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Amber is “Pinocchio” girl number two!

The tale continues…..

April 20th is the date that f(x)‘s first (non- mini) album, “Pinocchio”, hits stores! The real concept of the project has not been revealed, but photos of members Krystal and Amber are taking over internet portals! Krystal was mystical, while the lady above wants to be fashionista of 2011.

Amber is stylish and comfortable in her tomboy hat and blue jean ensemble.

Where is her journey in style headed? She is taking the slow road to “NU ABO” girl clothes! A ball and baseball mitt gown is right around the corner!

Source: f(x)’s official website


19 Comments on “Amber is “Pinocchio” girl number two!”

  1. missy says:

    I didn’t even notice she was gone.. Who’s F(x)? Sm’s girl group barely surviving..
    I actually like SNSD better, at least they produce hits…
    F(x) will end just like CJSH the grace <- =.=

    This is more important than reporting JYJ's concert details?

    • sdaf says:

      Barely surviving? Oh god, LOL. You’ve just been hiding under a rock.
      Leader Vic in WGM & Sulli MC-ing, Luna in musicals/mc-ing.
      The f(x) girls are also in a show called “f(x) Koala”. Their own show.
      And their songs LA cHA TA, Chu~, NU ABO have been hits, so have the other songs inside the rest of their mini-albums.

      Now please, don’t comment unless you KNOW anything and don’t be rude towards other fandoms. Other than that, did Popseoul plan to not get the concert details? Maybe they haven’t known about it yet and this was just a small article so it would please f(x) fans & create a new article. It’s not an SNSD/JYJ website anyways.

      • missy says:

        oh I’m sorry, allkpop, just has like 8 articles..and popseoul has none
        we all know popseoul is late, but they haven’t mentioned anything..

        and F(x) won NO awards, NONE, even with SM backing them.
        I’m not saying they are bad, but as a group, they are failing at the moment.. they aren’t that popular, I’ve asked tons of korean guys…

        yes vic is doing well outside the group
        sulli is doing well outside the group
        luna is doing well outside the group

        most of their success is NOT as F(x) but solo gigs.
        just cuz a group ends doesn’t mean they’ll go away.

        • joe says:

          well success of the whole group helps a lot if single people become popular. members of snsd have their overrated members and member people hardly care about. snsd are popular in numbers. the more variety of girls to chose from, the more fans. AKB48 mentality. quantity over quality.

        • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

          f(x) did win awards, idiot….

  2. gtl says:

    Looks an ad for urban outfitters

  3. Konstance says:

    Pinocchio girl in wrong color and she’s not showing her nose.

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Whoa… everything is denim.
    She looks good in blond~

  5. kimberly says:

    I always thought it was fashion faux pas to dress entirely in blue denim head to toe…unless you were a cowboy.

  6. queenbqty says:

    f(x) should leave sm ent., unlike snsd they have some talent, but the songs they are given are awful, probably because sm spends all their money on plastic surgery, booty shorts, awful songs and buying awards for snsd.
    Amber is the best thing about f(x) and her androgyny is the only reason f(x) is known at all. sm ent always makes her look bad. Leave f(x), Amber and go solo, you couldn’t do any worse!
    Amber rocks!

    • LOOMZ says:


    • nana says:

      Totally! Look at the lines Amber was given in f(x)’s songs…so LITTLE.

      Luna’s an awsome singer, but sm autotuned her voice.

      Amber’s an awsome rapper, but sm gave a super brief lines to sing. A great singer too, but still so little part.

    • nana says:

      Plus….reading about SM’s 13-year contract built my concern for our dear Amber >.>

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