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Heechul’s Fury Erupts Through Twitter

Things seem to not be going well for Super Junior member Kim Heechul, as he released an angry message through is twitter account.

Early on the 24th Heechul tweeted:

The message clearly making reference to his recent incident involving a fan, which has currently left him with large wound to his face.

What became even more unusual was when it was discovered, Heechul had unfollowed over 49 people.

Oddly enough just hours before his rant,  Heechul appeared on the MBC show “Golden Fishery’s Radio Star”, where he showed up with dark glasses and talked about his injury.

What do you about Heechul‘s rant? Or better yet do you think Heechul‘s account might have been hacked?


163 Comments on “Heechul’s Fury Erupts Through Twitter”

  1. hinata52 says:

    He is α superstar, what u expect? They worship their faces the most. It’s really ok for him to at least feel mad, it’s his face that has been scarred. You don’t think he is Harry Potter or something to live with that scar! Heechul, gambatte ne!

  2. Kinantihany says:

    Oh come on, he’s just being his true self. That self-loving mirror’s lover boy. His face is his everything to him. I would be frustrated too if I have a scar below my eyes where everyone can see.

  3. chillibebe says:

    He didn’t unfollowed Leeteuk because in the first place he really DID NOT, including Siwon.. And it’s 49 down to 10 people.. Only Super Junior members remained plus Boa & Jungmo.. Just to clear things, Leeteuk and Siwon are really not in his list from the very start..

  4. Orange_Fun says:

    Ok he really needs to get over this whole sign throwing incident. Stuff like this happens especially when you are a celebrity and besides it’s not like the fan did it on purpose. If things like this are goin to the effect him the point where he can’t get over it in one day, then maybe he chose the wrong profession……..but I don’t know the whole story so I’ll leave it at that. Hope he gets better managing his anger.

  5. JinHyunAe0201 says:

    If you’re an KPOP lover , you shouldn’t be sitting in front of your computer bashing other groups which you hate alot . You shouldn’t be hating any of the KPOP Groups since you call yourself an KPOP LOVER .
    If you have reasons why you hate SJ so much , please list it down here and let ELF see . I bet some of your reasons are like “they are gays .” “They can’t sing and dance” “they are fat” . This is not the valid reasons . You guys/antis have no reasons why you are hating them at all !
    I don’t understand ! Did SJ owe you guys anything in your whole life before ? Then why are you guys hating them ? Gosh T.T
    If their fake , how bout you ? They are humans and you’re humans too !
    Do you know what’s the feeling of being bash all around the whole asia because of just 1 rumors ?
    Idols have to go through so much bashing from those antis and they suffered alot when they first debuted .
    Idols are human , we are humans. Idols have feeling , we have feeling . Idols are not robot and we’re not too !
    I know this is long message , but please antis . Stop bashing OPPAs and do something thoughtful in your life instead of commenting or even spam your Twitter , Facebook , Tumblr , WordPress with hateful words . It hurt their feeling alot .

    • tvxqfangirl85 says:

      I understand what you’re trying to say and in an ideal world that would be true.

      However, hate is a huge part of Kpop.

      No where else will you find such aggressive fans, anti fans and neitizens in general.

      In some aspects, it is encouraged because the media gives them so much power.

      It especially hurts when it’s your group that this is happening to.

      I feel sorry for Heechul and hope that he can deal with all the bashing.

      Unfortunately, it comes with the idol territory.

      Heechul and Suju fighting!!!!

      They are having it rough these days…..

    • geez says:

      I find this hilarious. Not that care about him, but the random swearage combined with the fail engrish cracks me up. That and the weird fans and THEIR fail Engrish while they defend him against trolls who could care less.

    • emma says:

      I’m trying to work out if this person is an anti in disguise. The whole “OPPA” this “Oppa” that as if they were on speaking terms makes them seem so retarded like a 12 year old with no life. And it kinda grosses me out. Seriously, get a real boyfriend or find something more meaningful to be obsessed about.

      • ashley says:

        I agree most Elf’s are crazy little fangirls.

        • Cake says:

          It’s elves, and they’re a mixture of men and women.. they live in the forests and other places.

          • ashley says:

            No, I ‘m talking about Super Junior’s fan club. The name of their official fan club is “Elf ” aka Ever. Lasting. Friends.

            • Cake says:

              No one cares about indovietmalaypinays who are worshipful members of a religion aimed at deifying a shyte and talentless dance troupe consisting of stubby legged koreans and ignorant seppos. ‘E’vident ‘L’ack of ‘F’aculties would be a better term… and I’m pretty certain they’re all single, because they have no good hobbies.

              Wondering about mythical Elves are far more important to society that thinking about those other uneducated plebs.

              • ashley says:

                I don’t care either go tell that to JinHyunAe0201 shes the one that replied to almost every comment trying to defend Heechul like he did no wrong.

              • LiL Shawty says:

                Uhh excuse me? If Super Junior wasn’t so talentless then why are they so famous then huh? Oh and wtf are you talking about?! You’re pretty certain that >ELF’s< are all single? Wtf are you on about?! I have a bf and I'm an ELF. Us ELF's have normal hobbies unlike you haters who just like to critisize and hate for a living so you can get attention.
                GET. A. GRIP.

                – Super Junior FIGHTING!~

  6. illuminaterz says:

    why everybody is arguing and fighting over nothing. personally, i don’t really like reading what he tweeted but it his twitter account and he has every right to voice his opinion. but still i’m his fan. lurv or hate his tweet, u still read it and can’t get enough from him, don’t cha? kekeke

  7. luvSuJu13 says:

    it’s heechul! of course he’ll be pissed off about a mark on his face! no surprise! that fan, no offense, was stupid!

  8. Kergy says:

    Heechul whines about an insignificant scar while Lybian kids are being bombed. This is what I hate about K-pop.

    • LiL Shawty says:

      Uhh im pretty sure that you’d whine about a scar to if you were in the same postition as Heechul.

  9. nomi says:

    i like what kergy said!

  10. lanwookie says: funny to read all kind of stuff but the truth is..Heechul is spoiler..

  11. honey says:

    he should learn english, before he writes anything in english.

    heechul if u werent so gay no one would have done that to you. so now go n hang yourself.

    • Cake says:

      He’s just a big girl who cannot take a piece of paper to the face without having a massive rant about how hurt he is. Like seriously he’d be shyte at any good sports where you might take a high speed ball to the face or a punch and still be expected to play on.

      What a girl.

      • Leica says:

        A couple of lines does not constitute a massive rant, really. And a sports career wouldn’t be adversely affected by a facial scar, so that’s hardly a fair comparison. But he has had physical injuries which he ignored because the show must go on. For example after the car accident torn ligaments, etc, and went out on stage and danced with it anyway. Fractured leg in 5 places including femur, knee, and ankle, had surgery, and was advised to stop all activities for 12 weeks. Very difficult to fracture a femur, btw, and takes a long time to heal. But that didn’t stop him, so… Feel free to continue your hobby of insulting people online but at least know what you’re talking about when you do, so you can make some valid points instead of just sounding like a troll.

  12. lanwookie says:

    honey..i like ur idea..muahahaha

  13. felisha says:

    that’s true kergy.he’s juz injured,not die yet.btw,why he should boosting around ’bout his stupid scar…..isn’t he a man!!??

  14. claire says:

    I love him, but seriously? get over it.

  15. erick says:

    Fail. even a girl are more manlier to swallow that scars. Double fail to even take it to twitter. Triple fail with his engrish.

  16. Ph diaz says:

    A scar on your face is more a thank you. than a life time scar on your whole Body. it can be fix. with the technology that we have. Accident is an accident. no one wants it to happen. Your face may be your “front” to people that admire him. but, I think to what happen… it seems like he is more a physical person. a wound can heal, but words can leave a deeper scar. and can be a lifetime.

    • Plaster says:

      He got hit on the face by a small piece of card and then the cried like a girl and ran off the stage. Where is the dignity in that?

      • Leica says:

        This was not just a small piece of cardboard. It was an LED screen. That is why it left a “large wound” requiring hospital care. And i don’t recall him crying like a girl, although anyone hit in the face with something hard, the eyes do tear up. (actually they get teary just from plucking out an eyebrow hair lol) Let’s hit you with an LED screen in the face, and see how you take it. =p

        • LiL Shawty says:

          Haaaahh 😛 i totally agree with you Leica ! (:
          Lets so hit him with one ! 😀
          SuJu Fighting!~

  17. 028_me says:

    *no offense*
    First I don’t hate the fan that threw the board..
    Second I know that Heechul is ranting about his face…
    Third It is true that he should be worrying more about world crisis..
    BUT !!
    What the hell??!
    We all knows that heechul always say that the only thing that keeps him in the entertainment business going is his face..
    If you are an idol you should take care of your appearance ..
    If for example he underwent plastic surgery or something antis that are bashing him because he is whining will also bash him because he had plastic surgery right?
    Also why the hell are you commenting bad things to him if you are in that crisis and million of people hates you for being human will you feel good…?
    Even though they are idols they still have feelings but ANTIs always overrun that fact ….
    Also Heechul is not gay if you think he is then that is your opinion but you don’t need to create a fan club or whatever out of it…
    WHY? Let me ask you have you met him in person? Are you that close to him that you can say things like that?
    You people are the one that causes bad rumors about idols…
    Why do you need to hate them so much ? because they are gay? because they are popular? because they are fat??
    That’s wrong..
    First In my opinion Super Junior and HEECHUL is not gay even though they are not (for me) why do some always hate homos to the point of killing them …
    they are humans too right..
    Second if they are popular they worked hard for it. They underwent countless diets to the point of not eating…
    They also almost never had sleep they just followed their dream what is wrong with that?
    So what if they are fat at least thay can dance well…
    ALso for those out there saying that heechul cares too much about his face consider this:
    If I scarred your face and left a big mark would you not hate it? T.T
    Oh my gosh stop hating him keep your opinions to yourself and stop bashing ELFs about Super Junior ….

  18. TRUTH says:

    i’m not trying to defend heechul or what but rteading all of your cooment make me wants to says something…
    Evryone is different…have their own uniqueness and ways to express themselves..before u pont and said that why he rant about the scar..should you try to know him first before said something…
    yes..there are bigger problem than the scar but if u, would u care about others, world’s problem if u have your own problem? No..everyone need to love and thinks about themselves before they can love others!!
    Heechul from outer is a very confidence man but truly inside, he is not..
    He has been in the entertainment industry for so long and quite success now. But did you all know that he first got choosen because of his face and not his talent of dancing or singing. He said he is not special, cannot sing nor dance. he only got his face and really believe that he became what he is know because of his face. If you learn physcology, u will know this is inferior problem…I’m not too familiar with it but from him to have scar like that on the face that he really treasure is really a big problem to him than the problem tahn he cannot walk or talk when he got into car accident in 2007.
    Man or woman, if u in his place and belive for your whole life that u success because of your face and then this happen, would u still can be calm? not not mad? if u can, then something is wrong because everyone is not God to be so perfect!!
    so stop bashing others or Suju fan that try to defend him…
    Me…of course I’m heechul fan. Of course i’m lying if i said that i am not trying to defend him. I just want to says that “Please think before u said or express ur opinion” Pf course this is free world but YOUR HATEFUL COMMENT CAN AFFECTS OTHERS!!!

  19. Leica says:

    The title of this page is ridiculous to start with, there’s no “fury” and no “erupting”, it’s a short little comment venting a brief moment of frustration. And considering this was caused by a so-called fan? i’d say his reaction is quite controlled. What human being–male or female–likes to have their face scarred?

    The people being the most critical of Heechul right now are the exact same people who run around saying “FML” constantly, when the teeniest least little thing does not go precisely the way they want. You know how i can tell? Because they are obviously nasty, negative, unpleasant people–and nasty, negative, unpleasant people are quick bitch and become enraged when they don’t get exactly what they want.

    Anyone who thinks Heechul is being overdramatic and vain and should hang himself etc needs to have some sort of accident to damage their faces asap, and leave permanent scarring. If there is such a thing as karma, that will happen. And i hope they get publicly mocked for being upset by it—preferably on a facebook page or something else where it can be plastered all over the internet.

    If you’re going to criticise someone for having petty complaints while more important things are happening in the world, try practicing what you preach. You’re sitting online complaining about a couple of lines someone posted on twitter, aren’t there more significant things going on in the world? At least Heechul is creating music that makes millions of people happy and uplifts their spirits every day. What are YOU doing for anyone? Nothing, because you’re too busy being a hateful ass online.

    And btw, don’t criticise someone’s ‘engrish’ if you’re totally illiterate yourself. That’s just sad.

  20. Yachiru567 says:

    It’s not like he really wanted to get hit! I know how it feels to get hit but for me it was much worse! He is a star with a scar on his face! I’m only a regular girl with 3 big scars on my back and two on my right shoulder! It’s not great being hit by something!

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