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No Min-woo: 7 Years Ago

Midas” actor No Min-woo (26) upload this photo of himself at the age of 19 to his personal Twitter account (@ROCKOUT529), catching the attention of fans and netizens.

Before he became an actor, notably appearing in “Pasta,” “My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox,” and the current “Midas,” fans remember No Min-woo was a member of idol rock group TRAX. The photo of flower boy was from his days as a musician around the time of his debut.

Though there’s a big change with the hair style (and the nose?), it seems the once-rocker isn’t too far from his 19-year-old self.

What do you think of the No Min-woo of the past? Better than the present? Same as usual?


75 Comments on “No Min-woo: 7 Years Ago”

  1. Cake says:

    Did anyone say “LORD IT’S ANOTHER LADYBOY!!!!!” yet?

    • K says:

      That is the first thing that popped into my mind. Not that there’s anything wrong with lady boys of course .<__<

    • queenbznuts says:

      What a beautiful girl.

    • pretty me says:

      is he a she?
      love No Min-woo…………

    • olivia says:

      Didn’t you know a lot of girls like ladyboys because feminine men give a sense of security while men with more testosterone have been known to have higher chances of cheating or abandoning the family?
      Women from more developing/poor countries prefer more masculine men since it’s a sign of health= healthy strong baby, a factor which is important to countries lacking in health care. Whereas women from developed countries prefer more feminine men as they’re less likely to cheat and pull the domestic violence on them. (Probably explains Korean’s ladyboy craze, after years of being abused by their men, they want a weaker guy who won’t be able to smack as hard)

      On the other hand, the guy above is not a guy, it a girl with no hint of masculine features then. Too much oestrogen.

      • NotchaChingu says:

        That’s BS. A lot of women like pretty guys. Look at the Bemba in Africa. There are other examples. There are even groups of people in Asia where women have multiple husbands. Here’s an example:

        I took a great class called Cultural Anthropology in school, and it might be fun for you to explore. I think once women have the ability to choose, they will choose all types of guys.

        Not just the ones Hollywood says you should prefer.

        • Chequebook says:

          Psychology would suggest women who like feminine men, typically are either a) lesbians who are in the closet or b) suffered some kind of ‘male’ based traumatic peak event in their childhood which has forced them to reject the threatening elements of masculinity.

          Having multiple husbands or ‘polyandry’ has absolutely nothing to do with this, because it’s got nothing to do with their attraction or perception of a feminised male, technically a shemale.

        • emily says:

          It’s not bs. There have been studies where several thousand women from their respective countries were shown pictures of males with varying degrees of masuliity. Women from more developed areas- or areas with better healthcare choose men with softer features (ie weaker jawbones, less prominent brows), while people from areas less developed choose men that had more feminine features. They further did another study where women were more likely to choise a more masuline man to sleep with (to produce children) but prefered more feminine looking men to as life long partners to raise their childrem. Women sense that increased testosterone may means more health/strength, but it’s also associated with more primitive negative aspects that leave them as single mothers or victims of domestic violence.

          It’s not Hollywood, since Americans actually really like their burly muscular men.( comes with the shitty health care system)

          your point about the places where they practice polyandry is not a good example to justify anything and didn’t even address anything about feminine vs masculine men as the poster you were replying was talking about.

          • Chequebook says:

            Gender Studies often outline aspects of sexual attraction which are caused by ‘nature’, our genetics, the expression of our genetics and also ‘nurture’, our environment. So it’s hard to definitely say why people in korea and south east asia are so attracted to feminine males and ladyboys. Because of the value of ‘Males’ within these societies, and Korea’s huge male-to-female bias in population, it’s possible that this is an organisational reaction to just having far far too many males, and so a portion of the males have naturally ended up feminised in order to deal with this.

  2. Christine says:

    Hate to say it, but ‘Dude looks like a lady!’

  3. Nana says:

    he is a hottie!!!

  4. Mee Eun says:

    IT’S ROSEEEEE Holy god i don’t recognize him without his blond hair!!!!!!!!! (or his blue eyes T_T)
    I knew his name sounded familiar…man do i miss the good ol’ days… the TRAX was so good before they went mainstream :/

  5. American Girl says:

    wtf is that on his head?

  6. ara says:

    TRAX was good.
    but that feminine looks is a little bit too much.

  7. gokuma says:

    poor girl…

  8. King Pop says:

    People, just ignore “Box”, “Cake” etc, this moron is using so many names…

    Don’t even bother. I think this idiot works for the Chinese Government and getting paid to be “anti-korea and anti-us”.

    • natalie says:

      unlikely to be working for the Chinese Government since China’s pretty open to all things Korean, they openly broadcast Korean dramas/music, no suppression. (Can’t say the same for Korea though) The Troll is more likely an IT worker stuck in front of the computer with no life outside social life beyond his other geek IT networks.

      • Box says:

        bleep bleep bleep.. i only talk in binary… bleep

        • fefrefek says:

          Don’t you mean to say:
          01010100 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100111 01110011 00100000 01100011 01101111 01110010 01110010 01100101 01100011 01110100 00101110

          • CreditCard says:

            you shouldn’t say “01110100 00101110” as it’s very rude indeed. It’s nearly as offensive as saying “A0F34A82CBF05”.

            • debbie says:

              01110100 00101110 means nothing but “t.” though.

              Now if I called you a 01110011 01101000 01101001 01110100 01101000 01100101 01100001 01100100 that might be a little rude.

  9. Lorni says:

    i don’t know WHY?? he wants to be a girl so much! But dam!!! He looked so good as a guy…Why did he change? he looked so good?!!

  10. NotchaChingu says:

    Soo when did he have the sex change?

  11. homo says:

    I just rubbed one out. Man it felt good. He is so nice.

  12. Mi Young says:

    R0FLMB0 ! A Rough Version of Lady Gaga , Bwahaa !

  13. Konstance says:

    What a pity this guy has a face can sell but why would he disguise himself as a lady.

  14. lanwookie says:

    but please hope all of them are not gay…..

  15. Shane says:

    The picture he wore a white shirt is like a girl…

  16. tiff says:

    i still love him, so sexy

  17. Pippa says:

    Those look like the types of photos that older brothers show friends to embarrass you whenever your friends come over to the house! (Or maybe that was just MY brother!)

  18. psyrynskye says:

    i thought he was a female at first lol and my brother does that too! aren’t brothers nice?

    • ashley says:

      yeah when I saw him in the Tri-Angel mv I thought he was a girl and his stage name was Rose too so I was like O_o when I found out he was a dude. lol

  19. hey neul says:

    he’s hot and handsome .. and actually i don’t really care about he’s looking but he Do look
    little like a lady .. specially in the guitar photo !
    I love he’s style now more than when he was ” Rose ” in ” TRAX ” with the white hair.
    he was really hot in ” My Girl Friend in Gumiho ” …

  20. psyrynskye says:

    he does look quite hot…i dooo love him alot πŸ˜€

  21. Addy says:

    It’s an old picture. Why the fuss? He’s much better looking than most guys are now anyway..

  22. suzi q says:

    Do blondes have more fun? He does looks bizarre as Rose. He was a great drums player with TRAX.Looks like he had an identity crisis when he was 19.
    Like him better the way he looks now.

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  24. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Yeah, i remember when he was in TRAX… He looked soooo different and he always had long hair.. i never thought he was cute when he was in TRAX until he cut his hair short, which was nowadays….

  25. cookie says:

    wow how rude r u ppl no min woo not a lady boy yso stop sayin so hav u seen old school rock or rock group today in america it was the style bac then so get over yourself its freakin annoyin

    • Plaster says:

      She’s a ladyboy, you can tell from the photo that she’s enjoying being a lady and wearing ladies’ clothing and hair. Probably does some kissing men like ladies do too.

      I don’t see why this makes you so angry… live and let live.

  26. yura ayu says:

    no min woo…
    si different…
    I Like it

  27. Konstance says:

    His massage to others he’s bisexual? Just my guess.

    • Chequebook says:

      He appears to enjoy his life as ‘Rose’ where he can express his true self as a ‘lady’ and also his ‘accepted’ life-faΓ§ade within korean society as “No Min-woo” which is acceptable to his peers and family.

      However, he’s unlikely to feel complete and whole unless he just accepts himself as ‘Rose’ and lives a complete life as a lady.

  28. Ngan says:

    The last picture looks like Maggie Cheung Ho-yee, a HongKong actress.

  29. Ngan says:

    hello Hei~MyFavoritePlaceIsKorea!

  30. Tacky says:

    he’s goodlooking me.

  31. mizerr says:

    I always thought rose looked liked miyavi….now he looks hotter πŸ˜€ if you think he looks like a lady…look at miyavi, he’s way prettier LOL


  32. Gelibean says:

    i don’t think he had sex change 😐

    he’s look in trax days compared to his look now is so awesome!

  33. Gelibean says:

    I think it’s just rumors that he had a sex change 😐

  34. Gelibean says:

    Actually I was shocked when I saw his look when he was still in Trax Because when I watched My Girlfriend is a Gumiho he’s look was totally different…

    But I like his personality πŸ˜€



  36. Goyangi says:

    I love No Min Woo, but I think black hair suits him better.
    I think he wanted to be noticed, being the drummer of a band is important but sometimes people just don’t look at the drummer because he will never be at the front of the show.
    Dying his hair like this makes me think he wanted to say like “Hey…look at me too!!…” XD.
    I’m a The Trax fan and I didn’t know he was so handsome but then I saw him with black hair in Blaze away video and I was like O__O … When you see him in Paradox he makes lots of faces and doesn’t show how handsome he is.
    His career has changed a lot, I don’t like his band 24/7, I want to see him rockin’
    In Rock Rock Rock…He was just brilliant, on the other dramas he was just showing a handsome face and not so much acting skills because the characters were not as rich as Kim Tae Won’s character. I’m glad he was able to show he’s not just a pretty face with a lot of talent for music, he’s also talented as an actor.
    The camera loves him when he’s modelling.
    I don’t want to see him singing pop…There are tons of guys singing pop in Korea…
    I need ROCK!! XDD

  37. cj says:

    me too I love his personality so kind & I like the way he is now better than before, he looks more cuter πŸ™‚ he also acts great I’d love to see more of him in acting he was the only reason why I watched Midas lol……

  38. mjtiger says:

    i think he’s gay. my gaydar says…lol..seriously is he gay/bi??

  39. inge says:

    He is very nice, he tweeted me back when I tweeted him. Very nice idol to his fan, right? I don’t like his girl style, so weird and not showing how handsome he is.but he like doing kontroversial things, I guess πŸ˜€ there’s no another actor dare to have a make up like him as a girl lol. he looks so good now as gentleman, but had he a surgery plastic to his nose and lip? He looks so perfect, the most handsome korean actor in my list beside Kim Hyung Joong (he had surgery plastic too with his nose). I loveβ€’ΜƒβŒ£β€’Μƒ NMW, he is a good person Ϟ son.

  40. sharon ng says:

    Fashion ok

  41. old lady eugenia says:

    hi..there a lot comments here,but i just want to know if there is girl thats suit him especially with that perfect facade,ive seen selca him with a girl and he just look prettier..he said he like adorable-can-act cute girl and recently told that he like one of kara my mind his dream girl should be smone with long hair,cute face like bollwood actress pretty zinta have eliptical big eyes,flawless skin and as personal trainer or a stuntwoman so she got to have a curvy body and killer abs,heigth 6,5 feet and kind hearted of course..i never got so detail to describe smone b4 but to balance his feminim side and his perfect..well what ive told u about you will close enough to be no min woo ideal girl..just a thought..

  42. old lady eugenia says:

    work as personal trainer or stuntwoman that strong enough to carry no min woo body if needed to..a strong perfect woman… is there any of you girl have that qualification?..o mr no min woo could you read this and tell ur opinion? opinion,forgive me if i am wrong..again this is just a thought..:)

  43. venus says:

    his alter ego: hika..and hika means A DAUGHTER in polynesian and new zealand..hmm did you know what i was thinking when i found the meaning?….oo those perfect facade..did he hide a girl inside?

  44. eugenia says:

    H i k a!

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