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Who Is Suzy’s Ideal Man?

On KBS 2TV program ‘100 points out of 100′, Miss A‘s Suzy revealed which idol matches her ideal type.

With the options of actor Kim Soo Hyun, 2PM‘s Taecyeon & Woo Young and BEAST member Yang Yoseob, Suzy couldn’t help herself as she picked Yoseob without hesitation.

Despite 2PM‘s “beastly” image, looks like nice guys don’t finish last as Suzy called Yoseob “cute”, which he shly confessed “It feels good to have been chosen as Suzy’s ideal type.”

Source: Nate


34 Comments on “Who Is Suzy’s Ideal Man?”

  1. Cable says:

    lack of caring o’meter = reading high.

  2. Sally says:

    then why do you read or comment??

    • blaahhhh says:

      lol s/he was probably bored and wanted to pick a fight to satisfy his/her boredom

      • Cable says:

        You’re just upset that Suzy’s ideal man is really a black dude called Winston.

        • bd2 says:

          Don’t impose your sexual fantasies on others, please.

          We all know you are a “submissive”; that’s why a LOSER like you spends endless hours posting lame insults numerous times on nearly every thread.

          • Cable says:

            Ironically, it appears to be ‘you’ who seems to be projecting your fantasies onto other people, i.e. me. I have no interest in your quest to be ‘submissive’ or your validation of your love of black dudes called winston.

            You seem to have an issue with the idea of suzy liking proud black men, why is this?

  3. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    i agree. Yoseob is cute.

  4. pat says:

    hurray! Suzy’s real legs.

  5. MNT says:

    is it jux me or is suzy kind of thick compare to most of the celebrities? but yeah cool to know dat suzy…!

  6. Rodmy says:

    it’s ok 2 be thick, at lease it’s natural & she’s pretty 😉 and it’s 100% true that yoseob is CUTE!!

  7. Cable says:

    I’m still laughing how you believe all this shyte that the entertainment companies tell them to say. Because she’s korean, then of course her real ideal man is going to be a rich and powerful chaebol CEO or heir to the Chaebol kingdom. Wanting some ladyboy performer from a slave-performance-group doesn’t make one iota of sense and you people lap it all up.

    • bd2 says:

      You like ladyboys don’t you; that’s why you talk so much about them.

      Btw, I’m sure these “ladyboys” can whip Justin Bieber’s arse, not to mention your lame arse.

      • ashley says:

        lol true

      • Cake says:

        Yeh, that’s why one of them cried when a chinese guy threw a piece of paper at him, and had to go off stage and cry before wearing fake blood. The rest of the ladyboys cannot even do military duty without sitting behind a desk…

        .. so don’t worry, i’m not bothered.

      • haily says:

        not that I like Justin Bieber, but at least that Justin Bieber doesn’t act gay and go around holding other men’s hands or hug them from the back or cross dress unlike kpop “boys”

        • kimhana says:

          it is called friendships. they’re definitely not gay. the cultures in western countries and asian countries are totally different. dont compare asian and western. it might be weird for you, but for us it is NORMAL…

          • Box says:

            When you say ‘for us it is normal’ are you by any chance in the USA therefore not a real asian?

          • WheelOfCheese says:

            I love how you pretend ‘asia’ is one big place and ‘asian’ is one big homogeneous culture. Compare the culture of a hell-hole like saudi arabia to korea and your logic falls apart quicker than an american car.

  8. Nikki says:

    Shut up Cable what the f*uck is wrong with u? stop b*thching andmoaning about how much you hate k-pop….. get lost.

  9. kpop says:


  10. K says:

    Why would you put a peep toe on a sneaker?! She looks cute though.

    • Cake says:

      I’m just wondering why you people find it so hard to believe that Suzy, like all korean girls, would rather marry a seppo and move to USA than marry some tight shirt wearing mincer with the collective masculinity of a hello kitty bow.

      I guess it’s something they put in the water in the philippineniensenees (sic)

  11. tiffany says:

    yoseob is ugly. bulgy eyes and fug eyes.

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