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[MV] 4minute ask “Mirror, Mirror”

Who is the prettiest of them all?

While I’m sure we all have our own answers, the music video answers that question definitively. 4minute just released their new MV for “Mirror, Mirror,” and while some may be disappointed that it doesn’t contain the same imagery as the teasers, it gets the job done.

As usual, the girls get to show off their fierce, yet fabulous side in this MV with their powerful dancing. With their fresh new hairstyles and coloring, it is not wonder there are so many lingering narcissistic looks and petting of the many mirrored surfaces in the MV.


58 Comments on “[MV] 4minute ask “Mirror, Mirror””

  1. King Pop says:

    People, just ignore any negative, ignorant, racist, insulting, stupid comments from Chequebook, Plaster, Cake, Box, WheelOfCheese, Wood, Torch, Geoff & many other names etc. etc. etc. (all same person with multiple names). This moron is actually replying to his/her own comments using multiple names, pretending to be someone else…How pathetic!

    There’s a difference between expressing your opinion and just being ignorant, racist, insulting & stupid…

    Don’t even bother…Don’t respond…

    This moron is so angry and jealous because K-Pop & Korean Entertainment Culture (Korean Wave) has become so popular all over Asia, especially in China and Japan.
    That’s why this idiot is attacking K-Pop, Korean Entertainment and South Korea.

    Just ignore this FOOL!!! Just feel sorry for this person and move on!

  2. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    ga yoon is forever awesome!

  3. Yuh says:

    Mirror mirror why is Hyuna always in front when she is the weakest.

  4. Jules says:

    i dont know much about them… but the middle one seems to be the prettiest…

  5. missy says:

    all girl groups sound the same nowadays….
    I swear each of these girls looks like someone from another girl group, one of the other 50 million girl groups….

    • ashley says:

      so true I was thinking that to myself yesterday, when I saw them the only one that stands out is the girl with the blond and brownish hair because her face looks different from the rest of the group.

  6. gtl says:

    It sounds like she is saying 4minute sluts in the beginning and the song is garbage.

    Their formula is soooo boring and stale

    • Dan says:

      All of these girl groups follow the same formula, so that could apply to any of the 50 million girl groups out there.

      • Geoff says:

        “Hi there, it looks like you’re talking about formulaic K-pop groups basically designed for CEO-ajhussis to fap to”

        • Geoff's nightmare says:

          Hey dude-who-hates-all-this-but-cares-enough-AND-KNOWS-ENOUGH-to-comment-on-everything, i know it’s all immaterial to you, but somewhere in your fun tirades, you crossed the line into being deeply offensive. you’re not even attacking the posts anymore, you’re attacking the people. people are offended by your racism, your backwards generalizations, your unwarranted provocation that all hurt on a very fundamentally human level. that you even think these things is YOUR business, but to come on here where people are peacefully trying to have some fun at the end of their long days, and for you to step all over that just because something rubs you the wrong way? that’s HARASSMENT. and it becomes OUR business now.

          you think that will go by unattended? I got a really good friend to find out your real-world whereabouts. my friend? he’s kind of amazing. and because you’re so damn thoughtless and crass, i will not lose a wink of sleep knowing that i have finally HAD it with you racism, and have finally made a way to make a faceless bastard like you responsible for the shit you insist on rubbing on our faces. you think, it’s the internet, so you won’t be held responsible for your discourtesy? we don’t deserve the shit you type, man. you’re obviously smart, coz you push really good buttons, but does it matter to you that they actually very much hurt some people?
          yunno, i don’t care what your answer to that is. the moment i get wind of who you are, i’m sending someone to erm.. take proper action. 😀 you don’t get to step on other people’s fun when they’re not doing anything to hurt you. you don’t get to get away with that. you’re the one who thoughtlessly poked fun at people you thought deserved it, and with them, you put down people who were just innocently trying to be part of a good community here.

          i don’t even care if or what you reply to this– it’s ON.
          just remember, you made your bed.

          we’re gonna get you, asshole. i DARE YOU to call us half of the things you call us when i finally find out who you are. *excited*

          • King Pop says:

            Just ignore this fool! What’s the point.

            But if you do find any info, post it, like IP address, location, you might even find this person’s home address & number.

            • Geoff's nightmare says:

              i have half of that already! i’ll let you guys know! *excited* i know i’m not the only one who’s been feeling upset about this guy’s comments. i’m very annoyed, but also deeply offended.

              • Dan says:

                Out of curiosity, what exactly do you hope to accomplish with this info? Even if you manage to stop Geoff, how do you know that someone else won’t write racist comments on here? lol

                • Geoff's nightmare says:

                  no, let’s leave it at being called “proper action”. he’s thoughtless. fact. and what would YOU do to thoughtless people? hmm..

                  there have been other racist comment on all communities i’ve been to before, and will no doubt see much much more, but no one’s as vigilantly narrow-minded as this guy. let’s just say.. he crossed a line. i’m all for tolerance, but tolerating crossed lines just makes you a doormat. if he can be vigilant about stomping all over my rights, i can e vigilant about preserving them too.

                • Geoff's nightmare says:

                  right, Geoff? 😀

                • Enoch says:

                  Sorry, I was just on the phone to the police advising them that someone was making clear and direct threats against my life on an internet website. Sorry, what did you say about spending the rest of your life with a criminal record and unable to get a job? I don’t think we heard you, can you repeat ‘exactly’ what you were intending on doing just so we’re perfectly clear. Thanks.

                  • Geoff's nightmare says:

                    haha, against your… life? let the police come and read this! no threats against your life here. 🙂 HARASSMENT, ON THE OTHER HAND— VERY EVIDENT. 🙂

                  • Geoff's nightmare says:

                    yes, let the police come! the more i think about it, the more excited i become! this is one of those times i’m so glad the parents pushed me to be a lawyer. 🙂 yes!

                  • Geoff's nightmare says:

                    do you know about the The Communications Decency Act (CDA) ….do you know how many minors comment on here that you’ve verbally trashed? ..yeah, should’ve given that more thought, huh? 🙂

                  • Geoff's nightmare says:

                    *glee* …..i say this with relish: IT’S CALLED ACCOUNTABILITY, YOU CHILD.

                  • Geoff's nightmare says:

                    and you know what the funny thing is? i’m not even one of the people you’ve insulted. but preserving human dignity is EVERYBODY’S honor and duty. so here i am. hell yeah, i’m ready for this legal tussle, if there should be one. ….so sad for you that an “ignorant” human rights activist like me should have accidentally happened upon Dream High and loved it, wasn’t it? hahahahahahahaha

                  • Enoch says:


                  • Geoff's nightmare says:

                    also, hey– get ready to shell out for those legal bills! i *hear* lawyers are expensive. hahahaha!

                  • Geoff's nightmare says:

                    where’s the police, Geoff? in a bit, i’m gonna have your name, and then, i’m taking proper action against your internet activities. GOD, how i wish you had more to say than “yawn”, it’s not fun when someone who had so much bark turns out to not have one good bite in them. talk about *yawn*. LOL

                  • Enoch says:

                    Gosh, when did popseoul get so serious?

                  • Geoff's nightmare says:

                    JUST NOW, honey. after you accidentally pushed your foot
                    in your mouth too far. 😛

                    seriously, censor yourself, fool. just coz it’s the internet, doesn’t mean you can be an unthinking idiot.

                  • Enoch says:

                    Fair comment. So can we all be friends again and play nicely?

        • Geoff's nightmare says:

          now: your next post will contain some sort of apology towards the people you’ve insulted. they didn’t deserve your motor mouth. what did they ever do to hurt you, that you could step on them like that? indos? filos? viets? malays? … i bet they’d love an apology from you.

          you will gather whatever humanity you still have and you WILL issue some form of apology, or i will make good on my warning. i deal with the law everyday, i’m not afraid to drag this out.

          • Enoch says:

            You can all have your apology, and you can one thing better, I’ll go and not return to this place and it’ll return to it’s boring state before I was here with about 1 comment. Happy now?

            • Geoff's nightmare says:

              i never asked you to leave. you’re provocative and you write well. shame you had to use it the way you did, though. how about you play with more tact, even if you do still carry the twisted opinions that you have. we’ll settle for tact and a little humanity, see.

            • Dan says:

              This is way out of character for you lol We’ve read enough of your comments to know that you wouldn’t give up this easily.

              • Geoff's nightmare says:

                i wouldn’t mind that. i’m kind of extremely vigilant. and i’m a man of my word. …Dan.

                lol, do you want me to email you in a bit so that you know i’m serious?

                • Dan says:

                  I’m just saying, this guy is arguing every day on this site. Internet trolls don’t give up easily.

                  • Geoff's nightmare says:

                    i’m on here every day too. i don’t mind. also, i’m not asking a lot of him, just some more decency. i thiiiink he can do that.
                    i’m serious about my warnings to him, anyway. serious as a heat attack. so… i guess… we’ll see. i wish he’d stop the foul language and the racism, so that he’d get to participate in an actual debate about things. he seems quite smart!

                    • Dan says:

                      you don’t know how trolls work then lol
                      If I may, I will play devil’s advocate. If he didn’t come off trying to be racist and offensive, a lot of his post would make more sense. For example:
                      1. Most of the international fanbase for idols is in south east asia, or as he calls it “indovietmalyapinay land”. Why do you think idol groups only perform there? I know anecdotal evidence won’t be useful, however I have met plenty of south east asians who are really despearate to marry a korean male. You go to any k-pop forum and it’s the same thing. K-pop fans in general have this weird sense of loyalty towards towards idols. He is right when he says you’re not going to see any SE Asians in idol groups for a long time. At the end of the day, the idol industry is a business. These idols exist for the sole purpose of making the agency a lot of money making mediocre music.

                      2. A lot of times, yes it does seem like the only thing idols have to offer are cute girls in booty shorts and short skirts and androgynous men dancing around on stage. I think deep down, most fans know that the idol industry is manufactured and formulaic. How do you think so many females are getting into groups? It’s not because of talent. It wouldn’t surprise me the number of female idols who had to do indecent things with CEOs or high ranking company officials in order to get into groups. There’s a reason why hostess bars are popular with older korean men. Any time a major company has an audition, look at the number of people willing to sell their souls for fame and glory.

                      End of playing devil’s advocate.

                    • maria says:

                      i agree. he’s provocative! and he’ says it like it is— now, if he would just go wash his mouth out, he can go back to sharing his awesome ideas with us!

                  • Geoff's nightmare says:

                    also, i will literally unmask him and take him from being an internet troll to a person with a CDA record in real life.
                    so he can go ahead and re-troll if he wants to risk it. just sayin;.

              • toph says:

                He’s obiously seriously fearful of his welfare!
                That’s what you get for being a basement dirty keyboard warrior. The absence of ‘balls’ in real life is highly evident

              • Geoff's nightmare says:

                you know i agree with your little devil’s advocate speech. truth is, i hit my limit not really because of what he’s been saying, but HOW he’s been saying them.
                also, i see how much credit you give people who *troll*… just remember that they’re all just people too (with a lot of time on their hands), who persevere and work hard at something. good people can do that too. the difference is HOW they use their hard work and perseverance. you know what– don’t even take my word for it. if Geoff/YOU doesn’t (don’t adhere to our deal, i’ll just show you how persevering and patient normal people can be too!

                today, i got your possible names listed within the radius of your IP address. see i don’t say things i don’t mean. and i’m a man of my word. i think even though i don’t wreak havoc around these parts like trolls do, i think that deserves some credit as well, if only insomuch as it detracts from the credit you give people who misappropriate their perseverance.
                people who mean well can be vigilant too.

                • Dan says:

                  I understand. You’re wrong if you think I don’t agree with you on how his comments come across. I’ve seen plenty of racist comments on the internet.

  7. Sique says:

    I love their MV releasing continuously.
    I hope they dominant Charts.
    4Minute, Go on, I love you forever.

  8. HUUH says:

    I don’t think this their best song! I don’t like it very much!!!–__–“

  9. addikan says:

    i dont like it. i think heart to heart is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better!

  10. yuna says:

    Another bunch of Illuminati sl*ts.

  11. ara says:

    ga yoon is cool. she has a good voice.
    never listen to 4minute before, heard ga yoon duet with yo seob (if that’s the same ga yoon), and totally like it.

  12. King Pop says:

    @ Geoff’s Nightmare, Thank you for your effort…As Korean, I was offended and annoyed…

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      I know same here. I’m korean as well, and i get really offended by his stupid comments. He’s so rude

      • Geoff's nightmare says:

        i have a list of his possible name with me already, but since we ended the conversation amicably, i’ll just hold on to this until he rears his ugly head again. let’s just be glad we don’t have to put up with his choice of vocabulary anymore, and just try to enjoy the site, so it doesn’t die like he predicts! i hope he comes back after washing his mouth though– he had some good points!

  13. […] [MV] 4minute ask “Mirror, Mirror” | […]

  14. kpop says:

    OMG! I’m so glad to read that the TROLL will now face legal actions.
    Geoff’s Nightmare, thanks a lot!

  15. kpop says:

    I’m not Korean, but I’m hurt when this TROLL said bad things about Koreans and other Asians.

  16. truesay says:

    This is really cringe-worthy. Schizophrenic song with no direction, non-sensical lyrics, and dance moves that disturb and offend me (hyun-ah grinding/humping the floor like a stripper??!?!?). VERY BAD COMEBACK. No doubt the proles will enjoy -___-

  17. in young says:

    thank god hyunah had almost nothing to least lines in this video, time for the rest to shine! though the song was really forgettable imo.. -.-

  18. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I love the part when they say 거울아 거울아, 거울아 거울아, 내 거울아~
    Except, i think the knee part with Hyuna was a bit too much… rest was good~

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