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HyunA Puckers Up For Her “STEAL 20” MV Teaser

Showing a seductive new image, HyunA is the 1st  to perform a striptease for 4minute‘s comeback.

In the teaser HyunA playfully says “When I turned 20, I thought that the whole world would become mine. My thought wasn’t wrong. The world is cheering at me. Is it waiting for me? Right now I’m just one whole world.”

Ending the teaser with “Mirror, mirror, who’s the prettiest in the world?”

1 teaser down 4 more to go! Are you excited for 4minute‘s comeback?


32 Comments on “HyunA Puckers Up For Her “STEAL 20” MV Teaser”

  1. ashley says:


  2. ara says:

    portray her as Narcissus ?

    that’s so self centered.

  3. o0o.TripleS.o0o says:……

  4. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    whos the prettiest in the world? thats not how it goes!!! u kissing a mirror and saying that? that girl lost her mind. lolz hyuna fighting!!!

  5. Hermes says:

    She just looks cheap.

  6. Maggie says:

    uhh what’s with her lips? eww they call this being sexy?

  7. queenbznuts says:

    She’s the Korean Vanessa Hudgens. She probably takes nude photos of herself and sends it to the ceo of her record company since she doesn’t have any real talent.

  8. amy says:

    It’s bad enough that the only way she knows how to dance in to shake her butt around and hump the air combined with terrible footwork. But how she;s behaving like a cheap prostitute. Gross.

  9. zed says:

    She needs to work on her sexy face cuz all I got was “What Smells?”.

    Their is no music in the teaser so fail and her circle lenses are laughable really Kpop singers need to lay off of them cuz it doesn’t look natural

  10. Y??? says:

    every time i saw her in any show or video is like watdhing kwoni with some dark wig oO .. sorry… ><

  11. KCM says:

    What the hell? Why is everyone so rude? It’s just a new concept! I think she looks amazing! It’s a weird teaser BUT it’s something new. Why comment if all you do is trash on her? Keep your RUDE comments to yourself!

  12. mia says:

    Never liked her. Mostly because of the slutty overrated way she dances.

  13. liz says:

    Well, this will obviously get 4minute more attention!

  14. Kergy says:

    Going for the ‘5 dollar whore’ concept again, it seems…

  15. […] 4minute‘s HyunA left many stunned with her MV teaser, rapper Jiyoon reveals her two sides one being darker &  fiercer, compared to her  kinder […]

  16. in young says:

    all i tot of while watching this was.. “whore in a brothel”. seriously, such a cheap, trashy concept. and it always somehow seems that hyuna is given the sluttiest ones out of her entire group. and the way she dance.s.. gross.

  17. Anh says:

    Jesus the haters are amusing. Maybe it’s just better for her to wear ankle length skirts and do ballet.

    • natarsha says:

      she’d just look like a prostitute in ballet gear cause she can’t dance without looking class-less.

      • Anh says:

        Classless as in untalented?

        • ashley says:

          people are just telling the truth ever since I saw her in WonderGirl’s mv she just seemed ……idk what it was but slutty I guess, I tried to like her because we are the same age lol but I couldn’t because she always tries to act sexy but she can’t u should watch Jiyoo’s video she pulls it off much better.

  18. Alissa field says:


    that so disgusting the part when she kiss the mirror

    P/S it okay if the child about 2 year do kiss

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