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[MV] JYP Goes Low-Budget with UV “Itaewon Freedom”

UV and JYP teamed up to give a parody old-school number “Itaewon Freedom” and ‘fros!

Itaewon, kindly known as the “special foreign district” in Seoul, is the focus of gag hip hop duo UV, with comedian Yoo Se-yoon. Stating popular locations such as Gangnam and Hongdae have too many people, UV suggests finding a “new world” in Itaewon, with a music video using real footage from the streets of the international hang-out.

The song and the music video take fans back to the 1980’s (even some idols can’t remember that far back), featuring JYP‘s rapping/dancing skills and some random but grammatically correct Engrish (complete with Konglish subtitles, 훼얼 이스 남산 타우얼?).

This is a parody that you probably want to watch.


The gag duo UV had their big break last  with their first, and wildly popular album “Do You Wanna Be COOL?” with singles “Sorry I Can’t Be Cool” and “MOM.” The duo broke up shortly after, to many fans dismay, but reunited for this single.

The shoutout at the end reveals the inspiration for the parody is the London Boys‘ 1987 Eurodance hit “Harlem Desire” music video (


23 Comments on “[MV] JYP Goes Low-Budget with UV “Itaewon Freedom””

  1. Nana says:


  2. Cake says:

    I’m amazed that a korean managed to recreate the hook leg dance from kid n plays dance off in House Party. However, that also explains JYP’s flat-top.

    • eris2 says:

      Kick Step instant win.

      • Cake says:

        Thanks for that. Not being black (or Crown J) I didn’t know the exact term.

        • eris2 says:

          Frankly, the hairstyle is called a “hi-top fade,” which makes me wonder if you even saw “House Party.”

          • Box says:

            Well, can you tell me exactly which part of ‘I’m not a black man’ are you struggling with? I didn’t spend my childhood watching different strokes or the cosby show. I don’t know the exact terminology. I’m sorry for not being black and knowing every possible haircut.

            Gosh, you people.

            • eris2 says:

              “Not being black (or Crown J) I didn’t know the exact term,” would be the correct quote.

              • Box says:

                Descending into pedantry appears to be your only way to escape from the expectation that I should somehow be aware of the exact name of every dance or hair style of african origin.

                I can just about manage ‘the side parting’, and yet you insist on attempting to score points and accuse me of not memorising a film I saw in my youth and clearly had little cultural engagement with.

                I’ll take “a proud black man’s guide to dance” and “the compendium of african weaves” from the library and read them prior to your next test.

                • eris2 says:

                  Every? No. Just the one that you were trying to mention, along with the film to which you were referring.

                  If you’re not culturally engaged with Black American culture, I’d suggest that you refrain from making petty comments about Koreans ability or inability to recreate dances from that culture.

                  Also, a book on fades would be more beneficial.

  3. Christine says:

    I guess JYP wanted to do his impression of a 80’s/90’s rap video american style. I think I get it, since he grew up in America in that era, didn’t he? (Or is korean-american) I like to go to Seoul one day, but after reading all this It makes me wonder, how are black people viewed by koreans? or am i taking it too seriously?

    • Box says:

      Badly.. very badly. However then their daughter marries an african american GI, and they get stuck in a state of happiness that they are married to an american, but not happy because the babies won’t be pure korean super-genes and will be black.

      Generally Korean women love dating black dudes, but Korean men rarely date black ladies.

    • Dan says:

      Blacks are looked down upon by Koreans.
      The only black guys I see dating korean females are the soldiers stationed there that act like a rapper/thug.

      • Box says:

        Have you ever noticed the korean ladies they’re with always seem to have fake tan on or really dark skin? I often wondered why.

        • Dan says:

          those are the girls that I like to call the wannabe ghetto black girls. notice the clothes they wear is urban/hip hop clothing like baby phat and apple bottom. The black guys in korea need love too.

          • queenbznuts says:

            Well isn’t hip hop clothing the only thing you can find in itaewon besides cheap suits made by IndoMalayThaiVietPinays slaves in sweatshops?

            • Box says:

              Basically yes, and lots and lots of really ‘cheap’ hooker clothing for all the cheap hookers to wear.

              There is a krazzzzee-burger though, hooray!

  4. ashley says:

    funny but weird video : )

  5. NotchaChingu says:

    NO they Didn’t! OMG Why did they dress up Africans as black Americans and then do a parody of …actually what’s this a parody of?Morris Day and the Time…Full Force…Any group with Babyface in it?

    I still want to slap JYP for a dumb and somewhat offensive video.

    • queenbznuts says:

      Can you change your name to NotaKorean? thanks

    • Omo kekeke says:

      Omgosh yes it is an African man! I guess they figured it was closer than America (weird). The song is catchy and I get what is going on. I don’t know why so many people are hatin on black people though we can’t help how we are wrongfully represented. I was wondering about the comments on korean girls wearing hip hop clothes….doesn’t every place have a ghetto?

  6. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    haha this is so weird….

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