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Rainbow teases with “To Me”

In trench coats and a sleek city look.

When I initially heard about Rainbow‘s comeback single “To Me and that they were working with Japanese DJ Daishi Dance, I was ECSTATIC because I LOVE Daishi Dance. I’ve never been all too impressed with Rainbow as they are a pretty generic girl group with slightly above average potential due to being under DSP Entertainment. DSP has producing really solid, catchy (yet not annoying) songs recently, and Rainbow’s list is no exception. When they came out with Mach,” I had it on constant replay and really didn’t mind that there was no MV released because the song was pure ear candy with great bass.

I have high hopes for “To Me” because Daishi Dance makes music magic and Rainbow could easily pull it off (like they did with “Mach”). Now enough of my gushing (I’m just teasing you too~), on to the teaser.

Showcasing 7 fresh new flavors, Rainbow do what they always do best, look good. If you could never tell them apart before, now you kinda can with their varied styles. No vocals here, but you can hear the dynamic piano melody that I always love to hear in Daishi Dance’s songs.

Nothing like looking fly and punching dudes in the face to get the hype going.

Look forward for their new album to drop on April 11th and live performances on April 7th.


8 Comments on “Rainbow teases with “To Me””

  1. ara says:

    trench coats looks good! yeah, they kind of hard to know who’s who.

    and based on your article here, i’d love to listen some of Daishi Dance. any advice which ?

    • e1leen0nt0fu says:

      Most of his songs are really good and all have a similar, yet always refreshing sound. I would recommend his mixes of Studio Ghibli movie songs, as they are familiar songs, but have his own twist on them.

      Here’s one of the songs, but really if you like this, all of them are good.

      Sometimes, he will feature vocalists with kinda melancholy sound, but his instrumentals are always superb.

      • ara says:

        Studio Ghibli ???? whoa…
        loving their Ponyo, Howl’s moving castle, etc. i even collect their movie from early 90’s (about that detective i forgot his name). Then Daishi Dance, here i come !

        thanks for the info.

        oh, yeah, and Maria, first watching Rainbow live singing “A”, that’s the first time i think one’s vocal group (or idol band) that doesn’t put image differenciacys to its member.

        i mean, at SNSD, they like 9 girls with (although manufactured to fit each of them perfectly) different personalities.
        and Ze-A (cmiiw), they have different styles , and even Co-Ed is easy to know who’s who (with those rainbow colored hair, etc)

        so it’s good to know that rainbow started it too.

    • e1leen0nt0fu says:

      Oh ya, if you didn’t already know, Daishi Dance helped produce Big Bang’s Haru Haru.

    • maria says:

      yeah true, they all look the same… O_o i honestly think this is the drawback to kpop.

  2. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Jaekyung looks so pretty

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