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Jo Kwon parties with Ne-Yo!

I guess he didn’t fall too hard.

Jo Kwon has fallen and Ne-Yo picked him up! Today,the 2AM singer tweeted photos of himself backstage with the American R&B king (and crew) at Ne-Yo‘s  concert in Seoul on March 30th.

What did he tweet about the event?

Jo Kwon: ” Ne-Yo Concert. goooooooood!!!!!!”

I couldn’t have stated it better myself. After reading his insightful and descriptive recount of the concert, What do you think of Ne-Kwon and the Crew?

Source: @2AMkwon


15 Comments on “Jo Kwon parties with Ne-Yo!”

  1. Ki Ran Pa says:

    Jo Kwon I’m in huge man crush with you.

  2. Plaster says:

    I think he probably cried when he saw ne-yo, and then went home and got into that weird crouching position when asian guys look like they are weeing like a girl, and cried some more.

  3. benny says:

    they are either friends or I think Ne yo is using him to get better album sales in korea. Just saying..

  4. peace & love for jay! says:

    Does that mean Kwon met Jay at the concert as well? Yay! I miss their friendship 🙂

  5. Konstance says:

    Does Jo won speaks English?

  6. Mi Young says:

    He’s So Lucky !

  7. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    i like JoKwon’s jacket

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