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Brian Joo Proposes!

This for all the stalkers diehard fans of young veteran singer Brian Joo.

Have you ever wanted your favorite K-pop artist to “Propose” to you?  Well, Brian made all of his fans obsessions dreams come true in his latest single entitled “Shine On Your Heart” [Propose Single].The newest song released on numerous music sites (including Melon,Naver,Gomtv, and Soribada) on March 28th has already reached the hearts of many “Fly To The Sky” fans. The sweet confession of love song tugs at your heartstrings and makes your money soar.

What do you think of his new single?  Will you be adding “Shine On Your Heart” to your music playlist?

Sources: Brian Joo’s Canadian Fan Club, and TheKp0palbums (Youtube)


6 Comments on “Brian Joo Proposes!”

  1. Box says:

    “Hi everyone, I’m an american who has come to Korea because rather than working in an americanisation Hagwan i want to sell you bland music under the auspices of the fact that korean people worship me because I’m an american. Thanks for that”

    …. *snore*

  2. CreditCard says:

    Wasn’t this brian joo guy on a nauseating tv show called “Homey Korea” where lots of americans sit around discussing how ‘awesome’ korea is, teaching GIs some korean to talk to their k-brides, and all while the people watching are sick into their mouths whilst desperately trying to change to another tv station.

    Don’t you love how “Arirang TV” is a euphemism for koreans and americans dry humping each other, whilst indovietmalaypinays watch at the window.

  3. abundanttempest says:

    I love Brian, but this song is just ho-hum for me. At times in the song I kept thinking that it sounded familiar. Then I figured it out. The dance tune (title escapes me at the moment) Lee Seung Gi sang for “My Girlfriend is Gumiho” OST. A lot of the phrasing is similar or the melody or something. Looking forward still to his album!

  4. Kasey says:

    Never heard of any other song but this one, so I can honestly say, I sounds great. loved it. It has a cheerful upbeat to it.

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  6. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    i like the song

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