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Jung Joon-ho’s “breaking news” wedding!

On March 25th, actor Jung Joon-ho and….

his fiancée ,announcer Lee Ha-jung, will wed in the Seoul Sheraton Grand Walker Hill Hotel. They have invited their families and friends to be apart of the joyous day….So, how come I wasn’t invited? The wedding of the century, that the POP family will not witness first hand, has released pre-martial bliss photographs!

The pictures,which were released online March 24th, will be shown to the wedding party tomorrow in 3D. The lovebirds ,Joon-jung, had their photoshoot in Macau.

During the event planning, sponsors offered to fund their dream come true. The event planner stated this about their decision regarding the sponsors:

“….the couple wanted a pious wedding so we rejected all the sponsors. Jung Joon-ho wanted to make this wedding the best possible present for his wife so I reflected a 100% to that opinion”

We may not be able to see the religious result,but enjoy the Macau images of the happy couple below!

Congratulations to Jung Joon-ho and Lee Ha-jung

Sources: Star News,TV Daily, and Hancinema


7 Comments on “Jung Joon-ho’s “breaking news” wedding!”

  1. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    they look so cute

  2. Cable says:

    They’re getting married on Hooker Hill, right next to where all the GIs are. That’s nice for them, maybe they’ll eat in KFC afterwards.

    Can someone explain why they’re wearing hanbok in macau??? Surely they should be wearing the more impressive Hanfu?

  3. constance says:

    Congratulation to the new wedded couple.

  4. Glass says:

    These photos remind me why it should be illegal to wear hanbok, they look fawking awful.

    • constance says:

      It for wedding photo shoot relax dun be so serious. But why is it illegal to wear hanbok? Care to share?

      • Glass says:

        Because they look so dreadful. Look at the dude.. he looks like he’s wearing a dress, and that lady looks fat wearing a tent. The fact is, hanfu (here) which chinesers wear typically looks a lot better, and a lot less like a tent with a head poking out of the top.

  5. Amy Foo says:

    Have respect for other’s culture……since they are both Koreans, why couldn’t they wear Hanbok? If you are a certain race, culture or whatever background…..nasty comment SHOULD NOT be SIMPLY made onto you just because you are different from anybody!! Please have respect for yourself and also…..onto others too! Thanks!

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