’t that good in English. Korean is a very different language from English perhaps.
          The translations of Korean songs to English confuse me sometimes.

  5. (^o^) says:


  6. trifa says:

    i think this going to be failed…it’s alexander and kibum are the main in U-kiss…U kiss known by these two members…sorry~
    not that interested anymore

  7. chair says:

    They have good songs with meaningful lyrics…
    I agree that Alexander and Kibum are good members but they aren’t the only members.
    Why not give the new members a try? They might do well…

    About the title of their album: BRAN new kiss. It may be a pun:
    Brand U-kiss–> brand yoo kiss
    Bran U-Kiss–> bra nyoo kiss–> brand new u-kiss
    that’s the best explanation i got.. how bout the others?

  8. ara says:

    haven’t listen to them that much. but changing brand to bran is something like avril used to with skater to sk8ter. and that’s something interesting.

    • Jam says:

      You’re using a ‘falacy’ in order to try to explain away your k-gods looking stupid. Skater and sk8ter have the same meaning… brand and bran don’t… so your example isn’t valid.

      • ara says:

        “K-gods” ?

      • chair says:

        @Jam: you also committed a fallacy.
        “sk8ter” is not in the dictionary. it’s not lexically defined. so, it doesn’t have a meaning until Avril used it. You can’t say that “sk8ter” and “skater” have the same meaning and that’s why Avril used “sk8ter” to replace “skater”.
        INSTEAD: Avril used “sk8ter” to replace “skater” for style and that’s why “sk8ter” is understood to mean “skater”.
        AND: U-Kiss used “bran” for “brand” for style and it is to be understood as “brand” in their album title.

        You’re all bananas about “bran” but what’s a “k-god”?
        Are you setting up a new religion, building temples for them now? And yet I thought you were a hater. now it dawned on me that you’re more of a fan to them than I would ever be.

  9. Nana says:

    hmmmm i wonder how many times they r gonna keep trying over and over again…i feel bad for these boys

  10. opheeliahh says:

    they all look so cute(: the one in the green kinda looks like Wooyoung from 2pm ..

  11. Kisseu says:

    The members said that it is not a typo. It’s really “bran”. They didn’t tell the reason behind it, still a mystery to the fans. But I assume that the missing letters (‘d’ and ‘u’) represent that it will never be complete without Alexander and kibum but still I’m not so sure. I googled the meaning of bran.. Read it and do the logic yourself.

    And to people saying that they’re not fluent in English.. Excuse me, Kevin and Eli are fluent.

    • Book says:

      Listen very clearly.. no one who is fluent in english would call their album ‘bran new kiss’ … so just deal with it and stop using psychological distortion to deal with what is a nonsensical name.

    • chair says:

      Yeah. Eli and Kevin are fluent in English. Alexander too. Too bad they replaced him. I wonder how U-Kiss will sound now.
      I wish the other members learn English too.

      Why such a big deal with “Bran New Kiss”?
      They did it for style.
      The name is ‘catchy’. Look how it caught you.

      • Cable says:

        You’re making excuses for a shyte performance group who are so illiterate in english that they named their album after dietary fibre.

        Given that you’re probably S.E. Asian, can you tell us why do you feel you have to take a bullet for these koreans? What is your motivation for wanting to sacrifice for them?

  12. Kisseu says:

    Lol the comments made me Lold so hard. Some people are so just light headed.

  13. Kergy says:

    Well, english teachers and translators are indeed a dying species in Korea… how the hell do they even plan on moving to the U.S. like that?

  14. 니키 says:

    `LOL They Look Very Nice In The Picture!`

  15. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I love the pic and clothes

  16. kpop says:


  17. nabilah says:

    i dont get it why they have to throw xander. hes the life of the group, he have good command of languages at that would be a great asset to promote their group n their country internationally. haih. so gonna miss him. bran? why exactly? hope they do better then….

  18. […] Their scheduled comeback is set for March 30th, and the seven member NH Media band is introducing you to the new crew! Newbies Hoon and AJ make their grand affectionate entrance in the twenty-second music video teaser for their upcoming album entitled,”Bran New Kiss“. […]

  19. chair says:

    May I ask: From what country is the majority of the traffic in this website from?

    • Small Beng says:

      It’s a toss up between Indo-Viet-Phil-Malay-Thai, the children of the factory workers that work in Korea.

      • Cable says:

        You’re correct, normally this site is frequented by american heritage leeches, americans wanting a thin husband and indovietmalaypinays who worship koreans and want to meet a K-farmer to import them to the land of their k-gods.

        Occasionally, however, people like myself turn up to observe and laugh.

  20. why they change two original groups ??
    i love the past u-kiss very much T.T

  21. melvin lacasandile says:

    hello i am happy that ukiss will come back after so long ukiss is the best and the two new member of ukiss……, i dont now wat they are doing
    cos ilike xander and kim ki bum
    why they replaced it im so sad

  22. Whatever says:

    I don’t understand why people are arguing over the album name? Just enjoy the album. Who cares…

  23. apPle33 says:

    it’s just sooOoo stupid+immature if u’re just here commenting on the title name+not interested if the othe r2 member aren’t here. so what?? feel uninterested? get off from this page!! a misspelled title?? go being a TESL teacher ur’self!! what is this? some kind of spell-it-right competition..?? stop it….?? u have hurt their fans+themselves… can this world be a better place to live for godsake people grow up…….

  24. shizuka. says:

    I still like them though. I think its really quite difficult being a star. They have gone through much and even being able to debut is alr quite hard. So yea. I admire their perserverence (: will continue supporting them (:

  25. N says:


    -DONG HO
    -KI SEOP

    Neomu Neomu SARANGHE!!!!!!!

  26. U-KISS crazy fans says:

    I love their music very much….U-KISS FIGHTING!!!! i love aj and hoon ….

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