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Kim Hyun-joong’s Hallyu Wave washes over Lotte Duty Free

The SS501 leader/KEYEAST talent has signed yet another endorsement deal. Mop top Hyun-joong is one of the new models for the Lotte Duty Free Shop.[ Lotte is one of the largest duty free shops in Korea. It prides itself on supplying luxury goods to Koreans and tourists using around 500 companies.] This time the luxury “good” is the flower boy’s posters plastered all over to help boost sales.

Last month (March), he recorded an upbeat and Springy song entitled “So, I’m Loving You” as well as filmed CFs and print ads for the shop. Lotte expressed to the press that Kim Hyun-joong’s immense popularity abroad will have a greater synergy when they place him with their current outstanding celebrity models.

Why does he need another modeling contract? The FlowerKissed fans can not get enough of their favorite singer/actor ….and who wouldn’t want another Kim Hyun-joong poster!

Source: Sports Korea


34 Comments on “Kim Hyun-joong’s Hallyu Wave washes over Lotte Duty Free”

  1. Juniestar says:

    Looking forward to seeing posters of KHJ around the duty free shop (is it only in Korea that Lotte has duty free shops ? Hope they have it too in Brisbane ,Au or LAX s

  2. Konstance says:

    KJH eyes seem lack of life and vigor, what happen? I kinda look closely to his picture & sadly to say the spark is missing.

  3. mia says:

    Woaahhh…. another deal! He’s so gorgeous, though i don’t like that hair style on him.
    His posters from all kinds of advertises are all over the places in Seoul, up on the highrise, down in the subway, in front of shops, and flowing thru the traffic as on the bus… Oh my!

    • Konstance says:

      Display all over the places that’s kinda over. He’s overly exploited and exposed by his co. He probably like enjoy the focus of all the public /media attentions. Hope he’s happy.

      • genome says:

        lol* which star doesn’t? constant exposure is important to maintaining your presence in the eyes of the public. and it’s not every star that gets this kinda deal, only those who have achieved certain weightage and popularity. at the end of the day, it’s just work. if he’s doing well, jolly good for him. if he’s not, then hope he works harder.

  4. Cran says:

    At first I thought I didn’t like this hairstyle…but the more I look at it, the more attractive it gets! hahaha… I must admit I am totally into this new hairstyle for KHJ… Not overly wavy, and not too straight. Any more wavier would not be good. I love this pic! Thanks for sharing!

  5. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    KHJ! wah! s handsome!

  6. Christy says:

    Move over Geun Suk, now I’m so smitten with Hyun Joong. He’s pretty yet manly. 🙂

  7. queenbqty says:

    Go, Leader, go! Stay gorgeous and keep getting paid!

  8. jin says:

    cant wait for hs comeback

  9. phoenix10 says:

    AWW!! The most GORGEOUS AND STYLISH GUY ON EARTH.. Why did GOD make you so PERFECT!!

    He can definitely carry off any fashion and any hairstyle.. Even this Mop Top.. LOL.

    Always love you, Leader.

  10. atweeg says:

    now i hope Lotte Free Shop is not just in Korea so i can see Hyun Joong’s poster at all the airport around world.
    waiting for his come back!!!

  11. ara says:

    the hair is just so… so…. so… fit him. i don’t know. he looks so good in that. less boring (i’m sorry) then his straight “cool” guy style before.

    loving it !

  12. o0o_tripleS_o0o says:

    love oppa so much!:)

  13. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


  14. crazMAL says:

    wow… Hyun joong you’re getting more popular worldwide ;p saranghaeyo oppa!

  15. chelai xoo says:

    wuh!!! what a face ? chuwa ♥

  16. mia says:

    Woahh… Hello there, gorgeous!

  17. maria says:

    guuuuuuurl, dat hair. O_o

  18. Twirly says:

    He looks fabulous! No…no… He’s utterly delicious! Hahaha… Can I tk him home pls? 😛

  19. Wazzup says:

    Another good news! Yipee!!!

  20. benny says:

    I like him as an actor. But seriously though how old is this dude.

  21. NotchaChingu says:

    HJ has some of the most beautiful man-hair I have ever seen. So thick and healthy looking. Plus his new nose is not bad.

  22. Parrtee says:

    new nose? nah.. i definitely think it’s an old nose – hv often come across pics of him in younger days to now, and it’s the same old nose. bugger it, but this guy is just too perfect! he’s even prettier than most girls!

  23. Kasey says:

    He looks tired in away, maybe it’s just the picture, though it looks good it appears overworked. Will love and support him no matter what I hope his health is not in jeopardy.

  24. fabbie says:

    he’s looking more and more FABULOUS + MANLY! I likeeee!!! no.. I LOVE!!!!!

  25. […] about working double time – earning a degree and being a full-time idol. People already have a hard enough time keeping up with one thing, and Kim Hyun-joong is doing […]

  26. […] about working double time – earning a degree and being a full-time idol. People already have a hard enough time keeping up with one thing, and Kim Hyun-joong is doing […]

  27. tenzin says:

    wow oppa u look so cute.

  28. […] about working double time – earning a degree and being a full-time idol. People already have a hard enough time keeping up with one thing, and Kim Hyun-joong is doing […]

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