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“Clash of the Families” is a smash hit!

What happens when a (politically liberal) cartoonist (Song Sae-byeok) falls for a conservative fan (Lee Si-young)? A war between the families begins!

The romantic comedy, set in the 1980s, is about political views and regions separating a Romeo and Juliet’s love. “Clash of the Families” was number one at the box office this week!  After debuting on March 31st in 596 theatres nationwide, 686,547 movie goers ran to get their first glimpse of the topsy-turvy love.

Korean movies are back on top at the box office this week. Colin Firth’s royal hit film “The King’s Speech” was second this week with 98,344 people. The third place slot went to actress Belen Reuda’s Spanish thriller “Julia’s Eyes” with 89,382 people.

Korea has already been swept away in forbidden funny love….Will you be watching the anti-family reunion movie “Clash of the Families”?

Sources: Sports Donga,Hancinema, and mayries13 (youtube)


10 Comments on ““Clash of the Families” is a smash hit!”

  1. King Pop says:

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    This moron is so angry and jealous because K-Pop & Korean Entertainment culture (Korean Wave) has become so popular all over Asia.
    That’s why this idiot is attacking K-Pop, Korean Entertainment and South Korea.

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    • Geoff says:

      SPAM much?

    • Geoff says:

      Rory should be really angry at you, because you basically just killed this thread, in comparison to myself who makes threads really popular and interesting.

      Put that in your VANK-pipe and smoke it.

      • woo says:

        u make a fool out of urself. thats it.
        and u do it compulsively so im guessing ur part of popseoul staff which is most pathetic thing since bon jovi claimed to be a rocker

      • Geoff's nightmare says:

        Hey dude-who-hates-all-this-but-cares-enough-AND-KNOWS-ENOUGH-to-comment-on-everything, i know it’s all immaterial to you, but somewhere in your fun tirades, you crossed the line into being deeply offensive. you’re not even attacking the posts anymore, you’re attacking the people. people are offended by your racism, your backwards generalizations, your unwarranted provocation that all hurt on a very fundamentally human level. that you even think these things is YOUR business, but to come on here where people are peacefully trying to have some fun at the end of their long days, and for you to step all over that just because something rubs you the wrong way? that’s HARASSMENT. and it becomes OUR business now.

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        i don’t even care if or what you reply to this– it’s ON.
        just remember, you made your bed.

        we’re gonna get you, asshole. i DARE YOU to call us half of the things you call us when i finally find out who you are. *excited*

      • woo says:

        unfortunately…the only thing popular abt u is ur ignorance. still makes u popular though….

        p.s u know what they say…..big ego, small penis 🙂

        life is gonna be so good for u man! off the internet that is.

  2. kellie says:

    I want to see this! It looks hilarious and I love Lee Si Young!

  3. 0330 says:

    i like lee si young since we got married.
    i wanna watch this movie.

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Is she still boxing?
    I hear many news about that…. I heard that she won and she’s going to go up to the next level to win another tournament or something…. idk……

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