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[MV] Orange Caramel touches down in “Bangkok City”

Get ready for these blonde aliens to invade!

After School sub-unit, Orange Caramel, returns all too soon with their new single, “Bangkok City,” as a part of their project to try to capitalize on their cute with the rest of the Asian region. Unless Bangkok City is somehow known for young couples ditching their partners for new ones there, the lyrics don’t specifically appeal to Thailand. While the song is fluffy and fun, you could easily replace “Bangkok City” with any other city or location and it would still make perfect sense.

Also their new concept here is just further proof that not every Korean idol can pull off the blonde, especially a wig with that much frizzy volume. Nana, being the aspiring model she once was, looks effortless in any look you put her in, while Lizzy looks passable and Raina looks like the blonde just attached itself unwillingly onto her scalp.

Fellow After School member Jung-ah makes a very inconsequential (like the rest of the song!) cameo in the music video. *sigh* It really makes you yearn for After School’s comeback, especially when Orange Caramel keeps churning out “hits” like these.

Here’s their recent live comeback performance too~


75 Comments on “[MV] Orange Caramel touches down in “Bangkok City””

  1. cdn says:

    This song is actually not too bad…

  2. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    I Love It! i learned a new dance!!! yes!

  3. kellz says:

    Sticking Bangkok city in there and naming the song Bangkok city is so random. Their song has nothing to do with Bangkok!

    • jasmine says:

      yeaa, i thought of the same thing too, but actually it doesn’t sounds that bad, it rhymes, so it’s acceptable for me xD and it actually refers to city that never sleeps~

    • Geoff says:

      Bangkok city is full of Korean men trying to get AIDS by not using condoms, so i guess it’s related to the video in some way.

      • orange_fun says:

        why would anyone try to get AIDS?

        • Geoff says:

          By refusing to use condoms when sleeping with hookers. It’s something asian men (Koreans et al) are particularly adept at. Condom usage is at about 13%, nice.

          • orange_fun says:

            Ok, but why would they try to get AIDS.

            • orange_fun says:


            • Geoff says:

              I guess they tell themselves things like ‘only black people get AIDS’ or ‘i’m asian, i’ll never get AIDS so I don’t need to use a condom with this hooker’. Which is precisely why AIDS and most STDS are spreading like wildfire in pretty much every asian country. The families normally say they died of ‘being unlucky’ or something face saving, which makes it spread quicker because no one informs the victims that they’re infected.

              Ignorance is a very interesting thing indeed.

            • Geoff says:

              You seriously think the Korean CEO-Ajhussis are using condoms when they’re busy banging these k-pop starlets in exchange for sponsorship?

              I think we can all be relatively sure they don’t, so no one is safe.

  4. King Pop says:

    People, just ignore any negative, ignorant, stupid comments from Chequebook, Plaster, Cake, Box, WheelOfCheese etc. etc. etc. (all same person with multiple names). This moron is actually replying to his/her own comments using multiple names, pretending to be someone else…How pathetic!

    There’s a difference between expressing your opinion and just being ignorant, racist, insulting & stupid…

    Don’t even bother…Don’t respond…

    This moron is so angry and jealous because K-Pop & Korean Entertainment culture (Korean Wave) has become so popular all over Asia.
    That’s why this idiot is attacking K-Pop, Korean Entertainment and South Korea.

    I think he/she is Chinese or North Korean nationalists…why, if you read the comments, this person criticizes all Asians/Asian countries expect for Chinese/China.

    Just ignore this FOOL!!!

    • maria says:

      no, actually there isn’t even a need to dissect WHO he is or WHY he’s doing it. fact is, he’s been very rude and patronizing, and he’s making the experience of going to this blog VERY unpleasant, so for TROLLS like that, let’s just ignore, because that is the best way to terminate the thing he craves for he most: ATTENTION.



      • ashley says:

        Thank U : )

      • Wood says:

        Korean wave died in 2002. The fact S.E. Asians worship Koreans is nothing to do with any ‘Korean Wave’, it’s got more to do with a worship structure built up over the past 2000 years.

        Indovietmalaypinays typically hate their cultures and look to people who they can worship, so they found the least offensive and the most desperate for worship, the Koreans. Koreans typically worship Americans and have never won a war in their entire history, and are the lame gazelle of the oriental world. What then manifests is the indovietmalaypinays worshipping the koreans and begging their poor farmers to marry them.

        It’s that simple, and if you find it offensive, well tell the S. E. Asians.. and if you think I’m jealous, can you tell me what I’m supposed to be jealous of? Because personally I find it hilarious, and this hilarity isn’t motivated by any feeling of jealousy or envy.

        I think Chinese and Japanese people hold themselves with dignity and haven’t created a cult around their worship, unlike the ‘cult of koreans’ which is propagated by S.E. Asian people’s jealousy to be in the Korean club. And what’s wrong with not finding Korean women attractive? Deal with it yourself, you shameless k-slaves.

      • Jules says:

        who’s “he”?

  5. Shane says:

    So nice…

  6. truesay says:

    wtf is this 90s Europop reminiscent of the Vengaboys?!? o.O cannot accept!!

    • Geoff says:

      That’s so far wide of the mark, wash your mouth out with soap for suggesting this is in any way european.

  7. lol says:

    Anyone else notice the fail photoshop? The song isn’t bad, the wigs however.

  8. sarsha says:

    They could take plastic surgery tips from the transexuals from Bangkok, Even the ladyboys there are prettier.

    • jasmine says:

      OMO, really? somebody please tell me this is just a joke o.O

      • emily says:

        the Ladyboys in Thailand are very pretty indeed. No joke. Prettier than a lot of kpop idols.

      • missy says:

        it’s true. the prettiest girls in thailand are BOYS.
        my half sisters mom was telling me about it, and she’s like one of the richest people in thailand from one of those lines..

        you go down their stripe and avoid the prettiest girls cause they are boys.. but they got the male parts removed..

        it’s really scary. a real culture shock.

        • Wood says:

          Sure, but most Korean pop stars look like ladyboys, so why is everyone so shocked about thailand having ladyboys, when at least they admit to being ladyboys. Koreans on the other hand, dress like ladyboys and pretend they’re male.

          ‘cult of korea’ faggotry is afoot there.

      • nadia says:

        some of the ladyboys look quite good…the others less so. Of course it’s a joke.

    • Wood says:

      These koreans don’t look great. Thai women are far more attractive, which begs the question of why Thai people worship koreans who are less attractive and have a less interesting culture than their own?

      I think someone should tell thai people to wake up and get back to enjoying being thai, rather than engaging in some ‘cult of korea’ faggotry.

      • knockatwood says:

        Somebody sounds incredibly pressed at Korean culture here. Jealous Korea’s culture influences so much of Thai? Or Sino-centric cultures specifically, including Japan, has so much impact on Thai’s entertainment and cultural scene.

        Why don’t you promote Thai culture instead of trashing Kpop and whatnot. Let’s face it, T-pop is such a carbon copy of Kpop and Jpop combined, only ten times trashier.

        • Torch says:

          It’s not thai people’s fault they prefer korean culture to their own, it’s just the relentless bombardment of korean government sponsored trash they keep throwing at them. At least thai people are a little more impervious to the ruining effects of K-worship, because they actually like their culture unlike most filipinos.

          • jamie-lee says:

            true, they do like their culture a whole lot more than Filipinos, Thai’s listen to a variety of music and are generally a whole lot less rude than Filipinos who get all racist and defensive if anyone criticizes the kgods. Must be all the frustration from being treated like shyt from their working as a nurse all bottled on released at once.

            • Torch says:

              True, filipinas do hate their culture and worship koreans and korean culture a lot. I’m surprised they get anything else done.

    • joe says:

      Korea have their own version of ladyboys- their malepop idols are pretty much ladyboys. The only difference is that Thai ladyboys still have bigger penises than the average Korean man. No kidding, Korean men officially have the smallest penis in the world.

  9. missy says:

    these girls wear the UGLIEST OUT FITS
    1. magic something <- doll outfits
    3. now this bizarre thing

    it's kinda creey – i'm sorry..the hair creeps me out.
    looks like a funny witch outfit.

  10. Sammy says:

    Lizzy just seems pissed off like she doesnt wanna be in that ridiculous outfit. The other two are rockin it though.

  11. King pop says:

    Korean Waved died in 2002 LOL seriously…it’s bigger than ever. 2002 was the beginning of Korean Wave. Let’s see, Kara, SNSD, Big Bang, Boa and other artists are continuing to top the Japanese Music Charts. Kara and SNSD both ranked #1 in Oricon Charts this year. Last week, BEAST was ranked #3 in Oricon Charts, Kara was ranked #6 in Japanese Billboard, look it up…Even Big Bang, 2NE1, Epik High was ranked in itunes charts in US, Canada, Australia etc, etc, etc,…again, look it up…

    Chinese and Japanese women are obsessed with Korean dramas and movies, they actually visit Korea just for the “Korean Wave” experience, Korea’s 2 largest tourist groups are from China and Japan, again look it up.

    Here’s the news from last week,

    “Chungmuro in downtown Seoul is to be turned into a theme street where tourists can immerse themselves in Korean pop culture. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has announced it will spend W21.4 billion won on stars’ name plates, hand prints, media artwork and collections as well as exhibition and experience spaces.
    Its appearance will be modeled on the Hollywood Walk of Fame” from The Chosun Ilbo

    Please visit my country and experience South Korea, Korean food & culture, the Korean Wave and Chungmuro Korean Wave Walk of Fame. Check your countries travel agencies, they all have special “Korean Wave” tour packages…Thanks.

    • Wood says:

      I’m sorry, but pretty much every korean newspapers is not independent and basically spews out propaganda on korean nonsense.

      The Korean Wave, if it ever existed, died in 2002 and now only lives on within the K-slave communities of S.E. asia where the ‘cult of koreans’ persists, mainly amongst vietnamese and filipina women who want to marry a K-farmer.

      No one in Australia, USA nor Canada knows who 2ne1, Epik High or Big bang are, except for a tiny number of heritage-leeches and some filipina nurses who work there.

      Chinese and Japanese go to Korea because Korea is in the middle, they can get connecting flights to other places through Korea. it’s got nothing to do with Korean culture because no one in Japan nor China give a feck about Korean culture. The only people who do, are S. E. Asians and GI’s who have a k-bride.

      Stop talking with emotion and talk with facts, thanks Mr Arirang TV.

      • cdn says:

        You’re dead wrong that no one knows 2ne1, Epik High or Big bang in Canada. They are so popular here among the young people in my city that is 65% Asian. These young people are not S.E Asian either. They are Chinese from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Canadian born. Even some white people here listen to Kpop. I don’t know where you get your facts, but you can leave Canada out of it.

        • Torch says:

          I got my facts from my Canadian friends, who don’t have a yellow fetish like yourself. It’s likely that there responses are likely to be less biased, because yours are only going to support the lifestyle of chasing asians which you have chosen.

          • cdn says:

            I am Asian… Chinese for fyi.. How can an Asian have yellow fetish? If that’s the case, all Asians marrying their own kind have yellow fetish You don’t have Canadian friends…because you calm to be European.

            • Geoff says:

              There’s nothing chinese about you.

              And yes, Asians do normally have a yellow fetish, because no one else wants to go near them with their unprotected philandering and extra-marital KTV-sex. Yellow fetish means you have a huge disposition towards yellow chicks, so deal with it.

    • Jules says:


  12. King Pop says:

    You guys remember when Rain performed in the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games at the National Stadium in front of approximately 91,000 spectators and Chinese President Hu Jintao…this was awesome!!! Thanks China!!!

    Few years ago Super Junior featured on Chinese Postage Stamps…Yes, actual stamps…look it up…Chinese people including Chinese Government must really “worship” KPOP to feature Super Junior on Chinese stamps…

    • Avaya says:

      Yes, I remember, Rain is not even Chinese and he was asked to perform because he is so famous in China. He performed in front of billions of people worldwide, wow.
      Regarding Super Junior’s Chinese postage stamps, wow, because most countries uses the picture of eminent and prominent figures who have achieved something in life. Kpop must be prominent figures in China!

      • Jules says:

        how do u watch it?

      • Torch says:

        Hi there VANK worker and S.E. Asian K-slaves how are you doing today? I think you’ll find a part of china is called Yanbian and that’s basically a part of Balhae. Because Koreans are one of china’s 56 races, having Bi represent 1 of the 56 races is quite normal, and nothing to do with South korea at all. If you asked any Josunjuk who they’d want to represent them, they’d all choose the man who’s name means ‘lady’s genitals’ in Chinese.

        Thank you VANK worker and S.E. Asian imported K-farmer bride.

    • la roux says:

      as I recall rain got very little screen time I couldn’t even see him on stage when he was singing except for like a millisecond and only because Jackie chan wanted some sort of multicultural thing going on.
      And super junior only got on the stamps because of Hangeng, HIS stamps sold out but they had excess stock of the other members.

      • Avaya says:

        so what’s your point la roux a.k.a Torch? Chinese government honored Hangeng for being a member of Super Junior, because it was such a great accomplishment, because Chinese people worship Kgod and Hangeng became part of Kgod. hahaha some people are so stupid

        • la roux says:

          def not torch sorry. Don’t share his/her obsession about Americans etc. Sorry that there’s more than one person out there that doesn’t lick the ground kpop “artists” have walked on. Note also that these suju Kgods as you call them can’t even get onto any decent shows in China now that hangeng’s left. And their album sold terribly.China only cared about Suju cause there was a chinese in it and they were supporting a fellow chinese, otherwise no one would have given a damn.

          • Avaya says:

            Whatever la roux a.k.a Torch. One simple question, if you hate Kpop so much, why are you here? Why do you even follow Kpop?
            You know you’re actually supporting Popseoul, more visitors = more money for Popseoul = continue success of Popseoul = more people can follow Kpop news = more Kpop audience. Thank you for support to Popseoul and Kpop. Yeah!!!

            • la roux says:

              just browsing by, besides, it’s fun seeing korean wanabees go gaga over their “oppas”, it’s entertainment in itself. And popseoul is a failure, most people who come here are bashers haven’t you realized? And these bashers have managed to convert several people from kpop so they now don’t come here anymore anyway.

              • Avaya says:

                Just browsing? Whatever.
                It’s fun for me too, seeing many jealous and stupid people.
                I feel so smart. You do know that all you have to do is google anything and you get the facts. Why don’t you google about China & Kpop. Actually read Chinese newspapers, they actually cover Kpop, not lying at all. Remember, you can google anything.

                ONLY managed to convert several people from Kpop, oh how sad, lol Did they actually told you that, “I will no longer listen to Kpop” lol

                Again, thank you for supporting Popseoul and Kpop. Keep it up!

                • Geoff says:

                  Wow, you’re a ‘cult of korea’ evangelist.. you go around converting people to your deification of korean people. Interesting.

                • jay says:

                  Chinese newpapers cover kpop because they’re open minded and don’t restrict foreign entertainment like Korea does. Korea has actually banned Chinese dramas ever since “Princess returning pearl” got over 50% ratings in Korea. That’s it really.

              • Torch says:

                The facts is, I lived in China and whenever I ask the Chinese if they like K-pop they laugh at me and tell me that the Men in K-pop all look like women and the women all have plastic surgery. They don’t like it at all.

                The only Korean thing popular in China are the dramas, and that’s just because Chinese people will watch dramas by anyone, even koreans. Even the korean movies are seen as being formulaic shyte.

                Take that information and do with it what you will, but I’m guessing you’ll do some more defending of you k-gods because you’re in a cult.

  13. King Pop says:

    Song Hye Kyo just finished filming Wong Kar-Wai’s upcoming Chinese film “The Grand Master” in China. Don’t forget to check it out this summer…

    • Torch says:

      I’m so glad Koreans are fully embracing their role as one of 56 of China’s nationalities, just like 屄 / Rain when he sang at China’s (including Josunjuk) Olympics.

    • emma says:

      There you go, the only way people other than south east asians and overseas Chinese who have lost their culture will pay attention to Korean stars is if they have to leech onto Chinese entertainment. Otherwise they have to grovel and force people to have their CDs in the States like the Wondergirls and their free CD with every bag of rice purchased.
      Anyway, song hyekyo only has a minor role, her name isn’t even on the posters. She’s going to be upstaged by people who can actually act.

      • isha says:

        Don’t forget WG and their leeching onto the Jonas brothers. Fans in the crowd were cussing them telling them to hurry off and Bieber fans were singing “we want Nobody but Justin” when they performed to try and get them off stage. The only people who gave them a damn were SE Asians and Chinese who abandoned their own culture and are ashamed of being Chinese- which is the saddest of all.

        • Torch says:

          That’s hilarious and there are quite a few filipina nurses who are in the ‘cult of koreans’ and they work in hospitals in the USA. They worship korean people too.

          • wendy says:

            A lot of filipino nurses in New Zealand too. They’ve even taken over all the medlabs because they’re cheaper, but their service sucks. Wish I could go to another but they’re ALL FILLED WITH FILIPINO NURSES.

            • Geoff says:

              Why are filipinas in Kiwiand when there aren’t even any American GIs or Korean-farmers for them to marry?

  14. gtl says:

    Nana is ridiculous gorgeous but her singing is meh…..

    The song is so addictive

  15. kylie says:

    Just like the ladyboys in Bangkok, but with worse hair and more fake cutesy.

  16. DIA says:

    It’s okay. Better than that craptastic song they put out last time…forgot the name…

    • Torch says:

      It was called “i’m really young, CEO-ajhussis choose me for your sexy-waitressing” if I recall. It was a cover of a song performed by that suzy person.

  17. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Nana looks amazing!
    I love the song!!

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