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“Princess” Shin Ji-soo joins Shinhwa’s Jun Jin…..

DGNA, Go Joo-won, X-5, and a host of other names and trainees at Open World Entertainment!

The pretty pint-sized star will be one of the only female actresses to represent the agency at the moment. The young mother (her character on “Seven Princesses” drama) turned vixen model signed an exclusive contract with Open World on April 5th. Lee Seung-gi may be everyone’s’ favorite boy-next-door now, but he was her pretend baby daddy and later husband on the 2006 KBS “Princess” drama. She joins fellow Open World actor Go Joo-won from the same lady series that was a hit back in the day.

Shin Ji-soo plans to work hard. Her new agency is supporting her acting career and they are already considering upcoming projects.

Congratulations to Shin Ji-soo on joining a new entertainment family!

Source: Newsen


4 Comments on ““Princess” Shin Ji-soo joins Shinhwa’s Jun Jin…..”

  1. Konstance says:

    Newbie on board ! Wish her all the best ya!

  2. ara says:

    seven princesses ?
    is that drama’s good ?

  3. jasmine says:

    i have no idea who she is, but she looks pretty

  4. chelai xoo says:

    nice .

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