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F(x)’s Krystal has a “mystical aura” for Pinocchio

F(x) is making their comeback, but will the concept be based on lies?

Pinocchio was a story about a wooden toy (who later turned into a boy) whose nose kept growing when he lied. What is our SME girl band trying to insinuate now?

Amber joins the girls for their April 20th comeback to K-pop. Album photos from the new project “Pinocchio” will be released online and f(x)’s official website starting today until April 11th. Member Krystal was the first singer to bravely show off her unchanging nose to the public. Netizens praised the image above. They “fell in love with her intense gaze, “charismatic explosion”, and some feel this album has a “mystical aura” with photo number one.

Photo number two will be added to their equation soon! In the meantime, what do you think of questionable Krystal? Will her nose grow before our very eyes?

Source: Sports News (Financial News), SM Entertainment (Image)


29 Comments on “F(x)’s Krystal has a “mystical aura” for Pinocchio”

  1. Nigar says:

    coool what about others i am so excited i want to see Amber a lot

  2. gtl says:

    Cool but I hate how SM always uses concepts for their artist and makes them almost like actors playing out a music video instead of actual singers

    Like Big Bang and 4minute don’t really do concepts since they have developed their own personal style.

    • ashley says:

      that’s true but I never noticed that until u said it.

    • missy says:

      I hate how all of the concepts are bizarre and weird
      like snsd – hoot – it was like vegas theme and james bond, but had nothing to do with the song

      like homin’s before you go – the mv really had nothing to do with the song, and just cost alot, which now we know sm makes their artists pay for the mv costs (revieled during lawsuit)

      and now PINOCCIO..=.=.. so they are gonna be puppets that lie, and get a huge nose, and look like they are made out of wood, dancing with strings attached their arms <- if not that, then it's gonna be kinda weird.

      why can't they be like super junior where it's just wuper junior with no weird themes…

      I love bigbang, suju, and 4minute for that, even 2ne1 for that too…

      • Dood says:

        Sorry to break it to all of you all but most of these “doll idols” have concepts. That includes SJ and 4minutes too.

      • Dood says:

        Haven’t you seen 4minute’s new concept? Totally ugly.

      • steve says:

        sorry, they all have weird concepts. Your precious bigbang, suju 4minute and 2ne1 are not an exception.

        • missy says:

          4minute is just sexy…
          super junior is sexy hot
          bigbang is bigbang concept

          but you don’t see them changing. it’s just who they are.

          F(X) – A major SM FAILURE, changes left and right, i mean even with SM, they can’t win a little award. heechul gets his sulli jobs (own opinion). sm stuck victoria on we got married <- super fake couple, and then amber just disappears, well she can't rap, luna does.. hmm… not sure..
          this group won't last 2 years, aand so sm uses bizzare concepts to draw people into it.

          • ashley says:

            well not all artist start off has a huge success give them time, it will be sad if SM gives up on them like the did with CSJH..kinda?

    • huh says:

      Big Bang and 4minute don’t do concepts?! LOL
      I love delusional fans!

  3. Dood says:

    She looks ridiculous…almost like a psychopath killer.

  4. H2O says:

    I dont like her…..she has like a bad vibe.
    The only reason they put her in that group is bc she’s Jessica’s sister.
    She doesnt have charisma like the others.

    • kelly says:

      true, i don’t like her either, but actually she was scouted before Jessica and sm only took on Jessica after their parents said that Krystal was too young and suggested they could take on and train Jessica first. They only took Jessica so they could get Krystal in the package. So without Krystal, Jessica would have never even made it to sm.

  5. kro_ph says:

    at this picture above, crystal is now looking more like her sister Jessica. before she more looks like more of yuri’s little sis. 🙂

  6. kro_ph says:

    at this picture above, crystal is now looking more like her sister Jessica. before she more looks like more of yoona or yuri’s little sis. 🙂

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      people say that she looks like Yoona’s little sister instead of jessica
      i sorta have to agree with that

  7. queenbqty says:

    Pinnochio! Perfect name for the junior female plastic puppets of sm ent. Krystal is growing to be an ugly hag just like her sister. Put up Amber, or Victoria or Sulli or the other one, who cares about Krystal!

    • ashley says:

      true but she seems nicer than her sister.

    • what has this world come to -_- says:

      only ugly girls call other girls ugly. do you really feel good abt urself doing that?
      jessica- meh
      amber- man
      victoria- close to man(whos she kidding with the sexy act )
      sulli -cute
      krystal- hot.

      lets leave it at that.

      • queenbqty says:

        Only a girl who looks like a man would say that other females look like men, that’s your grand logic not mine, so you apparently look like a man. Anywho, Krystal wouldn’t be hot if she was on fire. Without makeup she’s plain at best, with tons of makeup (see above) she just looks like her plastic hag sister. I guess she has finally joined her sister on the endless trip to plastic surgery land.

  8. missy says:

    popseoul<- Where the HECK are those JYJ ARTICLES. HELLO!!!!!! are you some anti-jyj blog now??


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  10. […] The tale continues….. April 20th is the date that f(x)‘s first (non- mini) album, “Pinocchio”, hits stores! The real concept of the project has not been revealed, but photos of members Krystal and Amber are taking over internet portals! Krystal was mystical, while the lady above wants to be fashionista of 2011. […]

  11. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I can’t wait for their comeback! It’s gonna be awesome!!
    Did she really dye her hair that color or is it just a wig?

  12. Chicken says:

    Despite the hairstyle change, Krystal still looks like a Muslim.

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