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Brave Girls Reveal Their 3rd Member

celebrity’s niece, a dancer, and now a pageant princess?? Just who is Yejin?

Yejin is the latest member of the upcoming group Brave Girls to be revealed, and she has quite the history involving in her beauty.

Back in 2008 she won the ‘Miss Seattle’ title at the 2008 Miss Korea competition, and is noted for her resemblance to “Secret Garden” drama actress Kim Sa-rang.

3 down 2 more to go, are you excited for Brave Girls debut?

Source: Star News


11 Comments on “Brave Girls Reveal Their 3rd Member”

  1. ayato says:

    beauty, that’s a talent.

  2. Book says:

    Miss Seattle competition……. another american for the koreans to worship in a K-pop group? Gloriously predictable.

    I’m going to get some more bran.

  3. mingqi says:

    i think she looks like more like a cross between Ha Ji Won and BoA than Kim Sarang

  4. ashley says:

    In the first big picture she looks like Hyori when she was younger.

  5. Maggie says:

    if this group ever makes the rounds on Kvariety shows, her being ‘Miss Seattle’ will always be a hot topic and we’ll be hearing the same lame story over and over. Her being in a pageant in the States not to mention being a niece of a celeb will be her claim to popularity/fame in Korea. Not actual talent (ha! shocker!!).


    • Maggie says:

      *scratch: her being a celebs niece haha its the other member who is lol my bad

      • Cable says:

        I’m showing signs of significant levels of boredom associated with this cynical cookie-cutter group already. It’s just going to be the usual affair of koreans throwing themselves on the stage and in front of cars just to touch the american who won some unknown beauty pageant in fatland.

        And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I don’t have any interest in K-pop. Next new group please…

  6. puppylova says:

    are the brave girls twins???

  7. I’m wondering if the Koreans of this page are really reading these comments.
    Yes.. i guess that they are.

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