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Lee Min-ho dines on Facebook

Social Networking is not just for talking anymore!

Min-ho: “…..We’ve shooted very well in Thailand. Korean shooting just start today. Thanks to all of Minoz. ^^(With CITY HUNTER Staff.)”

Flower-Preference-Hunter Lee Min-ho has come quite a long way since is 2009 “Boys Over Flowers” days. After being rich boy of the year, he fell in love with Son Ye-jin (on-screen only) and now he is hunting cities! Thankfully, Min-ho took time out of his metro hunt for a little nourishment! Recently, he posted the photo above on his official Facebook page. The V signed celebrity posed with members of the “City Hunter” crew during a meal in Thailand.

What do you think of his Facebook update?

Source: Lee Min-ho’s Official Facebook Page


14 Comments on “Lee Min-ho dines on Facebook”

  1. haley says:

    i love it from France.

  2. loomz says:

    i miss him .. alot

  3. Deki says:

    He is the only celebrity from whom I get updates on facebook from Seoul. I love him a lot, though he is a celebrity with no extra time, still he don’t ignore his fans around the world. Oppa, aja aja fighting.We love U.

  4. pat says:

    boring v sign again ruining the picture

  5. LOVEY DOVEY says:

    The V sign is for victory! It is never easy to conclude filming of a scene in a drama. To do so in a foreign land will even be more challenging. So the V sign from the “City Hunter” members is understandable. Please be safe and wish that “City Hunter” will become the hit drama for 2011!

  6. crazyMAL says:

    what is his official fb acct ?

  7. chelai xoo says:

    cute min-ho!! ♥

  8. Maggie says:

    Since when did Koreans start to invade FB?

  9. maria says:

    PLEASE hunt something here in europe!! we have plenty of cities!! LOL

  10. deepu says:

    u can evn cum 2 india………………………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. queenbznuts says:

    Sooo, that’s what an Asian Elvis impersonator looks like.

  12. Tipat says:

    I didn’t know he comes here (Thailand) or maybe I’m too busy so just miss the news.
    I love him, anyway,

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