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Kim Tae-hee captures 25ans’ heart!

In February, “My Princess” actress, Kim Tae-hee, signed with top Japanese agency Sweet Power. In March, she appeared for the first time on Japan’s 25 ans cover. Now, the 30-something-year- old actress in hotter than ever with her success aboard!

Kim Tae-hee is the first Korean actress to sign a deal to be a Japanese magazine’s cover girl for 12 months! 25 ans has inked an agreement with Tae-hee to appear on all of their mag covers until February of 2012.  Her agency announced the news to the press on March 5th.

Her pretend royal highness is ruling K-dramas, Song Seung-heon’s heart, and the covers of 25ans! Where will she appear next….the British royal wedding? I wonder if they allow make-believe royalty in.

Source: Sports Donga


26 Comments on “Kim Tae-hee captures 25ans’ heart!”

  1. King Pop says:

    People, just ignore any negative, ignorant, racist, insulting, stupid comments from Enoch, Chequebook, Plaster, Cake, Box, WheelOfCheese, Wood, Torch, Geoff & many other names etc. etc. etc. (all same person with multiple names). This moron is actually replying to his/her own comments using multiple names, pretending to be someone else…How pathetic!

    There’s a difference between expressing your opinion and just being ignorant, racist, insulting & stupid…

    Don’t even bother…Don’t respond…

    This moron is so angry and jealous because K-Pop & Korean Entertainment Culture (Korean Wave) has become so popular all over Asia, especially in China and Japan.
    That’s why this idiot is attacking K-Pop, Korean Entertainment and South Korea.

    Just ignore this FOOL!!! Just feel sorry for this person and move on!

    • micha says:

      UGH! Stop with this already! We get it: ignore the troll! But, do you have to post this on every damn article here?!

  2. Enoch says:

    I see that you people are actually trying to ruin PopSeoul. This is your reaction to people having opposing opinions to VANK? Gosh, PopSeoul cannot be happy with you. Not one little bit.

    • woo says:

      actually the low self esteem chap that keeps posting here is very close to defamation.
      then again…if u had more than 3 functional brain cells u wldve figured that out urself.
      whats acceptable is opinion…not nonsense that u people pass off as facts.
      hobos like u who get on the internet and play with information to feel good about urselves….i’ve seen many….people whove failed at living in society.

    • Geoff's nightmare says:

      it’s easier to tolerate when people choose their words with more decency.. but you, you were like:
      contrasting opinion: check
      hog’s ass dirty, defamatory, abusive vocabulary: check.

      see what i mean?

  3. jnyarcalas says:

    Kim Tae Hee is Beautiful. 🙂
    I swear she hasn’t aged. XD

  4. xiaraqis says:

    She is beautiful~

  5. Eunsoo says:

    Love her fashion style^^

  6. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    kim tea hee she is so stunning! wow.

  7. ashley says:

    30 something? Wow she still looks like she’s 20 something to me lol

  8. lanwookie says:

    one of the most beutiful and charismatic korean actress…

  9. judy says:

    why would a mag put up the same girl on the cover for 12 months straight? even if she is gorgeous, wouldn’t you want some diversity?

  10. Jenny says:

    I haven’t seen her profile on the Sweet Power website(just Maki’s, Meisa’s and the other girls) I wonder how she will do in Japan especially because her links to a nationalistic organisation that is known to be anti-japanese ,she donates money to it.
    And how is her japanese ? Yoon Son Ha managed to have a career in Japan because she is fluent in the language.
    But good luck to her.

  11. Peri says:

    ..aww! Ive never been so proud! Go Tae Hee!! I wish for your success!!! Love you!

  12. alomecyde says:

    wow …. beautiful …. wish to be like her

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