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[POP Quiz] Who’s This “Model Student”?


Here’s a hint: he was quite the smarty pants in high school.

The picture above is a “model student” Song Joong-ki in his first year of high school. On a recent broadcast of “Good Morning,” the actor revealed that during his high school days he wanted to be an announcer. Fans say the cuteness of the actor’s face hasn’t changed much.

The show also revealed his “All Su” (All A’s) report card from his last year at high school, with perfect attendance for all three years of high school. He also was the Student Vice President his second year and received high merit awards in his third year.

A former teacher talked fondly of the over-achiever, “[Song Joong-ki] was really popular. At every school festival, there were a lot of students there just to see Song Joong-ki.”

Smarts and looks, this actor is well-known in Korea as the “ideal university-student type.” No wonder this smarty pants was able to be admitted into the famous Sungkyunkwan University as a business economics major, but we’re all happy he decided to pursue acting, taking part in the popular “Sungkyunkwan Scandal.”

The “Running Man” pretty boy just got more good-looking. Isn’t a guy with brains hot?


26 Comments on “[POP Quiz] Who’s This “Model Student”?”

  1. comet says:

    This is so easy! Without a doubt, I knew it was Song Joong-ki straight away!

  2. Cake says:

    That’s so easy! Without a doubt I knew it was Kim Jong Il straight away.

  3. Box says:

    Is it just me or is eris2 clearly desperate for a korean man to marry her?

  4. zahraa power says:

    i know it that was him he is look the same and there is not lote of diffrent in his look but he look more hotter now

  5. ashley says:

    cool I had perfect attendance through all my four years of high school too. it would have been sooo cool if I went to the same school has him we would be “the perfect attendance duo” lol, it sounds lame.

  6. I don’t know him and guessed the correct answer!

  7. ara says:

    he got the look AND the brain too ? that’s pretty rare. not to mention his (they say) humble behaviour and good acting at Sungkyungkwan Scandal , geezz… -_-” oh, and his smile , the killer smile.

    jealousy arouse, Joong Ki. ๐Ÿ˜€
    i hope you continue your life as good as it is.

    Huge fan.

  8. Mi Young says:

    W0W ! His still looks the Same =] A Natural Handsome , L0L .

  9. j says:

    did anyone else notice the guy named ์กฐ๊ท€ํ˜„ in the pic LOL
    (thats what SM supposedly wanted to name kyuhyun in superjunior)

  10. kro_ph says:

    doesn’t have any difference! ๐Ÿ˜€ still a cutie all this years!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ l<3ve it!!! x)

  11. loveumetoo says:

    I know .. the answer is definitely song joong ki..<3<3..haha~~

  12. Lela Chingseng says:

    i have now idea who he is. but i am now watching arirang on tv……..

    …..and just wanted to say hello. “HELLO”.

  13. Lela Chingseng says:

    oh, hi creditCard …

    i have seen a lot of propaganda programs these days. you cant turn on your TV without propaganda material.

    but that is why i love arirang so much.

  14. Lela Chingseng says:

    btw… what is a crystal meth user?

    please explain it to me. thank you.


    • CreditCard says:

      The lesser-spotted crystal-meth jail-bird can be typically found in the USA, usually in their native habitat of ‘shopping malls’. They are best identified by it’s large collection of weaponry, droppings which look like needles and blood smearing on their jowls. You can hear their call which sounds a bit like ‘that’ll teach you for repossessing my house’.

  15. Lela Chingseng says:

    i agree with you. sure i am not ctystal-meth because l (i aint owe any money at all. lol).

    i love arirang program, because if you would live in my country – you would make suicide on every single day if you have to spend your life with ugly looking people and their ugly behavior. you will.

  16. Jas says:

    Sukaholic โค

  17. HwangJeongHyeMi says:

    wau ….. ttogttoghan ai …. modu neun jigseon

  18. sonzang says:

    with a cute face…….. and with a great brain…… perfect for everything….. love u alwys

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