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Woo Hye-rim’s childhood photo becomes a hot topic

The Wonder Girls member tweeted a photo of herself as a child on April 3rd. Below was her caption:

“I found this photo of me when I was little :)”

Netizens expressed their jealousy of the cute little girl and now pretty young woman. They also acknowledged her au naturale look. Here are some of their twitter messages:

“aww!!! sooooo adorable!

You are so adorable and exactly the same! Your face not changed! Cute! Cuter! Cutest!

lim you look the same but prettier 🙂 wonder girls <33333″

The love of Lim continues to grow! I would have to agree with them about her natural appearance. She is a proud young girl who has rejected the extreme plastic-over.

What is your opinion about her pictures?

Sources: @WG_Lim and MyDaily


28 Comments on “Woo Hye-rim’s childhood photo becomes a hot topic”

  1. King Pop says:

    People, just ignore any negative, ignorant, racist, insulting, stupid comments from Chequebook, Plaster, Cake, Box, WheelOfCheese, Wood, Torch, Geoff & many other names etc. etc. etc. (all same person with multiple names). This moron is actually replying to his/her own comments using multiple names, pretending to be someone else…How pathetic!

    There’s a difference between expressing your opinion and just being ignorant, racist, insulting & stupid…

    Don’t even bother…Don’t respond…

    This moron is so angry and jealous because K-Pop & Korean Entertainment Culture (Korean Wave) has become so popular all over Asia, especially in China and Japan.
    That’s why this idiot is attacking K-Pop, Korean Entertainment and South Korea.

    Just ignore this FOOL!!! Just feel sorry for this person and move on!

  2. ara says:

    big eyes and huge smile, indeed. 😀

  3. jasmine says:

    nothing changed, she is a natural beauty 🙂

  4. Eunsoo says:

    She was cuter when she was young but now, ok I guess.

  5. Jj says:

    well its good that she rejected plastic surgery.. shes really cute!

  6. ashley says:

    very petty and an natural beauty, just like the rest of the WGs too……but I think she would look a little better if her lips Werner so thin

  7. Sharpie says:

    ehhh she’s nowhere near as good as sunmi. she’s uglier and less talented

    • huh says:

      how long are you still going be bitching about sunmi leaving? get over it..its not the end of the moves on..lim is beautiful inside and out

      • Eunsoo says:

        people really need to move on, let’s not get into arguments about sunmi. she’s gone and life moves on

  8. Joo Mi says:

    She’s so ugly then and now who let her into wondergirls? she can go die so the rest of the pretty girls in wondergirls can shine without her ugly untalented ass.

  9. Dovey says:

    She’s pretty the way she is. ^^

  10. NDHB says:

    All these people are told to get a life because they are voicing what they really think, not everything is agreeable in this world so don’t jump on them. There’s no sign on this post or any other that says only fans can respond. If they miss Soo Mi and or think they Hye Rim is ugly and untalented it’s their opinion just like saying she’s pretty and talented they are no facts only opinons.
    As for getting a life and caring those that actually have time to sit around and bash others for going against the mainstream really need to find better employment for entertainment.

    • ana says:

      There’s a difference between giving an opinion and blatantly bashing and being malicious, which is what people who call Hye Lim f*cking ugly and should die are doing. If they were to be civil in voicing their disagreement with her appearance and talent, then I would understand; but using foul language and threatening her is not voicing an opinion.

      • ashley says:

        well it doesn’t really matter because it’s not like she will even read this post so if people hate her let them, she will still remain in the Wonder Girls anyways.

        • ana says:

          Of course it matters! It’s called having common sense and courtesy.

          I’m amazed at how brave people become when they’re on internet forums; they seem to think that the anonymity means there are no rules or manners that apply, which is wrong.

          • ashley says:

            oh, well people are still going to hate her and say mean things and there is nothing you can really do about it but just pay no attention to them or try to defend her but that won’t stop the haters form commenting sorry….

            • ana says:

              No, I understand what you’re saying. 🙂

              I’m just saying it’s too bad people don’t seem to have manners when they comment on forums.

  11. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Wow she looks the same

  12. chelai xoo says:

    what’s the difference huh ? 😦

  13. Born28 says:

    TO hell with all the haters she is a gorgeous woman and still making more money than all the collective bashers lol…. wouldn’t you like to be a wonderful too!

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