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[POPSelca] Park Shin-hye transforms into Lady Gaga


“This is a blond wig the stylist let me try on during this photo shoot… I said I’d try being Lady Shin-hye… I mean Lady Gaga..”

The quote above was the caption to Shin-hye’s twitter photo uploaded today. Netizens praised the young star for her unchanging beauty. However, now the real challenge begins! Can a true lady beat the pretend princesses of pop? Lady Shin-hye,Lady Hee Hee, and Lady Taec Taec….Who is your favorite?

I feel a “You’re Beautiful” moment in the works!

Source: @ssinz


27 Comments on “[POPSelca] Park Shin-hye transforms into Lady Gaga”

  1. tuya says:

    Bland, boring.

  2. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    lolz. everyone loves gaga! park shin hye is beautiful though.

  3. latish says:

    shes more beautiful than lady gaga shin hye win hands down………

  4. ashley says:

    who is she?

  5. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Haha Heechul of course!
    But Park Shin Hye is really pretty in the pic

  6. Almontel says:

    Hot and GORGEOUS!!!

    WoW!!!!!!!!!!!! love this beautiful girl….

    she truly can pull off a blonde LadyGaga Wig!

    my vote is that she’s more beautiful and exotic than LGG herself!!!

  7. pooja says:

    she looks so preety

  8. Cable says:

    Hi everyone.. is anyone else bored of seeing PopLA PopSeoul korean people trying to act like americans? maybe we should start a blog about north koreans and josunjuk and see if they also worship americans as much as south koreans do.

    We can call it… Hooray!

    • kimhana says:

      Let me guess??? you lead a boring, dull life and you nothing better to do…then you saw this site and decided that this is the perfect site for you to create more haters…oh, not to mention a perfect place where you can comment freely bout how korean stars love to be ladyboys and serve the upper, rich ceo whatsoever…i think its you who should work up a bit…maybe you were a ladyboy and you were in love with a rich ahjussi then he dumped you cause he found out you’re no fun at all…thats why you put the blame on innocent stars. you should change ur name though…not CABLE, but A DESPERATE LADYBOY

  9. Puppylova says:

    What is josunjuk?

  10. constance says:

    It’ll be more convincing, if is a drag queen disguise herself as Lady gaga. Btw, Lady gaga is outrageous and provocative.

  11. kpop says:


  12. Sweetsmilez says:

    Wow!!!..she looked so different!!..maybe the wannabe Lady Gaga..I guess??..I had no idea who’s my favorite..^~^

  13. Why is Lady Gaga is so famous? Americans these day are just dramatic and senseless.
    Like Shakespree. Romeo and Julirt. Really? You said that it’s romantic and sad? Their unmature. Romeo thought that Juliet died and he drank the poison, and Juliet woke up that time and then stab herself? American musics have nasty lyrics and nasty MV. This is m opinion, you can go with anything you want to say. And also, i know this does not relate to the topic.

    • ana says:

      The whole point of Romeo & Juliet that Shakespeare wanted to convey was that teenagers are rash, dramatic and immature, and incapable of making such big decisions like the ones they faced. It’s pretty much a given for young people anywhere in the world, but you chose it to describe Americans in particular; why?

      As to why Lady Gaga is so famous and popular, maybe her music is considered eccentric and different; whose to say? Why is any celebrity famous? Why are K-Pop idols famous when they all seem alike? It’s all personal preference of the fans.

  14. Park Shin Hye really does look pretty like that.

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