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Kim Sung-min gets sentenced!

The actor, would was found guilty of smuggling and using illegal drugs from The Philippines, has a deferred sentence.

Kim Sung-min was given a two-year and 6 month jail term by the Seoul High Court on March 25th. His time has been deferred for four years,while he performs 120 community service hours,40 hours in drug rehab, and to top it all off he gets two years of probation. The court was a little more lenient on the celebrity, because he never intended to sell the drugs….just use it himself (Does that make it better?).

Through his agency, he gave his heartfelt apology to fans and thanked them for their support over the years. Sung-min admitted that he will reflect upon his past actions to learn from his mistakes.

It’s great that he admitted his wrongdoing, and that he will receive treatment. The star’s current physical health is important to check after a prolonged drug use. He may be sorry he got caught,but he will become a healthier more well-rounded man because of it.

Source: Sports Today


34 Comments on “Kim Sung-min gets sentenced!”

  1. Kasey says:

    Time will tell, “Actions speak louder than words”, so time will tell. I hope the courts are lenient with other special cases as well too. Because if this happens to someone who is not a celebrity they also should take that into account. If you are going to lenient with one person it should fall suit with similar cases, cause we see a lot of unfairness here in the states when it comes to celebrity and the common people. Especially, foreigners. I am kind of surprise he didn’t get caught in the Philippines. I wonder how his case would have been. Sometimes you have to ask, “How does this set an example for the rest of celebrity in Korea?” What about the situation with Crown J will he get the same lenient act? Hmmm, time will tell right?

    • Cable says:

      The Filipinos aren’t allowed to arrest their K-gods, so the Phils government just lets koreans (and germans) go there to womanise with the filipino k-slaves and they can do what they want because they all worship koreans there.It’s not surprising they let him hang about with bags full of drugs.

      As for Crown J. he’s an american and no one can figure out why he keeps being mentioned on pop-seoul… other than the fact that he’s american and americans are worshipped by koreans..

      Do you see how the worshipful hierarchy works now?

      • dwilliams says:

        the Filipino men will arrest a korean like they would anyone else.

      • C3-00 says:

        What do you know about worshipful hierarchy? And does the word worshipful exist? Goodness, you should consult the dictionary.

        FYI, Filipinos do not worship k-gods. It’s koreans who worships us. Need some proof? Well then, take a trip to the Philippines to see what you, Koreans, are doing to our country. You migrate to the Philippines, try your luck. Then what’s next? open your own freekin’ convenience store or some store full of imitated goods/products. This only proves that some of you, really depends on us.

        Now, who worship who?

        • Cable says:

          Being European I hope that mo one worships Europeans, because I’d rather live in a world without the deification and worship of other humans.

          So first I would like to say “worshipful” is definitely a word meaning “giving or expressing worship or veneration”. I guess you learned American english, which is why your restricted vocabulary and curious usage makes you sound so ignorant.

          Secondly, I just like to reiterate that I made you look like an ignorant fool.

          • K says:

            Admire is more appropriate than “worship”…unless you’re a die hard rabid fan though. However, since some commentators are here just to be obtuse and offend, then what’s the use?

            • olivia says:

              Well when it comes to kpop we are speaking of mostly “Idols” and “Idols” are usually to be worshiped.

              • Cake says:

                precisely. These people think the operative verb for idols is ‘to admire’… well no, it’s ‘to worship’ and that’s precisely what these people do.

        • pissedoff says:

          so true…

      • Angel says:

        I believe he was even arrested in the Phils and there was even a case filed against him, although it wasn’t fully publicized.

        • Plaster says:

          Sure, he was arrested in the Phils but when they realised that it was one of their K-gods they let him go and didn’t press charges. It was only when he got back to the land of the k-gods, when one of the other k-gods arrested him, but indovietmalaypinays aren’t allowed to do that because it’s sacrilege.

          Also, possessing that much crystal meth in the Phils would be classed as drug trafficking, which is punishable by death. Killing their k-god isn’t allowed.

          • Mon says:

            There is no death penalty in the Philippines. Secondly, the security in the Philippine airport is really relax so anyone can get any drugs through the security (honestly). Third, Koreans are look down by Filipinos because they smell and do not have good personal hygiene. Filipinos laugh at Koreans secretly, take for example Sandara Park who was mny classmate before. She has Halitosis!

    • King Pop says:

      @ Cable…Please get your facts straight…Crown J is an Korean American…he keep being mentioned on KPOP news because he’s part of KPOP…

      Also, fyi, many, many, many Korean Idol artists are from US…Korean Americans, look it up…they should not be mentioned on KPOP news??? Like Krystal from f(x) US Citizen, Nickhyun (Thai American) – US Citizen born in CA, Taecyeon from 2PM – grew up in US…Tiffany & Jessica from SNSD, both from Cali…

      What a moron!!!

      • Cake says:

        We already know most korean pop stars are hyphenated-american heritage leeches who don’t want to teach korean kids in hagwans how to act and sound like americans.

        The reason for this is because korean culture is parasitic, in order to survive it adapts to fit in with the culture of whichever culture is protecting it. In this case USA. Beforehand it was China and then Japan. This is why Koreans all try to live in USA and why they all want to watch hyphenated-americans jumping around on stages, because it reinforces their aspirational state and validates their choice of sending their children and wife to the USA.

        We know all of this… just cannot really see your point.

        • King Pop says:

          Cake, you really need help…you got some issues…what are you complaining about…fyi, Korean parents want to send their kids to US because they want them to learn english and attend college in the states…why, Korea is so freaking competitive…and English is the “Official” language of the world. In Korea, if you want to work for a top companies like Samsung or LG, interview is done in Korean and English…so if your english is bad, you’re screwed…

          another fyi, many korean parents send their kids to Canada, England and Australia too, why, because they speak English in these countries…

          • Cake says:

            FYI. Americans don’t speak English they speak ‘american’ which is a subset of English with all the good words taken out.

            Sure, Chinese parents send their children to Canada and Australia because they know that their children won’t sound like a gun wielding psycho.

            The fact is, Koreans will do anything to get to the USA, it’s just a part of their culture and the sooner you deal with that, the sooner you will make sense. That’s why ‘pigeon father’ exists, which is where they send their wife and kids to the USA in hope of abandoning korea.

            • King Pop says:

              Are a retard, Chinese are just like Koreans, they are sending their kids to US, please look it up, google it, you will find many articles about wealthy Chinese parents are sending their kids to US private schools… fyi, article from Bloomberg
              “China Surpasses India in Sending Students to U.S.” Check it out…please.

              fyi, for both Koreans and Chinese, one of the main reason why some parents send their kids to Canada or Australia is because it’s a lot cheaper than US, get it moron.

              Another fyi, Canada & US english is same…that’s why you can’t tell if this person is from Canada or not…get it moron.

              Like I said, you got some issues…

              I wonder why US has the most international students from all over the world???

              • Cake says:

                Canada is in America (North America to be exact) so I would expect them to be speaking american by the nature of their geography.

                China is considerably bigger than Korea, so you’d expect Chinese students to be going absolutely everywhere given the living standards of students in the average Chinese public university. This is targeted particularly to the USA, as Ozzie Universities, Kiwi Universities, Safa universities and Irish Universities are equally rammed full of very hard working chinese students.

                The same could not be said of Koreans, who specifically target the USA because of their cultural need to get to the USA, even Canada is seen as a stepping stone to the USA by koreans, which explains the comparatively lower number of Korean students there.

                What’s making me laugh is that you clearly know none of the famous poems by 徐志摩 hence your comments about China are hilarious.

                I guess USA has the most international students because.. it’s got more universities?? (university of south east west carolina) and it’s propaganda is more effective than other places? Who would know, eh?

  2. Jwoww says:

    Druggies who are sorry…that’s funny.

    • Cable says:

      What’s funny is he only got 2 years because he’s a K-pop star. Corruption in the Korean legal system is hilarious indeed.

      • NotchaChingu says:

        OMG I didn’t even read the story. LOL I made a stupid comment! It’s great he’s getting propation and drug treatment instead of jail time.

  3. constance says:

    Some countries possession of drug for selling/personal consumption once caught the punishment can be as severe as this.

  4. NotchaChingu says:

    Why not list the drug he was going to use: methamphetamine

    I don’t think it’s in the same class as pot. Marijuana is not physically addictive, is 100 percent natural and can be used for medicinal purposes. But I have to admit, I was surprised. I thought “meth” was the redneck drug.

    I got so used to all the “faces of meth” posters that I expected him to look pretty fucked up. He looks healthy. Anyway, good luck to the guy, a drug addiction is no joke. I guess he’ll be going through some pretty brutal withdrawal. IMO It’s ridiculous that drug addiction is a crime.

    The biggest drug problem Korea has is probably alcoholism.

    But I guess it’s easier to mimic the US and our failed “War against Drugs.”

    It’s a fucked up policy to put your own citizens in prison for years for an illness.

    • Cake says:

      Since when was marijuana not addictive? I know of at least 3 people who are addicted to marijuana in some way and there are many cases of people who needed rehab to get off it. Modern marijuana (skunk et al) is tens of times stronger than when your little anecdote may have been true.

      For your information, your US ‘war on drugs’ involved selling guns and grenades to the mexican drug barons and drug runners causing thousands upon thousands of unnecessary deaths in Mexico. I hope that helps you seppos to sleep well at night.

  5. Lupe says:

    I always knew he was crazy!!! His dramas always made him seem crazy. But hey at least he has some remorse for what he did. Good luck to him 🙂

  6. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    wow, he is straight hood! lolz! jk! he does need rehab.

  7. asdfghjkl says:

    It’s good that he admitted his crime.

  8. kpop says:


  9. […] Kim Sung-min gets sentenced! | […]

  10. gugu says:

    Considered himself being lucky. In my country, he’ll executed. Blllaaadd…!

  11. JYM says:

    What’s with all those ^ comments when this article is all about KSM’s sentence. Let’s just all pray for his recovery, that’s it. AND, FYI, Filipinos DO NOT worship Koreans. Well, some of them do, but not all of them. You don’t have to generalize that point. Filipinos are Filipinos, Koreans are Koreans, Americans are Americans, etc. Leave them alone. We have different cultures, laws, and all those.

    Just saying my point. I’m being friendly here.
    peace out.

  12. ac says:

    wow!hanep ang mga comments d2,nosebleed aq.whahahaa…

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