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2NE1 sings “Can’t Nobody” in English!

The official music video for their 2010 hit song “Can’t Nobody” was released by YG Entertainment on April 7th. The girls have been recording their international album for months and now their agency is finally giving us a taste of what to expect in the near future.

2NE1 worked with Black Eyed Peas (producer DJ Poet) and dinner is almost ready! Enjoy the girls’ first course of music above.

Are you ready for their American debut?

Source: 2NE1’s Official Youtube Channel


16 Comments on “2NE1 sings “Can’t Nobody” in English!”

  1. NDHB says:

    i dont see the point in turning dara into medusa

  2. d says:

    Fix the columns on the right. They overlap with the video. It’s just plain annoying and makes it such that I can’t click the youtube link to change my country since it’s not available in US apparently. (chrome, OSX)

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  4. johyn says:

    minzy 18 yet?

  5. kpop says:

    2NE1 is always awesome! Daebak!

  6. sweetgirl1990 says:

    wasn’t this released like a bunch of months ago. I remember seeing this already and got annoyed by the super autotune…

  7. Kaka Mirly says:


  8. Mee Eun says:

    isn’t this old? I actually heard this version before the original korean one, mainly because the title said “english” and i like understanding what I’m listening to T_T 😀

  9. H2O says:

    No, I’m not ready for their American debut and i bet most of the US is not either. They might as well not do it.

  10. ジーン says:

    I love 2ne1 but I don’t like the English version at all. I didn’t understand a thing they were singing (or was that the fault of autotuning?) The korean version was better. Why change it? o_O

  11. ifyouseekenna says:

    I remember watching this MV months ago. I think the Korean version is way more better.
    Dara’s part is funny. I can’t feel the fierce aura from her. She’s too cute. She also has the weakest voice among the members. Wish she could improve her singing voice. :))) But i like 2ne1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Zealot says:

    I agree with anyone who said this song is full of autotuning because, it is. And besides, there is only one person in this group with real talent and I do not know her name but she is the one not using autotuning. I believe people would refer to her part as the chorus…maybe? Anyway, she can make it on her own because as far as I can tell she carries this group too much.

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