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Box Office: “My Little Black Mini Dress” was…


three at the box office this weekend. The homegrown movies are gaining on the foreign films, they just need a little more time to bloom. Yoon Eun-hye‘s new dress film ranked third with 139,980 moviegoers who enjoyed the female actresses’ obsession with fabric on-screen. Hollywood star, Aaron Eckhart’sWorld Invasion is just about over with the blockbuster hit moving to second place this week with 168,636 viewing the action flick.

Royalty always comes first!

British Actor Colin Firth is feeling like a real member of the real royal family with his Academy Award Winning production scoring the top spot at the Korean Box Office. According to KOBIS, 173,231 people enjoyed the real life story about King George VI of England’s struggle to get rid of his speech impairment.

What will top the box office next week? We will all wait as royalty steps down and a commoner is able to take the crown!

Sources: Sports Chosun and Donga


44 Comments on “Box Office: “My Little Black Mini Dress” was…”

  1. Cake says:

    It’s surprising to see an essentially British film at the top of the Korean Box-orifice when most Koreans wouldn’t know where England is because it’s outside USA.

    Thanks in advance rory for deleting my comment.

    • A. says:

      I love how you assume that you can somehow speak on behalf of ‘most koreans. Seeing as the Korean population is huge, and it’d be physically improbable/impossible for you to go and ask every single one of them if they know England or not.

      Furthermore, I bet only a fraction of them would give you any time of day. : )

      Thanks sweet cheeks.

      • Cake says:

        Face facts, dear. koreans know four things when it comes to geography.
        a) they sit between three good countries (China, Russia and Japan) and never win wars against any of them.
        b) they know where USA is, because that’s where they send their daughters and all wish they lived in their meccah, LA.
        c) they know where vietnam and Phils are, because that’s where their farmers go to find brides.

        Korean kids spend 23 of their hours (1 hour for piano) in ‘americanisation hagwans’ learning to be american taught by unemployable seppos. So if you didn’t notice, England isn’t in that list above and so it’s highly probable and not impossible that they haven’t the faintest clue where England is, and probably think it’s a made up place like ‘Middle Earth’ and inhabited by hobbits and elves.

        Deal with it.

        • bd2 says:

          The one thing we all know is that YOUR parents are totally ashamed in giving birth to a completely useless moron.


        • HIM says:

          lol. niiiice. I always look for Cake in the comments section.

        • Orange_Fun says:

          lol, it is so obvious you worship asian-americans especially koreans. If your so obsessed with koreans, then why don’t you go to korea already? or better yet move to LA it’s obvious you have so weird korean-american fetish.

          • Box says:

            Why would I go to any of these dreadful places again, when I can simply open my back door, walk into my english country garden and enjoy a delicious cup of tea (with milk) and read a book about something interesting?

            • blaahhhh says:

              yet you chose to venture into a website where they talk about the Korean entertainment industry. isn’t watching the only way is essex entertaining enough for you?

        • A. says:

          Whether or not Korea has engaged in any actual contact with the England or not, does not determine whether or not they know the country exists. If they have an atlas, if they have t.v., if they pay attention to world wide news, then it will be on their radar.

          Why are you assuming so many people are narrow minded? Can’t you just be positive and partake in happiness instead of cutting people down on a daily basis? Why are you so harsh against Koreans, yet are visiting a Korean website on a regular basis?

          Why so much hate.

          • Box says:

            I don’t hate anything. I just laugh at the underlying truth masked with a thin veil of propaganda. Sadly, whenever I discuss the truth, rather than the propaganda, everyone gets angry.

            The fact is koreans are watching a film about a country which they collectively know absolutely nothing about. That’s what I found surprising and you all react with extreme-anger.

            • Sharpie says:

              korea isn’t a third world country. Koreans are very well-educated so it is a given that they do know where England is located. It’s funny how I know so many British people who are married/ dating Koreans when Koreans “collectively know absolutely nothing about” Europe. Stop embarrassing yourself and your fellow countrymen. You’re embarrassing all of my European friends right now

              • Box says:

                Making things up in order to prove a point isn’t the way to win an argument. You tried this method before and failed.

                The fact is, you’re a seppo and you’re unemployable in USA and you moved to Korea in order to get a job teaching koreans to be american in a hagwan. However, that doesn’t mean English people marry Koreans. They might marry Josunjuk, but they’re Chinese apparently and don’t like plastic surgery.

                The fact is we all know europeans don’t marry or date koreans and that’s probably what’s making you angry right now.

                • Sharpie says:

                  what do you know about me fool? I don’t live in Korea right now. I live in Germany. I am a military brat so yes, I did live in Korea for a bit and that’s how I came to love Kpop. That’s why i visit this site, because you know, this is a site for kpop lovers. And it baffles me to think that you dont think British people dont date Koreans HA. I would like to show some who do. I’ve never met such a rude Englishman.

                • Box says:

                  Are you BA Baracus, crazy fool? I’m glad you’re in Germany teaching the Germans how to play american fatball and baseball rather than good sports like rugby and cricket, however even germany only has a few koreans, mainly nurses who they then sent to the USA. The Korean population of Germany consists mainly of GI brides.

                  Finally, we have two types of Korean in the UK, Josunjuk and Northerners who ran through china to thailand. The population of south koreans consists of basically a few samsung and LG representatives. British people don’t even teach in South Korea because we would be forced to speak in sepponese. So I’m not sure where you’re materialising all these people dating koreans from, unless you’re talking about dating josunjuk

        • lalala says:

          there are some truths in it though 🙂

        • kuma says:

          yeah…that’s so right…if you go home in flashy clothes…u just drop up from USA…if you become a science or just got out from England. Just watch the K-Drama…USA..USA…USA…the rich characters always come from USA ( what?..don’t tell to your self that u don’t see it..or don’t care about it…) and the lousy girls always come from the slum.

          Oh and thanks for deleting my comment..u guys should see the facts that it is what it is…suck it up.

        • halymah says:


    • kuma says:

      hahahahhahaa…yeah…USA is the whole wide world for Koreans…hahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahhahahahahahhaha that’s really ironic…

    • Small Beng says:

      I’m sorry but the #1 movie of all times with the #1 special effects is still “D-War” totally original premise with “famous” western actors!

    • halymah says:


    • B says:

      Do you not know how many tour buses filled with Korean ajumma’s go to England? I came across one of those randomly while I was living in India out of all places. I’m pretty sure a good handful know where England is.

      • Geoff says:

        You came across a Korean Tour of England, going around India. Did they know they were lost?

        We have mainly bus loads full of American and Japanese tourists, and they do about 56 cities in 7 days, and think they know something about Europe. Besides, they normally think British food is terrible because they eat in some sh!tty cheap restaurant serving prison food.

        Same story every time.

  2. ara says:

    so many alter ego here. -_-”
    it’s tiring.

  3. King Pop says:

    People, just ignore “Box”, “Cake” etc, this moron is using so many names…

    Don’t even bother. I think this idiot works for the Chinese Government and getting paid to be “anti-korea and anti-us”.

  4. DIA says:

    Yay King’s Speech! Saw it a few weeks ago and everyone did a fantastic job in it! Sry no comments about Little Black Dress, no Korean theaters around MN 😦

  5. Pippa says:

    I didn’t think this movie was as good as “The Social Network” it was really sumptuous looking but I found it a little dull but TSN

  6. hey neul says:

    i want to watch the movie .. well i be able to find it online . ?

  7. syasya says:

    wow… . I dont know that such movies got a big impact on ppl and yet they want to join on this website. Must be multiracial thing.. Kind of funny n weird… Educated though but uncivilised…

  8. […] movies are back on top at the box office this week. Colin Firth’s royal hit film “The King’s Speech” was second this week with 98,344 people. The third […]

  9. B says:

    This whole feed was thoroughly entertaining. Thank you. Really.

  10. […] Box Office: “My Little Black Mini Dress” was… Yoon Eun-hye's new dress film ranked third with moviegoers who enjoyed the female actresses' obsession with fabric on-screen. Hollywood star, Aaron Eckhart's “World Invasion” is just about over with the blockbuster hit moving to . […]

  11. Kathleen says:

    I’m so happy for Yoo In Na:D

  12. […] version of their smartphone and they hired our girl and Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan to promote it. Eun-hye tweeted images of her and on-screen boyfriend last month while they worked on cosmetics and […]

  13. […] of their smartphone and they hired our girl and Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan to promote it. Eun-hye tweeted images of her and on-screen boyfriend last month while they worked on cosmetics and […]

  14. […] version of their smartphone and they hired our girl and Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan to promote it. Eun-hye tweeted images of her and on-screen boyfriend last month while they worked on cosmetics and […]

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