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U-kiss flirts with a “Bran New Kiss” teaser

Their scheduled comeback is set for March 30th, and the seven member NH Media band is introducing you to the new crew! Newbies Hoon and AJ make their grand affectionate entrance in the twenty-second music video teaser for their upcoming album entitled,”Bran New Kiss“.

When will they perform their first single? The countdown begins…remember to pucker up when the time comes for single number one to arrive from the loving band.

What do you think of their introduction?

Source: Ukiss2008 (YouTube)


25 Comments on “U-kiss flirts with a “Bran New Kiss” teaser”

  1. Kergy says:

    This is painful to watch, I hope to every god that they don’t do something similar when going to the U.S.

  2. chair says:

    Hmmm… I’ll be waiting for the songs.

  3. o0o.TripleS.o0o says:

    Bran new kiss? Sound quite good! Look forward to news!

  4. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    before i watch! this better not be related to wheatin a way or i m giving up on k-pop. lolz yeah like thats going to happen.

    • OOOOKaaayy! says:

      saw the album up on another website it is actually brand! lolz. wow. writer spell correctly next time!

      • Cake says:

        I doubt it, they spelled Bran new kiss incorrectly as ‘brand new kiss’. The fact is this pop group have as good spelling as they have talent… i.e. terrible.

        • Aimee says:

          The members say they want it to be ‘Bran’ on purpose. Not ‘Brand’ There are 3 american fluent speakers and spellers in U-KISS

  5. ana says:

    Do they actually mean “bran” or “brand”? If it really is “bran” then what the hell is a “Bran New Kiss”? 😛

    • mary says:

      i doubt it. it’s not really mispelled. they did it in purpose. kevin tweeted abt it. actually, the missing D came from xander’s name and the missing U from kibum (x-mem of the group) :))

      • Plaster says:

        there isn’t a missing U in ‘Brand’ so his attempts to make up for being illiterate failed. I guess you’d believe anything the entertainment company says because you’re just a lobotomised brand slave.

        Good for you, eh.

  6. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    i can’t wait~!!

  7. pooja says:

    wow im soo exicited

  8. leyllen| says:

    why introduce new member what happened wit kibum and alexander… i really want to know

  9. window says:

    …..i don’t want the new group of u-kiss because ki-bum and alexander are not there so that for me the new brand new kiss are not good

    • Cake says:

      it’s ‘bran’ new kiss .. not brand. Learn to not-read and not-write english like your k-gods for goodness sake.

  10. Maywookiss says:

    wow i like it cuz i hear Kevins voice,,,,,hope Dongho,,Kiseop,,and Eli have a long line to

  11. i love u kibum and alexander says:

    U-kiss doesnt look like u kiss any more without kibum and alexander
    when i heard about the news i cried for 22 days (non-stop) LOL
    I love ki bum and alexander!

    • Cake says:

      What about the unemployed guy and the macau guy they kicked out of ukiss for having even less talent than the untalented ladyboys in the group. Now it’s a drag act worthy of priscilla queen of the desert.

  12. girlofnature says:

    Their new song is quite amazing
    I love it~!

  13. […] made their return(or debut) to the KBS Music Bank stage April 1st. What kind of performance can U-kiss have without Ki-bum and Alexander? A pretty sharp one! Even though fans may want to see their […]

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