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Park Jung-min releases another album next month!

Didn’t he just make his solo debut?
SS501/CNR Media talent, Park Jung-min, is repackaging another album just for fans! Following his “Not Alone” solo debut in January, he plans to beat popular member Kim Hyun-joong to the stage yet again release “Sweet Chic” on April lst. Wheesung and Kim Jong-kook’s photographer, Ha Dong-won, is working with Jung-min on his upcoming album jacket images. Despite his hectic schedule, the singer wanted to repay Triple S for all their love and support through “Sweet Chic“.

April 1st? I sincerely hope this album releases on the right day and it is not an April Fools joke in the making! He wouldn’t pull a prank like that, right?

In other SS501 news, Heo Young-saeng is scheduled to release his solo debut on April 22nd, and Kim Hyun-joong’s album should arrive no later than June.

Sources: Osen and Nate


15 Comments on “Park Jung-min releases another album next month!”

  1. Kasey says:

    Yes, they are all going to hit their targets, I am happy for them. I can’t wait for them to unite again. Congrats to all of them for the many success.

  2. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    whoa! i cant wait! i love park jungminnie so much and every other member in SS501!

  3. Cable says:

    Gay much?

  4. elfd13 says:


  5. dee;) says:

    wow,,make sure you have plenty of rest!
    don’t want you to be back in hospital again..

  6. constance says:

    PJM can see he really work hard and he knows how to reach out his fan with those magic words like “I miss U”, “I Luv U”. He’s definitely not alone. Fighting PJM!

  7. o0o_tripleS_o0o says:

    minnie baybe :x!! Go on!

  8. Rodmy says:

    still miss the the group 😦 but since they chose this path I will show my full support! go jungmin oppa!!! FIGHTING!!!! >=D

  9. Wazzup says:

    He still has to make a hit… So good luck and try again. If not a hit, try again and again. So buying mini albums from individual members are really not worth it.

    I want the album from the group SS501.

  10. pat says:

    High ick factor.

  11. K says:

    What a strange opening picture. Nice popseoul! XD

  12. atweeg says:

    Jung Min is very high profile these days, try very hard to beat Young Seang and Hyun Joong and Kyu (wish he will have a solo album too). I miss all the other members.

  13. SWETieeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

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