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Jo Kwon falls off the stage

2AM member,Jo Kwon, performed with the rest of his band on March 26th at the Lotte Department Store’s Family Concert in Seoul. During the group’s “One Candle” song (a g.o.d hit single) , the singer got a little to into his performance and he accidentally fell from the stage.

Jo-kwon,however, did manage to get up and limp away. Fans were very concerned about their morning boy,but they were relieved to discover his injuries were not serious.

Doctors assured that he would be able to continue his hosting duties on SBS’s Inkiyago. In the meantime, he should take it easy.

Jo kwon, please take care of yourself!

Sources: BNT and TVDaily


20 Comments on “Jo Kwon falls off the stage”

  1. Cake says:

    Did he lie on the floor and cry? It seems they all like to cry after being hit by something or fall off something. None of them seem to be able to complete a concert.

  2. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    oh, kkap kwon u r the best! dont push yourself! lolz. geez i thught that falling on stage was a symbol of success seeing beyonce finds a way 2 look like crazy when she falls.

  3. Mi Young says:

    Poor Kwonnie =[

  4. HIM says:

    What a girl!

  5. sweetgirl1990 says:

    it would’ve been funny if he was doing his crazy body moves then fell

  6. American Girl says:


  7. loomz says:

    oh dear ,,, not my kwonn
    i wish it was me .. cuz if smthin happen to him we wont smile again !

  8. I know what he felt after that.

  9. gokuma says:

    she probably squealed and screamed like a girl…then limp away…bullies leave her alone…

  10. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Oh my gosh… you guys in the comment section are so rude….

    anyway, At least he’s okay~
    Aaahh~ i love g.o.d’s song, one candle!! well, i like all of g.o.d’s songs!!
    I have all of their albums 🙂

  11. halymah says:

    take care dear……………. good is nothing bad happen to you .we know that u want to make us happy with your entertain but you must be more care 4 your self.when the thing is goes wrong we fell more bad so take care……………….cheeeeeeeeer up just bad day.

  12. […] guess he didn’t fall too hard. Jo Kwon has fallen and Ne-Yo picked him up! Today,the 2AM singer tweeted photos of himself […]

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