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[Popseoul Spotlight] Megan Lee, the Little Girl with a Big Voice

Introducing Megan Lee, the Korean American actress most known for her spunky attitude on her personal youtube channel as well as for works on the Disney Channel and many other commercial work.

Most recently she was also part of Kollaboration as well as MBC‘s Star Audition, which you can check out the clip below.

She has big aspirations for such a young girl but we have our eye on her because we know she has the potential to do even more. If her current success is any indication we know we’ll be seeing much more of Megan Lee.

To see the full list of her work click here.
Follow her on twitter @cutiepiemeg918.

Once again special thanks to Kane Diep & Melly Lee & Robert Ryu for footage and photos.


24 Comments on “[Popseoul Spotlight] Megan Lee, the Little Girl with a Big Voice”

  1. ara says:

    *cutiepiemeg* is the phrase that caught my eye at first.
    it’s amazing how teenagers calls themselves as “cute”, while on my salad days, we used to named famous person’s family name (role model) behind ours.

    i used to write “raikkonen” (cmiiw) behind my name. XD.

    the trend’s been changing on and on eh ? and i’m aging now. haha. 🙂

  2. Hermes says:

    Whaaaatt!…heck are u talkin about???

  3. judy says:

    there is no link on “click here”?

  4. Book says:

    The Americans have invaded Popseoul. When are we going to have some josunjuk or aussie-korean news on here, at least then it would be balanced.

  5. isis says:

    korean people lovee her already because she appeared in disney and stuff.
    i watched the audition show and it seems like they dont like her that much.
    especially the judge with the freaky makeup.
    but probably once they found out that she appeared on disney stuff,
    they wanted to promote her like crazy.
    anyways, whether that is true or not, thats my opinion

  6. sweetgirl1990 says:

    to be honest her singing isn’t that good. sorry Megan

  7. JW says:

    why is luna from f(x) in the mbc audition video? lol. after megan comes out of the evaluation room, luna’s there. LOL.

    • Cable says:

      She’s there to worship the american. It’s law in korea to always have a korean present to worship the americans at all times.

    • ashley says:

      yeah I saw Luna too I was so surprised, Megan’s lucky but the sad thing was that I don’t think she even knows Luna because she doesn’t listen to kpop.

  8. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    ugh. she sucks at korean. She doesn’t even know how to speak the language.
    She has an accent too. She should learn the language first if she’s wanting to be a singer in korea. just sayin

    • Cable says:

      Don’t be so negative about your fellow americans trying to get their Korean worshippers to notice them. Like you her parents also abandoned an apparently terrible life in korea to live in fatland, so don’t be so judgemental.

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        Life in Korea wasn’t terrible. It was never terrible.
        In my opinion, it’s the best place ever.
        The fatland where i live right now is terrible.

        i just don’t understand when the kids don’t know their own language, while their parents talk to them in their language.
        how can they communicate?

        • Torch says:

          Sadly most South Koreans disagree with you which is why those of them that can swim have swum to USA or rowed, whilst some have tried to walk over the Bering Straights crossing to Alaska. Those that remained in South Korea spend all their savings on educating their children to be american in special americanisation hagwans.

    • ashley says:

      she actually doesn’t want to be a singer in Korea because when one of the judges asked her if she wanted to be a singer in Korea she was like “…………..uh I want to be a singer” lol she said she wants to just be a singer like in the US I guess.

      • Glass says:

        If she’s hyphenated-american in USA she should spend 90% of her time ‘begging for heritage’ and rejecting mainstream america before becoming an accountant or a convenience store and blaming the ‘bamboo ceiling’ that they created by rejecting their american side, on other people.

        That’s typically how their life goes.

  9. benny says:

    No idea who she is.

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