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Kamilia’s Pull Out The Benjamins For KARA’s Upcoming Anniversary

With KARA’s 4th year anniversary date approaching, their fans aka Kamilias are pulling out all the stops to celebrate the special occasion.

Making their debut on March 29, 2007 at popular music show M! Countdown performing the track “Break It” ,KARA has become one K-pop’s most discussed & popular female groups since their debut.

Entering their 4th year the group has had their upsdowns, but throughout it all Kamilias have been supporting them in anyway possible.

At the Lotte Department Store in Seoul, Myungdong district, fans were able to raise enough money to play a video message through the large billboard wishing KARA a happy 4th anniversary.

The video also included  two other messages reading, “KARA always 5 forever” and “KARA [5 =1]“, referencing to their recent dispute with their label.

Will you be celebrating KARA‘s anniversary on March 29th?

Source: Newsen


3 Comments on “Kamilia’s Pull Out The Benjamins For KARA’s Upcoming Anniversary”

  1. (^o^) says:

    love it

  2. liz says:

    It’s so sad how much money these fans are throwing away for their kpop stars!

  3. Nicepeterfan says:

    Nope. If they could actually sing and not put out trashy music maybe I would

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