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When will Alexander hold his first solo interview?

The former U-kiss member tweeted the following message on his personal account on March 22nd,

“My 1st interview after a while… and w/ @3rdWaveMusic!!♥ Here I come baby! Gonna shoot all cameras w/ my laser beam so STAY TUNED! *BEAM~♪*”

According to the tweets and retweets (we all know the tweets never lie), the singer participated in a video interview for the spiritual group. What did he talk about? Will he spill the beans about his former bandmates and label?!

The release date for the interview has not been revealed. Although, when the time comes, you can honestly say…“a little birdie told me…”

Source: @alexander_0729


10 Comments on “When will Alexander hold his first solo interview?”

  1. lian95 says:

    First!!! Love u oppa =) Hawaiting !!!!

  2. Shereen says:

    Fighting ! ! ! All the best

  3. mirakhil says:

    this person named ‘table’ is such a bitch!!!She/he complains so much..
    WTF?do u hate ur life so much? tsk tsk tsk…get lost or something!

  4. Dubai's H.S.A says:

    OMG!! why are you fighting ppl be polite!!!

    • ShereeN says:

      Dubai’s H.S.A,

      I’m Not Being Rude..But Some People Don’t Know Their Own Limit…They Simple Write What Ever They Want Without Thinking…If ‘That Person’ Can’nt Live With It….So I Think He/She Should Move To The Jungle..Be Friend With Animal Us As M.O.N.K.E.Y…..

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