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2pm’s Jun-su takes a bath….

on twitter!

2pm’s Jun-su tweeted his future plans right from the tub! The singer uploaded the photo above and this caption on April 7th.

“Leaving to kor soon …”

What did Hottests say about this bubbly view?

“OMG~ >w< Can i join you oppa. *blush”

“hwoaaa. hihi.. watch out oppa..bubbles attacks…!.. have a great bathtub time…^^”

“Clean your self oppa…..”

Put in your two soapy cents….What do you think about his bath time tweet?

Source: @Jun2daKAY


22 Comments on “2pm’s Jun-su takes a bath….”

  1. Konstance says:

    Make no sense to me? What is it all abt?

  2. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    i woould so love to run in and take the bubbles so he can start back over. i ❤ junsu! i ❤ the jun brothers!!!

  3. ashley says:

    why do I see two pears of feet in the tub?

  4. JundyuLover says:

    Such a tease! Why not take the whole body lol I really want to join him~

  5. kpoplover555 says:

    @Jundyulover i agreed with you he should take a pictuer of his whole hot body

  6. abundanttempest says:

    what is the deal with these Korean singers posting pics of them in the tub?! seriously!

  7. lanwookie says:

    Junsu and Honggi..tweets about bath time..? erkkk kind of weird..

  8. maria says:

    ikr? fetishism much? haha

  9. k-pop luver! says:

    i should start tweeting about all of my bath times

  10. jaeangie says:

    it’s 1 of the way of communication with their fans but seriously tweeting his pict. while in bathtub was LOL!!!

  11. NotchaChingu says:

    Ohhh MY BAD. That’s his FINGER.

  12. gokuma says:

    taking a photo while in tub? creepy 0.0

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