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[POP Spot] Kim Hyun-joong is warming up for soccer!

On March 26th, Kim Hyun-joong joined his FC Mens’ celebrity team

for a friendly game of soccer.

Netizens have the internet all abuzz with the recent news of singer/actor Hyun-joong playing in a soccer match.The SS501 member joined JYJ’s Jun-su, his twin brother, and a host of other great players to enjoy a beautiful and brisk Saturday afternoon on the field. The FC Mens’ team won the first game (4-1),however, the opposing team rose to victory with 0-3 for the second half.

During the match, Hyun-joong scored two goals, perfect hair, and showcased his gorgeous jawline. Was that a little too much fan girl love?

Enjoy the warm-up video of Little Yonsama below:

Sources: KHJPERFECT,Hyunderella,@KHJ860606_fan, and


53 Comments on “[POP Spot] Kim Hyun-joong is warming up for soccer!”

  1. gtl says:

    3:14 NICE ASS!!! Though it seems like doesn’t want to be filmed.

    If he could act, dance or sing decently I would be his biggest fan.

    • K says:

      Filming a guy stretch seems so perverted. I enjoyed the view though. 😀

    • pat says:

      ha ha .Me too.

    • liany says:

      You’ve gotten to be kidding me! He can’t sing, dance or act….. you must be retarded or from another world.

      • kimhana says:

        Hello, at least he’s popular…and to say those harsh comments, i think is a little inappropriate, dont you think? at least he made it to the entertainment world…gosh

        • Glamorous Sky says:

          liany u are the one who is retarded. enuff said.

          • liany says:

            I’m saying that glt, the one who made the first comment here, is retarded since she/he does not know how to appreciated KHJ’s talents.
            Ohh geez! It’s a misunderstanding

        • CreditCard says:

          In korea you make it ‘to the entertainment world’ by sleeping with huge numbers of CEO-ajhussis and guess what you have to do to keep in the entertainment world? You have to sleep with their powerful friends.

          Korean pop is all one massive casting couch celebration of pimping off of plastic people. So why would anyone care about getting popularity at this expense?

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      lol he does have a nice ass
      but i think he can sing and dance sorta, but i don’t think he can act very well…
      But hey, HE’S HOT

    • meteor says:

      i think he is one of the best dancer i seen in Kpop so far, girl try to watch his youtube videos rehearsing Your Man, Rainism and Please Be Nice To Me

      he can sing, and take note he can sing Korean,Japanese and Mandarin Song, where in the world are you,on the Guangzhou Asian Games last year

      he can act decently, but somehow people just already label him as a flower boy idol that casted in a drama due to his popularity, try to watch Playful Kiss girl, well compare to other idol i seen acting, I think he did well in Playful Kiss and has the potential to be a good actor, after all he is the type of person that always give his best in everything he does

  2. ashley says:

    he looks so hot in that soccer uniform XD!

  3. närvusägu says:

    he really is good looking in the uniform. and so lovely how he interact with that little boy.

    i’m wondering who this good looking guy next to KHJ is… the does resemble KHJ a little.

  4. Nana says:

    He can act, he just has had crappy roles. Also, what about his singing, it’s ok with me, although I am happy just to look at him. Pretty boy.

  5. Cake says:

    I love how you all are so desperate to be korean that you call it soccer just because the author is an american who calls fatball a game where fat people fall on themselves.

  6. o0o_tripleS_o0o says:

    joongie oppa so hot!;D

  7. o0o_tripleS_o0o says:

    behind joongie oppa is junsu?== …….

  8. pat says:

    The troll isn’t fooling anyone because he has the same bad grammer patterns and comments opinions under every name. Troll, try harder.

  9. A Fangirl says:

    Felt a little bit pervie but it was quite enjoyable~!
    Thanks for sharing….and I got to see Xiah Junsu too^^

  10. vipoOOOOOovn says:

    woahhhh..!!! he’s really maily!!!….hjx, so hot,…so cool..

  11. Mia says:

    Woaaahhh… So handsome! <333

  12. Samdongfanatic says:

    I like his new hairstyle.. Miss him soo much.. Can’t wait for his solo album in May or June.. Ss501 pls come back soon..!!

  13. gugu says:

    Oooohhhh… nice ass, snow white skin, beautiful face, cool hair style….
    I’ll jump this boy anytime.

  14. lanwookie says:

    hes bit soft but he can play soccer..hurmm i wonder….

  15. Konstance says:

    He has given the impression to ppl that he always look pale and frail. He could easily blow away by the wind. Sorry to say but soccer is just not his kinda of game.

    • Wazzup says:

      Pale n frail? Research more about him and perhaps you’ll think otherwise.

      For starters, he is the most physically active member among the group. That’s why he has to release his energy thru working out and soccer.

  16. Kasey says:

    Serious people is this a fighting blog or something, anyway, Thanks for sharing, as expect our Leader, SS501, cant wait for them to unite again. Keeping my finger cross it will be soon.

    • Glamorous Sky says:

      yeah! cant wait for SS501 to perform. SS501 fighting!!!

    • CreditCard says:

      Your leader? Your use of language is very north korean, where they refer to people as ‘leader’, ‘glorious leader’ or ‘exalted leader’ and they’re just as brain-washed as you are.

      I see a similarity between north korean use of propaganda to deify and validate the mandate of their leadership and south korean use of propaganda to deify and validate the mandate of their k-pop stars. A distinct parallel there, and even the language is the same.

      • Enough says:

        Why do u insist on being so nasty? Just enough already – if nothing else, ur comments just serve to tell us that u’re into bashing Koreans, that u’re rude, and that u’re hell bent on getting the last word. If u like hearing urself so much, get a recorder. Or better yet, start a hate blog and indulge ur apparent hatred of everyone and everything. The world could do with one less hateful person like u.

        • Plaster says:

          What’s hateful about anything I said. You seem to see K-pop as, as someone put it, a ‘world full of unicorn sneeze’. It’s pretty grim and relatively talent free.

          Are you a filipina nurse in the USA?

  17. lanwookie says:

    but i like his style in “Boys over flowers”..hahaha..

  18. King Pop says:

    People, just ignore “Box”, “Cake” etc, this moron is using so many names…

    Don’t even bother. I think this idiot works for the Chinese Government and getting paid to be “anti-korea and anti-us”.

  19. lanwookie says:

    im not anti obsess wit it..but certain thing we should agree and cannot deny…kutchi..kutchi..

  20. Deana says:

    not to sound mean or anything but he looks a bit peeved about u recording this. At the beginning he looked disapointed 😦 i think u guys should have just let him played ^_^ hey there’s Junsu Oppa!!!

  21. […] you vote for Hyun-joong? Do you think our singer/ semi-rookie actor has what it takes to […]

  22. phoenix10 says:

    Guys.. Most of you who think KHJ is just a beautiful face, stop getting distracted by his looks and just get to know him a little better and appreciate his talents.. I know he has the looks to kill for but that just a part of him…
    He is a little shy and a very private person.. and he may appear rude but he is very caring and sensitive.. I dont he is annoyed at all..

  23. […] you vote for Hyun-joong? Do you think our singer/ semi-rookie actor has what it takes to […]

  24. cecilia says:

    oh my… oh MY… nice butt! hahahaha…
    I always like to see a guy get physical. Seldom see a pop idol being so active in sports, and I think it’s a really good and healthy indulgence. More of KHJ please… =))

  25. mow says:

    why is he looking at the camera? hahaha. doesnt he know? or is it because he did not expect any paparazzi? LOL.

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