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Will Brian Joo be banned?

The Fly To The Sky member may have flown a little too far in the wrong direction.

“It Ended Amidst Love” is the now solo artist’s upcoming album title. The risqué teaser for his newest single is not 3rdWave,TV, or child appropriate.The short video clip shows the singer engaging in clubbing, kissing, and all the usual things that make up a great hip hop video.

What happens when you include these elements and you are a Jellyfish artist? You come under fire, scruitny, and an underwater fish!

Watch Brian Joo‘s first of two teasers and try to decipher if this video will make a peaceful debut on television networks.

“It Ended Amidst Love” [the mini album] will be released on April 7th.

Brian:”[My] Comeback performances will be on 4/7’s Mcountdown, 4/8 KBS Music Bank & 4/10 SBS Popular Song”

Sources: Nate,TV Daily, @Brianjoomuzik and kikitokiboom (Youtube)


46 Comments on “Will Brian Joo be banned?”

  1. King Pop says:

    People, just ignore any negative, ignorant, stupid comments from Chequebook, Plaster, Cake, Box, WheelOfCheese, Wood, Torch & many other names etc. etc. etc. (all same person with multiple names). This moron is actually replying to his/her own comments using multiple names, pretending to be someone else…How pathetic!

    There’s a difference between expressing your opinion and just being ignorant, racist, insulting & stupid…

    Don’t even bother…Don’t respond…

    This moron is so angry and jealous because K-Pop & Korean Entertainment Culture (Korean Wave) has become so popular all over Asia, especially in China and Japan.
    That’s why this idiot is attacking K-Pop, Korean Entertainment and South Korea.

    Just ignore this FOOL!!! Just feel sorry for this person and move on!

  2. Geoff says:

    Brian Joo isn’t Korean, so what does it matter?

  3. Kaori says:

    brian is KOREAN idiot.
    and whats the big deal?
    i mean the scene where he hits the girl is spot on!
    we all know korean men are raging “chris browns” once they get that soju in their system.

    • risadark says:

      he’s actually an american citizen, and born in america, his heritage is korean.
      (you can’t say black people in america are african, just cuz their ancestors came from africa)

      so i cuz he’s american korean.

      I love it though. he kills the girl he loves, and then goes crazy, and probably kills more random girls. It reminds me of the GUY WHO NEVER AGED, BUT THE PAINTING DID. he killed the girl he loves, and then debauchery acts became his life..

      finally a REAL Korean MV
      I wanna see. they better not bann it.

      • orange_fun says:

        What!? you can call black in american african or specifically african american.

        • risadark says:

          i’m half black, and I’ve never been called african american. just Black. because white people are afraid of being called racist, on tv they say something else. black people and africans look 100% different. that’s like saying all asians are Chinese cuz a long time ago they all may have come from china.

          when I apply to COLLEGE, it said…
          when I apply for scholarships it said…
          when I get driver license it said///

          BLACK AMERICAN () <- american
          AFRICAN AMERICAN () <- from africa

          (those are two different things, cuz they know black people aren't african)

          black people go: I'm black
          african people go: I'm from africa

          brian joo :
          I'm American, but my family came from Korea.

          It's complicated. I don't understand why people mix up being african and black.

          • Dood says:

            You’s African American just like how I’s Asian American.

          • orange_fun says:

            I’m half balck too and i have been called african american many times and many other black people would agree that they are african american. Now if your talking about people who are black, but are cuban, puerto rican, or domincan then thats something different, but most likely their ancestors were from africa.

            • Geoff says:

              I’m not half-black and most people call me white. Do half-black people love fried chicken too?

            • risa_dark says:

              nope, i’m black from the american slaves. butt eh apst is the past.

              but I wonder, when you go to college, are you black american or african american, because they make you pick. I’m black, and have no ties to africa.

              but then i’m also british, does that make me british american, but i’m also swedish, does that make me swedish american, and legally i’m cherokee indian does that make me american indian americans.

              all I’m saying is I hate how black people hate being called black. I call white people white.

              i’ll never understand black people thinking they’re african, because we look different and we are different.

              just political propaganda.

              • Dood says:

                You can be whatever the hell you want to be. If you’re ancestors are part British, then be a dang Brit. You just refuse to be from Africa but you need to accept it because your ancestors are from there. Of course you look different because your blood has been mixed with all other blood, but you still have ancestors from Africa so you need to stop hating on them.

              • Geoff says:

                Do half-black people go to the same university as Dr Huxtable and his wife where only black people are allowed on campus?

              • orange_fun says:

                I never heard of the term “black american” and I happen to go to a historically black college and they consider us both black and african american. and what do you mean by you’re black from the american slave? Do you mean the slaves that were taken from africa and brought to american? Don’t take this the wrong way, but are you really black? Your comments doesn’t really sound like they come from someone with a positive view on black people.

          • Brian says:

            a lot of true Africans who live in America and are from Africa don’t want to be called black. They prefer African

        • Dan says:

          they’re only african american if they are from africa and they moved to the US. if they were born and raised in the US, they’re american. it doesn’t matter if you’re korean, japanese, etc.

          • Geoff says:

            This Brian Joo should get busy being American and stop pretending to be Korean when he’s not.

            He didn’t even do his military duty like ALL KOREAN MALES are legally required to do. I guess he didn’t do his military duty because he’s not a Korean male, he’s an american. FACT.

            • slicka says:

              I wouldn’t say he was Korean if he had spent all of his life in America and maybe visited his country of origin once or twice in his life to visit family (if at all). But from what I can tell, he has been there numerous times for many years, heck he’s even a celebrity in his country of origin, speaks the language, etc.. He grew up knowing the culture and participating in it.

              As for the military service, he’s lucky that he gets to choose, which is how it should be. I’m not Korean, but I find the forced military service to be a bit harsh. War should never be the answer, and training people to be killing machines is wrong.

    • Geoff says:

      Kaori, just so you know you just called him a korean idiot.

  4. orange_fun says:

    If girl groups are allowed to prance around in almost nothing costumes, then brian should be allowed to have his serious acting. Brian Joo, stay awesome.

  5. benny says:

    I really don’t see what the big deal is; the only part which am skeptical about is him hitting the woman; but of course its fictional and he is telling a story; If you compare it to some hip hop videos its tame.

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  7. yurin .. says:

    I don’t see any wrong .. I think it will be a great mv . can’t wait to see . i think you should wait and see the full MV and then judge BRAIN.
    Hwaitting oppa ..

  8. yurin .. says:

    I like the scene when he take the mask off and injuries himself ..

  9. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    whoa! so cool! she breaks your heart , u hit her u cry in the bathtub while bawling, u put on a mask and ur personality changes? u look really cool i applaud you! over here that makes u a gemini or a pussy. *sigh* no respect. smh

  10. k-popfollower says:

    As I was watching the MV I was saying “This won’t get…” just as he slaps the girl. Then I said, “This is going to get banned!” If they can ban GD&TOP’s Knockout, then this will get banned a lot easier. I still wish Brian Joo well. I like him he’s a really sweet guy.

  11. Joo Mi says:

    What I dont get is girl groups are able to kill and torture the men in their mvs but men cant retalliate? Be fair and leave Chris Brown out of this no one knows the real story. Ike Turner is a better example ^^ Leave Brian alone not everyone in Korea North or South is a saint it’s life so just breathe.

  12. krisni says:

    whoah, that’s so cool! Powerful, I mean. It’s like a trailer to a horror movie. I was kinda freaked out by the blood, but if they can edit that out, I would be frustrated if this gets banned.

  13. abundanttempest says:

    I was surprised and taken aback when I saw the teaser. But knowing how Brian is, I’m willing to see the MV and hear the song in context before I make a decision. I thought it might be like a Jekyll & Hyde kind of thing. We’ll see. And I know Brian worked really hard on this MV. It would be a shame if people won’t give it a chance.

  14. Dovey says:

    In Korea, I guess this might be a bit too risque? But we’ll just have to wait and see.

  15. gtl says:

    He will be banned since it is getting more strict with the censoring even music videos from other countries are okay. I once LADY GAGA love game on tv here and people were not phased.

  16. queenbznuts says:

    Doesn’t the first picture look like a bad parody of Eyes Wide Shut?

    • Geoff says:

      There isn’t any Tom Cruise preaching his Scientologicalisms and creeping the living furk out of people in the top photo.

  17. aneshaesz says:

    PEOPLE !
    he isn’t idiot. Only you are idiot.
    – firstly: maybe hi’s Korean boy or maybe not. Yet it isn’t important. [With the rest, I personally believe that he is certainly a Korean as you can see it in his beauty / appearance ..]
    – secondly : it is only MV ! Maybe he hits a woman there, but that’s just because this video is based on the text of the song. I believe Brian is a good guy and in fact never would hit a woman .
    People should never judge by the pictures, behavior, etc. What do you really know about Brian? Nothing ! So don’t judge him only after that MV! He don’t deserve bad rating, really .

    PS. Jakie znaczenie ma kolor skóry człowieka i czy on jest np. koreanem czy nie bo się urodził w Ameryce ? to wy jesteście idiotami !

  18. RiceCakes says:

    I’m fine with this mv. lol

  19. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Whoa it’s sorta like… umm… Phantom of the Opera…? i think that’s what it is called….
    But i don’t understand when you said “Hip Hop video”….
    In the video, it doesn’t sound like hip hop……

  20. oi says:

    it is an MV, so it is OK to hit a woman??

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