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Does the Cast of Ms. Ripley “Lie”?

I highly doubt that, however, a new drama based on a woman’s web of lies will hit….

TV screens in the latter half of May.  On March 24th, the drama’s promotional team released photos to the press of the cast (of the new deceptive new MBC drama) holding their first scenario reading. The MBC Ilsan Dream Center in Gyeonggi Province was the location the main actors Kim Seung-woo,Lee Da-hae,Kang Hye-jung, and JYJ’s Micky Yoo-chun practiced their moving and passionate pre-performance.

The serious consequences of lying is the main focus for the upcoming drama entitled “Ms. Ripley” and viewers can not wait to see their favorite stars sort their way through the truth.

Are you ready to decipher the tales in “Ms. Ripley“:?

Source: Chosun


6 Comments on “Does the Cast of Ms. Ripley “Lie”?”

  1. pat says:

    At least JYJ guys are seen on TV somewhere.

  2. Kai says:

    Doesn’t this sound like a rehash of ‘My Girl’ whereby the heroine lies about everything?

  3. ara says:

    i wish i could go on a meeting like that. in white t shirt and jacket like Yoo Chun did as seen on those pics. -_-”

    it’ll be great working on a creative industry…

  4. hale luana says:

    GO YUCHUN !!! GO JYJ !!!!

  5. pemzey says:

    wow micky and lee da hae together…..awesome……love the two……can’t wait for the show to air….!!!!…..^^

  6. Ei Thu says:

    excuse me ….i wanna know…is yu chun is main role in this drama..I hope he’ll be the main actor…

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