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KEYEAST announces the release date for Kim Hyun-joong’s album!

“Kim Hyun-joong has been living in the recording room “

According to Keyeast, The hard-working and determined Hallyu star is currently recording new singles for his debut solo album. Hyun-joong will be using this project to set himself apart from his band, SS501. His individuality will shine bright on the album that is expected to be released to the public no later than June.

Hyun-joong’s personal ideals (flowers and kissing aside) will be very evident on this musical piece. The singer has placed everything on his current schedule on hold to devote all his time to the album.

You can expect to hear Kim Hyun-joong [the solo album] sometime between May and June.

Source: Osen


15 Comments on “KEYEAST announces the release date for Kim Hyun-joong’s album!”

  1. o0o.Triple.o0o says:

    >w< yay yay! Leader 4D no.1! I am expecting this album solo! Joongie So handsome! 😡

  2. o0o.TripleS.o0o says:

    >w< leader 4D no.1! Hyun Joong no.1! Yay yay!:x

  3. Shay says:

    Why he is so handsome???? Can’t wait for the album!!! Keep up the good work..

  4. ShereeN says:

    Can’t Wait… (^_^)v

  5. Christy says:

    OMG he looks so cute in this photo! Looking forward to his album. 🙂

  6. pemzey says:

    yessss…!!!..finally after so many months…. i can see him and hear him sing… later than june ….wow my birthday present is already decided………….^____^

  7. waaaa says:

    These days internet is boring coz i can’t see hyun joong much. But come may-june, it will be abuzz again!!!

    No more lonely surfing…

  8. ywidjaja says:

    Look forward for your new solo album Oppa… 😉

  9. vipoOOOOOovn says:

    so cool, so hot,…^^

  10. Almighty me :D says:

    OMGee ^o^
    i can’t wait ~ yayy .. I’m so excited :DD

  11. Gugu says:

    Whoaahhh… what a beautiful man! CAn’t wait for his album. Lots of anticipation from the medias, ne!

  12. Glamorous Sky says:

    oh come on! just make it faster for Kim Hyun joong comeback!
    i just really cant wait for him.
    Kim Hyun Joong sarangaheyo~~~~

  13. pat says:

    between may and june is not a release date,popseoul its a release month.

  14. Samdongfanatic says:

    This is torture.. Can u release it sooner oppa? We miss u sooo much!!!

  15. cecilia says:

    Very much anticipating Kim Hyun Joong’s album!

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