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Jun Ji-hyun has a secret….

and it is more than just a fan.

“The Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” actress played narrator in the trailer for her upcoming Hollywood flick. Ji-hyun, who took english classes in the USA between her acting gigs, had her voiceover featured at the very beginning of the movie’s trailer. Click here to listen to her English in Training. She is the very first South Korean celebrity to be featured as a narrator for a Hollywood film.

In spite of her broken American diction(American accents in general vary across the USA), the actress has to be commended to being the first in two categories. She is the first narrator, and “Vogue” girl to represent Korea in the United States! Vogue has announced that Ji-hyun will be shown alongside “Snow Flower” actress Li Bingbing in the July issue. Famous photographer Annie Leibovitz took photos of the two ladies in New York on March 16th. They modeled traditional clothing,as well as, modern attire.

This summer fan boys can head on over to the States to get a glimpse of their favorite actress and uncover all her secrets.

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” will cool down theatres on July 15th.

Source: Sports Chosun (The Chosun Ilbo)


42 Comments on “Jun Ji-hyun has a secret….”

  1. Cake says:

    A korean .. a korean learning american english.. a korean who has moved to the USA?? I’d never for one minute believe that. Oh wait, THAT’S WHAT EVERY KOREAN IN SOUTH KOREA SPENDS ALL THEIR LIFE DOING.

    American accents don’t vary across the USA, there is one terrible accent and that’s it. Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

    • bd2 says:

      Oh yeah, b/c there aren’t ethnic Koreans who live elsewhere outside of Korea.

      What a dumbarse!

      • Cake says:

        No, there are approx 5’000’000 ethnic koreans living in USA. That’s nearly 10% of the population of South Korea and the numbers joining from ROK are increasing fast.

        In comparison china has about 1’500’000 which is small considering China contains a large amount the residents of Balhae, a historical region was previously a part of Korea.

        • King Pop says:

          Are you like Anti-Korea and Anti-US??? Where are you getting this info??? According to 2008 US Census, Korean Population in US Stood at 1.3 Million and NOT 5 Million…

          Chinese, 3.6 miilion in US.

          People, ignore this fool.

          fyi, if you want to be an “International Star”, you Have to Make It in the US…Like Jackie Chan, Yao Ming, Chow Yun Fat, Zhang Ziyi, Gong Li…

          fyi, China’s next president’s (Xi Jinping) daughter is studying at Harvard…learning “one terrible english accent”…LOL

          fyi, sons and daughters of China’s most wealthy are studying at top US private/boarding schools & colleges…I wonder why?

          Actually sons and daughters of ASIA’s most wealthy
          are studying at top US private/boarding schools & colleges…

          • Cake says:

            Look, Zhang Ziyi didn’t ‘make’ it in USA, she was in house of flying daggers (not a great film) and then memoirs of a geisha (mediocre) and then went looking for jewish people to marry. Jackie Chan left HK to live in USA with his Taiwanese wife (all taiwanese people like to live in USA, like Koreans) and bring up the american child they had together. Since he left Golden Harvest he hasn’t had a good film, especially that not-karate kid shyte which was just a big visual metaphor for americans hopes of dominating chinese people physically, morally and sexually.

            Yao Ming plays basketball.. I don’t see the issue with this, as pretty much only americans play basketball, same with baseball and american fatball. He’s not going to go to australia to play it.

            China’s current president’s daughter studied in Hawaii and Wen JIabo’s children also studied in USA. Still not sure where you are going with that, because I doubt any of them paid.

            The fact is, education in the US is cheap and the quality is questionable. If they want questionable quality and undoubtedly free education, that’s up to them.

            The next fact is, you really don’t know anything about china, and chinese perceptions, which is hilarious. I also love how you see international and USA as synonymous.

            So you wish you were born korean? Why is this?

            • King Pop says:

              You are a moron…I said China’s next president’s (Xi Jinping) daughter is studying at Harvard…You do know who Xi Jinping is? fyi, He will be China’s next president…Didn’t you say, “American english have terrible accent”?

              Please write to Xi Jinping and ask him why his daughter is studying at Harvard & spending $50,000 per year, since according to you “education in the US is cheap and the quality is questionable”

              Regarding basketball…basketball is very popular in China, you don’t know this…China has their own basketball league…it’s called CBA

              Seriously, what a moron, everything you say, it doesn’t make any sense…

              I feel sorry for your a**.

              • Box says:

                I’ve sort of lost track of what your point was. You just kept going on about the supposed future president of China and how his daughter is at harvard, when the same could be said about the current leaders’ children. If you think their children are paying tuition fees then that’s your issue.

                Yes, the american accent is terrible and you, like pretty much every south korean, probably spent your whole life trying to acquire what is basically a terrible accent.

                Sorry about that then.

                • Sharpie says:

                  ummm in case you havent noticed, America has the largest economy (even though they do have a lot of debt, but pretty much every country does) and they have a big influence on the culture of the world, so i don’t get what’s wrong with Koreans (and pretty much every other Asian) going to America to learn English. Koreans arent the only Asians who come to America -.- .

                  It seems you’re the one who is a bit lost in making your point because I clearly understand what King Pop is trying to say yet, your argument has so many potholes that there is no point! First, you’re bashing on Koreans, and then you go on a tangent about internationally famous chinese actors’ lives. Then you go on to say that only Americans play basketball when that obviously is not true… Then, when King Pop proves that China also plays basketball and shows how people all over the world come to the U.S for an education at internationally ranked prestigious universities, you say that he/she lost track of his/her point……

                  you’re the one who is all over the place. King Pop makes a point, you attack it with illegitimate argument. Then, King Pop proves your argument false and dumb, and then you say how he/she’s going off topic…. lolll.

                  Ok now this is going off topic but yes, America’s educational program is horrible, but that’s only the k-12 education. Their top universities are still the best in the WORLD.

                • Box says:

                  Hello King-Pop’s alter ego.

                  The point about american universities is you just pay to get into them, and once you’re into it, you just demand grades.. hence the ridiculous grading structure in most american universities.
                  The whole basis of the US educational system is built upon propaganda and marketing under the hope of giving people a job after based upon some brand you’ve aligned to, not what you’ve not learned.

                  The fact is Koreans, Taiwanese and S. E. Asians just wish they were american, and university is just a foot in the door for them.

                  Only really the USA play basketball, as the quality of the basketball leagues in china and other non-US countries (excluding US colonies like Puerto Rico and South Korea) is woeful. You’d know this if you had ever been outside of ohio.

                  Anyways, i’ll leave you to ‘everyone left behind’ and your point (which no one knows what it is)

                  • Sharpie says:

                    It’s funny how you assume im King pop’s alter-ego. Haha not everybody is as pathetic as you as to make like hundreds of alter-egos.

                    Anyway, in order to get into prestigious U.S universities, you have to either: A. have a good cumulative high school GPA, get high SAT scores, and have a lot of extracurricular activities, or B. be rich. Once you get in, you can’t just demand your grades, well unless you’re super rich and donate a lot to the school. But most people aren’t super rich so they have to work their ass off in order to get good grades. Ivy League universities aren’t the top universities in the world for no reason. Even the minor universities and colleges require their students to work in order to get the grades they deserve. Yes, they pay for tuition, but their grades are still earned. It would be nice if you actually knew things first-hand before you such presumptuous statements.

                    Asians come to America for the same reason as pretty much every race. America is known to be the land of opportunities. Asians want to go to the prestigious universities in America because getting an education in those universities is pretty much a shoe in to get a job anywhere in the world. Not only Asia, but even Europe loves people who have been well educated in America.

                    BTW the point of the argument about basketball was that there are other countries that play it. End of discussion. No need for you to explain useless crap when that was all we were trying to prove.

                    I truly hope that you would open up your mind to all the other races in the world. Yes, England is a great country, but it isn’t the only great country. All countries are great in their own way. I doubt this has enlightened you but at least I tried :T

              • rach says:

                I don’t have a problem with the US accent as such, but I do notice that Koreans always tend to have try-hard American accents, even if they don’t live there. I live in New Zealand and a lot of the Koreans, even if it’s with the ones I grew up with and have spent years in New Zealand, they always still have an American accent, (that and a very strong Korean accent even after over 15 years) I notice it in Filipino’s too, their English always has an American accent going on even if they’ve never been there.

                • Box says:

                  That’s why kiwis, aussies, brits and Irish people don’t marry taiwanese or korean women or men. The numbers are astoundingly low. Who wants to marry a wannabe-american, like seriously?? Having to show your friends a wife who is trying to be american would be terrible.

                  Filipinas need to have the american accent for when they become nursing in the USA.

                  Basically you can use it as a ‘dating flag’ and so if you find any asians with american accents you should typically avoid them because they’ll know nothing about culture, good food and art, and definitely never ask them out on a date. it’s very a very useful way of saving yourself time and effort on a wasted date. Stick to the asians who have british, aussie or kiwi accents because they’ll be much more fun and a lot better educated.

    • Orange_Fun says:

      It looks like you have Korean envy. Quit obsessing over Koreans and Americans, it’s pathetic.

      • Cake says:

        I envy people who spend 100% their time and 100% of their money trying to act like americans and then get to fatland, where ~70% of people are obese, divorce rate is ~60%, government hands out prozac like sweeties and shooting each other?

        Hmm, I’m so jealous of them.. I cannot put it into words *cough* utter bollocks *cough*

        • Orange_Fun says:

          You don’t have to try to convince of anything. Face the facts you worship Korean-Americans and I really don’t care.

          • Cake says:

            Hahaha, Hyphenated-americans … no, I don’t think anyone ‘worships’ hyphenated-americans. The asian ones typically spend all their days finding new ways to reject the USA culture before importing/saving a wife from a place where their parents abandoned. What’s funny is when they try to write books about places like ‘China’ which they’re not even from or when Koreans go to USA to try to be American like in their dreams hahahha.

            Not really anything to aspire to in all that.. sorry. So you wish you were born Korean then? Poor you, you weren’t.

            • Orange_Fun says:

              Denying your own desires to worship koreans is not going to make it go away, i could stay here and try to make you face to truth that your a pathetic asain-american worshiper, but i actually have a life to get to.

              • Cake says:

                Well, now you’re projecting. We must be getting close to something. So tell us, why do you wish you were born korean? what is it about your existence which isn’t fulfilling enough and why do you think being korean would make it any better?

                • Orange_Fun says:

                  You are pretty much wasting your time telling me about your unhealthy obsession with asain-americans, go see a therapist. If help is what you seek this website is not the place to be…..seriously go see a doctor or something

  2. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    congratulations!!!! lolz she can speak kinda good!

    • Cake says:

      Well the author of the book is a hyphenated-American so wouldn’t know anything about china anyways. If you want to waste your time watching a movie about china, by an american … then you’d be better off watching that gawd awful not-karate kid with Jackie ‘i love USA’ Chan in it.

      I guess none of you people would even know what a book is though.

      • American Girl says:

        yeah we know wut a book is. just wondering why u hate koreans so much on a fan girl website.

        • ashley says:

          I think he just wants to start a fight with people because he knows that they will lash out at him when he bashes Koreans.

          • Box says:

            You think Cake likes to rile the k-worshippers by saying something about Koreans under the full knowledge that they’ll predictably line-up to take a metaphorical bullet for their k-gods and lash out at me because they’re protecting the country which collectively they pray to be a part of?

            Hmm… that’s an interesting assertion.

            • fl says:

              You can be funny, but when you reply to your own comments and talk about yourself while pretending to be someone else, it comes off as a little pathetic. Like now.

              • Box says:

                You’re just angry at me because I know you spend every night praying to become a Korean person, either by marriage or transmutation. I’m not here to judge, like you clearly are, but don’t you feel your own actions (begging to be korean) are a little pathetic?

                • OOOOOKAY!!! says:

                  even if that was true.its still pathetic how u r 2 people on a fangirl site with a bunch of korean celebrities. it shouldnt be a problem to you anymore if u just leave the site koreans wont irritate u anymore.

                • fl says:

                  ah. I hold no interest in Korean guys and the risk that they’re high tendency to be violent to their girlfriend/women and some of the time I laugh at the stuff you writet cause I agree or because it’s funny, but seriously- replying to yourself and pretending to be someone else is sad.

  3. Box says:

    Article about yet another korean trying to sound american. News doesn’t get any more interesting than this.

    Karate Kid 2 anyone?

  4. kahji says:

    guys, lets try to be open-minded. you still haven’t watched the movie.

    • Box says:

      How about you watch it first on our behalf, and then post a message saying how it went… then we’ll all say ‘yeh, we knew it would be a bland and cr@p americanised spin on some romantic story set in historical china’. Then we save both money and time.


  5. johyn says:

    America = freedom


    wait, what was Jun Ji-hyun secret again, i forgot what i was reading about

    • Box says:

      I think your Israeli owners (who own all of your senators and representatives through lobby groups) would have something to say about your lack of freedom. But I’m glad you think you are.

  6. King Pop says:

    People, just ignore “Box”, “Cake” etc, this moron is using so many names…

    Don’t even bother. I think this idiot works for the Chinese Government and getting paid to be “anti-korea and anti-us”.

    • hanna says:

      If China didn’t like Korea that much, they’d just nuke them tbh. No need to waste time on this site. What, do you work for VANK or something? Weren’t the Anti-Korean Japanese bashers from ch2 enough? you want China to join in and hack into VANK too?

      • Box says:

        I find people from VANK hilarious, as if anyone cares about South Korea or their petty small-man’ishness.

        “Yeh, you really didn’t steal Dokdo off the japanese through military occupation and it’s really called the Sea of Korean Super Race Rules and not Sea of Japan”

        Those VANK people are pretty funny to mess with though.

    • blah says:

      @ King Pop – Don’t let Troll (aka Box / Cake / Hanna / etc) get to you. as a bit of FYI, he’s actually a British caucasian guy who seems to have yellow fever and a craving for Chinese “poon tang” (his words). He’s actually quite capable of thinking objectively, but unfortunately he’s addicted to the “thrill” of stirring up negative emotions from everyone on this site. That’s basically why he parrots and regurgitates such insulting remarks about Koreans and Americans. I don’t think he has the capacity to quite understand the full implications of what he’s saying, but he does enjoy the attention it gets him. He’s using this website as proxy for life, as he doesn’t seem to have much of that outside of what he does here. Just pity the twisted creature and move on. It’s clear to anybody from the exchange above that you’ve totally ground his face in the dust, so 100 points for you, 0 for schizophrenic British loon.

      • CreditCard says:

        I just checked my face and it was dust free. But we’re all sat on the sofa watching you try to dry hump king pop, your american buddy’s leg.. because, let’s face it, that’s what korean people spend 95% of their time doing (5% at piano lessons).

        How’s life at VANK treating you? Been promoted to expert seppo-hugger yet?

  7. Lela Chingseng says:

    hi CreditCard …

    are you looking at you older posts too?

  8. Chequebook says:

    Is her secret that she’s dating a ghetto-fab black dude called ‘Gun-master J’?

  9. k-pop luver! says:

    XD wow i love to read these arguments at first but then they make me weary!!!! guys lets not fight!! we all have our own pinions but thats no reason to lash out on each other.

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