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John Park Signs Contract, Album Coming

Superstar K” runner-up John Park will be having an album soon!

The singing competition’s resident gyopo (of Korean descent living outside of Korea) has signed a three-year contract with the company Music Farm.

John Park expressed his excitement, “Preparing under esteemed veterans [in the field] and managers, I’ll make a good album with the Music Farm family.”

Fans are already excited for John Park’s debut.

Congratulations to John Park for getting signed and good luck to him on his new album.


23 Comments on “John Park Signs Contract, Album Coming”

  1. Plaster says:

    This guy isn’t even korean!!! He’s an american heritage leech, so why is he on Popseoul? Has he ever been to seoul? I really don’t understand why Popseoul insists on updating everyone on what americans are doing …. why not change your URL to then your mandate of service would make more sense.

    … like a G6 like a G6.. blah blah blah

    • gtl says:

      You obviously don’t know who he is.

      He got second place on a KOREAN talent show.

      • Plaster says:

        He’s an american on Korean TV because Koreans love to see americans on TV and throw themselves at their USAgods, where is the news in that? (answer: there is none)

    • k-pop luver! says:

      what are you talking about?!?!?! this guy is a K-POP artist so why cant he be on here 😛 thats ust idiotic

  2. Chequebook says:

    According to the interwebs he was born in Chicago and is therefore a US citizen, not a korean living outside of korea (he didn’t do his korean military service which is mandatory for ALL korean males). Besides Josunjuk are people “of Korean descent living outside of Korea” and they’re not gyopo… Central asian Korean looking people (who Stalin hated and herded out of Russia) they’re also “of Korean descent living outside of Korea” but not gyopo…Aussies who look a bit korean aren’t gyopo (not many of them though).

    The correct definition of Gyopo is “an american who managed to escape korea and abandoned the korean culture and family in order to become american which is much better, only coming back to be a pop star who real korean people want to dry hump and worship.” Get it right next time.

    • ara says:

      wow. thanks for the explanation. really.

      • Chequebook says:

        It’s not a problem. PoopSeoul always seem to pretend americans are korean and produce limitless amounts of tripe about ‘how some unknow korean went to USA’. You just have to bear with it and remember that they don’t know the correct definitions.

  3. King Pop says:

    @Chequebook, Plaster…I noticed that you keep changing your name…

    How do you feel about millions of Chinese people who moved to US…you do know that Chinese has the LARGEST ASIAN population in America…DID THEY “managed to escape China and abandoned the Chinese culture and family in order to become American which is much better”???

    • Plaster says:

      I feel okay about it. How do you feel about an american going to korea and rather than working in an americanisation hagwan they stand on stage while koreans throw themselves at the americans in worship?

      • King Pop says:

        How do you feel about an american going to China and rather than working in an americanisation hagwan they stand on stage while Chinese throw themselves at the americans in worship?

        Fyi, NYU will open a campus in Shanghai, China, so that Chinese can worship Americans…

        Chinese love Americans and American products, McDonald, Apple, iphone, ipad, Levi’s, Walmart, movies, music, fashion, Pepsi, Coke, KFC…just too many to list.

        Seriously, get a life…

        • Plaster says:

          Why do you come up with these curious chinese examples? Is it because I said I find french and chinese women attractive, but not korean women.. and you keep saying things about Chinese things?

          There are several European universities with campuses in China and they don’t worship Europeans. So what’s your issue? You hate chinese?

  4. King Pop says:

    @POPSEOUL…Can you please block or monitor comments like other sites, example –
    Have you noticed that this site lost many visitors??? I wonder why…From allkpop, they block any stupid, ignorant comments by monitoring IP address, meaning, morons like Chequebook, Plaster, Cake, Box (all same person), allkpop will remove comments or block them so they can’t post anything…

    • Plaster says:

      I love how you promote internet censorship. You basically cannot deal with a world in which your opinion is questioned because this makes you feel out of control. So in a self-centred attack on people who you feel don’t have the same ‘worship of koreans’ as you, you try to get websites to block messages disagreeing with your deification of koreans.

      Good luck with your insecurity, and good luck with begging to be korean. Why don’t you just go to AllKoreansLoveUSApoop and leave us all alone?

      Goodbye then… enjoy AllKoreansLoveUSApoop

  5. King Pop says:

    People, just ignore comments from Chequebook, Plaster, Cake, Box (all same person)

    Don’t even bother…

  6. Dovey says:

    Cool! Would like to see what he will dish out!

  7. chaimoon says:


    • k-pop luver! says:

      lol i like that XD “keep it up guys ” lol thats funny cause i love to read the arguments as well ! so when i finished reading the argument and saw this post i started cracking up laughing for some reason XD!!!!

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