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Dream High’s comic book is released!

Volume one of the new manga series is on sale now!

“Dream High the comic [image] book was released in stores on March 30th. The highly popular winter drama, starring MissA’s Suzy, Kim Soo-hyun,and 2pm’s Taec-yeon, has achieved its dream of super stardom! Each of the Kirin High School students became classical singers,recording artists, and/or teachers, and now they have become cartoons! If we could all achieve such success.…Who wouldn’t want to be human and a two-dimensional stick figure? However, this 2011 comic features 5,000 screen captures from the KBS series.

Volume two of the image version of “Dream High” will make its grand debut sometime in April.

Will you purchase your book at an online shop or store?

Source: NTN


17 Comments on “Dream High’s comic book is released!”

  1. kro_ph says:

    wow! really looking forward to have one soon!! 😀 hopefully x)) DREAM HIGH really inspired me a lot! thnx JYP! :))

  2. llorainne_uy says:

    Does it have an english version? i wanna have one!

  3. Jaehyun Kim says:

    i want to buy it ! but i cant buy it sadly because im in newzealand! t.t im korean who is studyin overseas t.t

    • Natty says:

      i want one also!!!
      but im in canada… do they sell it here?!?!?!?

      • Torch says:

        You might be able to buy one from one of the thousands of South koreans who swam/walked to canada and are busy trying to get over the border into USA.

  4. wow!! i like i like !!

  5. King Pop says:

    People, just ignore comments from Chequebook, Plaster, Cake, Box (all same person)

    • Plaster says:

      People, just ignore the comments by King Pop, he’s from rival site AllkoreansloveUSApop and he’s trying to ruin everyone’s fun by censoring what people should say about his k-gods.

  6. tutu says:

    love it when there’s a cat fight in the ‘responses’.alwez look for it…hehe..totally cheer up the day with their comments…keep up swearing each other guys!!!meeooww…

  7. isabella says:

    yeah!!! i’d love to have one!! 🙂

  8. Jules says:

    OMG, i really want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dREAM HIGH was soo awesome. I loved everyone in the cast!
    wooyong, taecyeon, IU, suzy, etc.

  9. Jules says:

    LOVE THEM!!!

  10. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I WANT!!

  11. shia kim says:

    i want eunjung and taecyeon so much!

  12. shia kim says:

    i want Eunjung and Taecyoun so much.

  13. miss3 says:

    how to get it ??

  14. […] happened? “Dream High” star Eom Gi-joon is currrently acting in the SBS drama “Scent Of A Woman”. However, he […]

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