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Stars Who Were Almost in Girls Generation

Regardless that they didn’t pass the final cut (or skipped over the cut) to become members of Girls Generation (SNSD), these stars found their spot in the limelight either with acting or just different idol groups. Take a look at the ones who could’ve been Girls Generation girls.

Seo Hyun-jin

“M.I.L.K member, sings well but has no luck…”

Instead of debuting with Girls Generation, this talented singer was sent to debut earlier with the 4-member girl group M.I.L.K in 2001, but M.I.L.K never quite reached the popularity of Girls Generation. Now, Seo Hyun-jin sings solo for drama OSTs (notably for “Goong”) and singles on SM Entertainment albums… Not so lucky.

Jang Ri-in (Zhang Li Yin)

“Sent to China for activities…”

In SM Entertainment’s global domination Hallyu scheme of ideas, they felt Jang Ri-in would be best fit for the Chinese market, but that just means she missed the real Hallyu wave.

Lee Yeon-hee

“Lee Yeon-hee”

Surprising most fans, cute actress Lee Yeon-hee (“Paradise Ranch,” “My Love”) was also up on the list of could-be SNSD girls. Instead of waiting for idol stardom with Girls Generation, she had her acting debut in 2004.

So-yeon (T-ara)

“Dropped because her image was too similar to Tae-yeon’s”

These days not many people would say that So-yeon and Tae-yeon have a similar image, but looking back on these past pictures, we can see the cutesy image So-yeon had during her training days. Nevertheless, So-yeon had her girl group debut in 2009 with T-ara.

Heo Chan-mi (Co-ed, 5Dolls)

“Heo Chan-mi”

Just imagine if Girls Generation had these members too… Anyway, after being cut from the girls list (at the age of 15, no less), Starlight Chan-mi found herself playing with the boys in Co-ed, debuting in 2010, and doing activities in sub-group 5Dolls under management of Core Contents Media. Heo Chan-mi was also supposed to debut in a 5-member girl group Alice in 2009 under SM Entertainment (along with the girl from the  SHINee A.M.I.G.O” music video, Kim Ye-jin, another on the SNSD cut list), but the group (obviously) never debuted.

Kim Min-ji

“1st in ‘SM Audition’ and after preparing for singing, changed to acting.”

Known for her pretty face, the young actress who appeared in “Boys Over Flowers” as the hospital girl and now the MC of KBS Music Bank,” Kim Min-ji is often asked why she isn’t in a girl group when they see that she fits the “idol look.” In the end, Kim Min-ji went to the acting side. Though she is still early in her career, many are expecting her success in the future.

What would Girls Generation be like if they had these member additions?


56 Comments on “Stars Who Were Almost in Girls Generation”

  1. Orange_Fun says:

    sm really missed out when they cut so-yeon because she is just as pretty ans any other snsd member, but waaaayyy more talented.

    • jasmine says:

      out of these girls, i think SM lost big potential for cut so yeon off too! at first too, i thought it was just me. great minds sure think alike 😀

  2. Mee Eun says:

    I miss Li Yinnie~ But her image or voice doesn’t fit SNSD at all…

  3. Jenne says:

    SM just released TVXQ’s latest video 이것만은 알고 가(Before U Go) <3<3<3

  4. Hermes says:

    Is it just me or does Heo ChanMi look like SuJu’s Leeteuk made up as a girl? LOL

    • ashley says:

      yeah I was thinking the same thing too lol

      • Lamp says:

        I was thinking who the hell would want to be in SNSD, or Hallyu for that matter, when you have to spend your days singing bland pop in some slave contract, and your evenings “intimate waitressing” for CEO-ajhussis and their friends in order to get on TV.

        That’s seriously go to suck monkey nuts. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      yeah, but have u seen chanmi without makeup?
      she looks like a guy and her eyes look really weird…

  5. o0o_tripleS_o0o says:

    unlike SM Entertantment!

  6. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    they r all so beautiful! i love soyeon more than taeyeon, she is awesome and has alot of attitude. y didnt they make it? they r more pure than snsd themselves,well some i dont want the whole group to go down.

  7. gtl says:

    Should this be called SM entertaiment hall of wasted talent that weren’t picked.
    Liyin is way too good to in SNSD

    However how did Hyoyeon get in she is fulgy, can’t sing and her dancing is so over-exaggerated.

    Also I am so happy So Yeon didn’t join she has too much personality and talent to stuck with those nine bitches.

    • Liv. says:

      Jang Ri In is sooooo waayyyyy talented….her voice is a blast….and yet she couldn’t make to SNSD…well…what can we say…SM prefers sticky-skull bunch of girls…over talents…I still don’t get that….

      • jamie says:

        she debuted before them, so it wasn’t that she didn’t make it into snsd, it was that they were impatient to debut her. Also there are reports of select members bullying her so that wouldn’t have been very team spirited no would it?

        • fenzy says:

          there were members in SNSD bullying her. it must be serious. i think SNSD is not that pure. and they are sexy but more to slutty. glad that Zhang Li Yin is not debuted with SNSD.

          • ashley says:

            yeah they did the same thing to the Chinese guy that was in super Junior (sorry I can’t remember his name) too because he was Chinese, they are so mean and stuck up.

            • Wood says:

              No, Chinese aren’t allowed in SNSD and no indovietmalaypinays either.. because they’re all ugly.

              Only americans are allowed in SNSD because Koreans worship them and want to stroke them on the stage…. and Koreans who have had debilitating levels of plastic surgery with no discernible talent because the indovietmalaypinays who are apparently deaf and of ‘low cognitive ability’ cannot get their head around the fact they’re buying shyte.

              Don’t worry about it though, you probably won’t remember anything I just typed because you have the attention span of a snail.

              • Hei says:

                why would the Koreans worship the americans anyway? They’re just rude, impatient, and ugly.

                • roxyisferox says:

                  Koreans and Americans have anything in common:
                  IMPATIENT & UGLY!

                • Torch says:

                  Koreans worship americans because korean culture is a parasitic culture and their current ‘master’ is the USA. This is why they’re all trying to get to their promised land in LA and spending all their money on americanisation hagwans to get american children.

                  That’s what koreans generally do.

  8. ara says:

    “sings well but has no luck”
    that’s a heartbreaking line. i hope she gets better opportunity in the future.
    and Chan Mi sings well too. co ed doesn’t seem to be so much promising, but good luck anyway.

  9. kimmy says:

    Jang Ri In’s voice is too strong for Girl Generation. Taeyeon’s voice would have been overshadowed. Heck even Jang Ri In’s voice at age 11yrs sounded better and more mature than snsd in their 20s. (Sorry if I offend)

  10. RoxyIsFerox says:

    I wish I could be skinny like those girlz. I hate on them like most of the jealous girls above because they is so pretty and I hate them! I airbrush my pictures so I can look 10 times lighter complexion like soshi the girls I envy so much!

    • lara says:

      If it makes you feel any better, they extensively photo shop and airbrush SNSD’s pictures too. Not only that but the makeup they wear, not only on their face, but also their legs are very thick. I’ve come close up to a few members. Their faces are scattered with little pimple bumps but are covered by heavy makeup.

    • roxyisferox says:

      hahahahha! Do not pretend you are RoxyIsFerox, because I obviously know who you are… TIA MARIA SINCLAIR JOSIAH BANANA who keeps on trolling on Popseoul, trying ohhhhh sooooo hard to shame me on this website. Tia Maria, if I were you, below are the things YOU MUST DO in order to have some life and stop makin’ a fool of yourself:

      > CREATE YOUR OWN BLOG. I have my own blog, and who cares if I browse at popseoul, seoulbeats etc… and make a comment?
      > CONSULT A PSYCHIATRIST, and if your mental health has gone severe, send your ass to Mental Assylum. This is for your own good, and other commenters here. I have my fair share of enemies here, but not as bad as you.

      Also, hating SNSD does not mean JEALOUSY. I don’t need to lighten my skin coz I’m proud of my dark tan skin. I don’t need to be skinny like them coz skeletally skinny IS NOT MY IDEAL BODY. Geez! If there will be any ideal body out there, I’d rather go for Hustler pornstar bodies. Y’know what? Their figure is more delicious than SNSD’s… and SNSD members are lookin’ weak and vulnerable. I hate to be like them. I hate to be overrated. I hate to be objectified. I hate to lose my self-respect like SNSD.

      As for the celebs who did not make it to SNSD, good for them! They are better when NOT IN SNSD. If they are in SNSD, they will end up as “sexually harassed” as the current members…. right? Yoon Seo-In?

      @Lara and Chequebook…. do not believe with the one who posted that. Knowing my character, I ain’t that typical jealous fangirl as Tia Maria Sinclair wants to show. That fucking troll!

  11. annie says:

    Whoa, Sunny looks like Gackt in one of the pictures with Chan-mi. And not in a good way.

  12. Kasey says:

    It’s their lost, not the girls.

  13. teehee says:

    wow i want yeon hee and soyeon join snsd.
    but i love soyeon in t-ara ❤

  14. Lamp says:

    Is anyone else thinking “Seo Hyun-jin”, top photo.. clown white face, dark neck??

  15. […] Stars Who Were Almost in Girls Generation Regardless that they didn’t pass the final cut (or skipped over the cut) to become members of Girls Generation […] […]

  16. nyhyun says:

    Girls Generation is perfect the way they are

    • Chequebook says:

      I love how the definition of perfection for you S. E. Asians is “talentless and plastic”. I guess perfection is relative.

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      i agree…. except for hyoyeon… no offense…
      cuz, she’s not THAT pretty. she never gets much parts in singing.
      and she doesn’t get much spotlight dancing. and SM gives her the ugly hairstyles and clothes to wear….

  17. queenbqty says:

    These ladies are fortunate not be part of that suckfest snsd! Why would anybody in their right mind want to be part of the most plastic, untalented, hated, chicken-legged, flat-assed, mostly fugly group in the history of music! Its obvious anyone with even a quarter ounce of talent would not make it into snsd.
    These ladies were also probably unwilling to service ahjusshis and have constant plastic surgery procedures almost weekly or be rude, racist bimbos for the peanuts sm ent. pays the lip sync queens.
    Lucky they dodged that bullet!

    • bd2 says:

      Eh, the talent of the gals in SNSD is debatable, but let’s not go overboard w/ this plastic surgery crap.

      Only about half of SNSD members got work done and of the ones that got work done, for a couple, it was just getting a double fold.

  18. chaimoon says:

    If you have the talent and the looks, there are several ways of becoming popular, backed up by people who know the entertainment industry. You can be a member of an idol group, a solo artist, a ramp model, a product endorser/commercial model, a fashion model, an actor, etc. Just remember it is “dog-eat-dog ” out there, so you have to toughen your guts or else they will eat you alive.

  19. Jules says:

    i’m glad those girls didn’t make it to snsd. they look all really weird..

    • lollipop says:

      yeah! once u enter into SNSD, LSM will change u into angelic face. and people will say “aww what a cute face.. so pretty.. so beautiful” all the money goes to surgery. no talent is ok. as long as u can act slutty. eh, SNSD is cute image but why turn into slutty much?? hohoho… then u think urself.

    • haily says:

      aside from Chan mi, the others would have made snsd look much more prettier on average. Because there’s not a single person in snsd at the moment I find pretty.
      Taeyeon looks like a rat with down syndrome.
      Jessica looks like a man with her huge square jaw and teeth. She also has a weird unhealthy yellow tinge to her skin.
      Sunny looks like a pig,
      Tiffany’s gone into Bom territory with the botox.
      Hyoyeon needs a nose job, so does Sooyoung pronto.
      Yuri looks like a man, despite her double eyelid surgery, she still shows traces of ugliness which cannot be hidden because if you’ve seen how ugly the rest of her family is then you’ll know where she got it from.
      Yoona…has a mouth like an old granny and looks plainer than a sheet of paper to put it nicely,
      Seohyun looks ok, but she appears to have a severe case of fluid retention in her bloated face.

      • jieun says:

        That was mean, but I kinda have to agree about snsd’s looks. I think similar things when i see their faces. Sorry.

  20. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    i think snsd is fine the way they are now.
    btw, chanmi has pretty hands.
    i bet the former members are gonna be a bit jealous of snsd because they are so popular noe

  21. knowyourtruth says:

    Soyeon did not cut out by SM. She quit due to harsh training. This article is not accurate.

  22. SWEET GIRL says:


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