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“Who’s That Guy?” It’s Dream Tree…?

Dream what?

Netizens found themselves asking the above question after seeing K. Will‘s music video featuring IU and this guy, who has a bad case of unrequited love for the idol singer.

In the music video for K. Will‘s “Can’t Open Up My Lips” (입이 떨어지지 않아서), a young man looks at IU with all the love in the world, but the female idol only has eyes for someone else (MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon), as this music video is coupled with the music video for “My Heart is Beating” (가슴이 뛴다), starring the IU-Lee Joon couple.

Below is the music video for “Can’t Open Up My Lips,” from K. Will’s second album.


Netizens responded, “Ah, he seems really heartbroken,” and “Where did this good-looking kid come from?”

After the video hit the airwaves, searches started flooding in for “K. Will’s backup dancer,” as still shots from the music video are being gathered on blogs and community sites.

It turns out he is not only K. Will‘s backup dancer, he’s Starship Entertainment trainee Noh Min-woo. Starship Entertainment, who manage K. Will and Sistar, are preparing to debut a new 6-member boy band, Dream Tree (꿈의 나무), with this young 17-year-old as a member.

Noh Min-woo has appeared in the 2007 drama “Ghost Pang Pang” as a child, as well as the 2008 drama “Elephant” (코끼리) and 2011’s “All My Love” (몽땅 내 사랑). In doing so, he was also on variety program “Quiz to Change the World.”

So, there you have it, he’s a trainee. The final details and members of the boy band have yet to be decided, but for now, it’s 6 members, though the number changed from 5 to 7 to now 6. For the now the list is Noh Min-woo, leader Kim Dong-hyun (appeared in the film “Syndrome”), ulzzang twins Jo Kwang-min and Jo Young-min (appeared with Noh Min-woo in “All My Love”), rapper Noh Yoon-ho, and as for the final member… It was said that Starship chose a foreigner TNT who was on Thailand’s “Teen Superstar” program, where he sang a number of Korean pop songs, including “Heartbreaker” and “I Need a Girl.” Also, a 7th member is supposed to be chosen, but it’s still uncertain. If you find this all really confusing, welcome to the world of choosing idol group members.

If you missed the endearingly cutesy K. WillMy Heart is Beating” music video, you can check it out below.


And, if you’re still interested in the Dream Tree members, keep reading…

Kim Dong-hyun, 21 (Korean age)

Noh Min-woo, 17

Jo Kwang-min, Jo Young-min, 17 (Does Starship Ent have something with twins?)

Noh Yoon-ho, ??

TNT, 16

Upon the news of this boy band, it’s found that a good number of these members show up in the Sistar music video for “Push Push.”


What do you think of Dream Tree?


6 Comments on ““Who’s That Guy?” It’s Dream Tree…?”

  1. Mi Young says:

    The Video was sooo Sad ! Aja, Aja Hwaiting !

  2. ara says:

    that Thailand boy, TNT (What’s that stands for? trinitrotoluene?) has a very cute face. but he’s more like Korean, less Thailand.

    anyhow, not looking forward, but just as any other vocal band whose competing right now, i just wish this band a good luck.

  3. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    The twins are hot~

  4. wang says:

    min woo is same age with me. uhhuhhu

  5. SHINee 4evah! says:

    I never noticed the first time I watched the music video (which was like a year, or more, ago)
    But after paying attention there really were twins. OO” Without paying attention, they look like friends

  6. k'k says:

    TNT So cute he’s very hot in thailand than Bieber
    face book TNT TS7 Facebook
    real name TNT Chittapon Leechaiyapornkun

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