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Netizens: “Are these celebrities related?”

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and actor Jung Gyu-woon….F T Island’s Lee Hong-ki and Jang Guen-suk….SHINee’s Onew and the “scandalous” Song Joong-ki….Are they three sets of twins?

The answer is NO, but netizens have uploaded images of the celebrities listed above and more to note how much each one resembles the other. They have discovered that quite a few male stars could actually pass for brothers! Give me a minute to adjust my idol viewing glasses….

I have to agree with them regarding the JYJ’s Micky Yoo-chun and actor Yun Jong-hoon comparison. I thought they were the same person!  CNBlue [ Jung Yong-hwa] and 2AM [ Seulong] members  found their celebrity match through the netizens too.

Do you agree with them? Who do you think they could pass for identical strangers?

Source: TV Daily


36 Comments on “Netizens: “Are these celebrities related?””

  1. jaeangie says:

    Kim Hyun Joong & Se7en also resemble each other right?

  2. Gtl says:

    Not so much but for women they really do so many girl group members look identical since they ordered the same face. Not being mean just an observation especially rookie groups its all puffy cheeks, big eyes, small pointy nose and pale white skin.

  3. angeL5kY... says:

    sO cute.. TheY couLd actuaLLy pass foR bRotheRs..tHeY LooKs same..

    LiKe tHis ^^

  4. Manu says:

    In a couple of videoS, I thought Hero Jaejoong-oppa and Leader Kim Hyun-Joong-oppa looked pretty similar

  5. dan says:


  6. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    No, i think it’s Micky Yoochun of JYJ/DBSK and Junyoung of ZE:A

  7. Mundo Hallyu says:

    Song Joong Ki – Onew and Jung Yong Hwa – Jung Kyung Ho are really the same xD

  8. k-popfollower says:

    Hong Ki could pass for a cousin for Jang Guen Suk. Lol! Both are so cute~

  9. Sanu says:

    answer to question presented: Maybe they all went to the same surgeon?

  10. mingqi says:

    I don’t think Hongki looks much like JGS besides being pretty.

    the surgery issue aside, I wonder if one type of look becomes popular and then other companies pick out guys who look a certain way.ii.e. whoa, this kid Micky looks like a young Yun Jong hoon! Let’s pick him over that other kid who looks like a nobody. And there really are certain type of looks that just persist, even amongst non-famous people. I saw a guy who looks like Taecyeon once, so I guess Taecyeon’s face is not that unique.

  11. mayer says:

    i really cant distinguish if two koreans look alike…i mean, since i’m from the philippines, i cant see any difference..Korean boys, look all the same, especially those who live in Baguio City, Philippines..But there are some who look different because they really are cute…

  12. Mee Eun says:

    i remember watching a movie and thinking that the girl in it was Jeon JiHyun but it turned out to be someone else that looks exactly like her but i can’t remember who it was T_T

    • mayer says:

      don’t you think they were sisters or somewhat related? koreans are so cool..they can change their looks by just changing their hairstyle or makeup..

  13. Konstance says:

    I think their almost similar look are purely coincidence. Even twins look the same but their characters are pole apart and can be very much different from eachother.

  14. resaembutin says:

    For me, the two Idols who resembles a lot is Bigbang’s DAESUNG and singer K.Will,, they both have this cute eyes when they smile..

  15. mayer says:

    genetically speaking, no two persons have the same genetic code..neither two persons with the same finger print..but there is chance of being similar phenotypically because of the loss of variation..Loss of variation is actually common among cultures that practice the chinese ank korean, i guess..

  16. Ikra SuJu says:

    LEE HONG KI!!!! So young and so hot!!!

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