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4minute gets their revenge on CNBlue

Member Jung-shin may be the only victim,but he shouldn’t have broken their hearts.

The pretend playboy CNBluer is the leading male actor in 4minute’s newest teaser for Heart-to-Heart. The poor unassuming cheater is being played by the hot Cube Entertainment girl band. Don’t cheat 4 a minute on them..or they will sabotage your toothpaste!

What kind of revenge is that? The quickest kind that can be done in minutes….4 actually?

What do you think of the teaser for Heart-to-Heart?

Heart-to-Heart will be released on March 29th.

Source: XanXhi4 (Youtube)


6 Comments on “4minute gets their revenge on CNBlue”

  1. Cake says:

    4minute? didn’t they do a song about 2 years ago before disappearing off the face of the earth?

  2. theZEUSluv13 says:

    lol how cute

  3. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    they r too cool! i like hyuna better when she is smiling.

  4. […] 4minute gets their revenge on CNBlue […]

  5. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    haha cute

  6. […] be able to see the masterpieces of clothing before celebrities showcase them in upcoming events. CNBlue member Jung-shin, actor Cha Seung-won and model Lee Soo-hyuk have already made their catwalk appearances […]

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