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Will Kim Kyu-jong become Prince Shin?

Eternal pretty face is ready to star in his first musical….well almost!

Kim Kyu-jong‘s agency, B2M Entertainment, has talked with the theatre production of the “Princess Hours” musical in Japan. DBSK’s Jung Yun-ho starred in the Korean play, but the SS501 center may be playing royalty in the international version.

Rumors have been circulating online that Kyu-jong will be portraying Prince Shin at the Kyoto Minami Theatre in June. Are the rumors true?Recently, B2M told Star News that an official notice will be released on the singer’s  website next week.

June 4th- 23rd is the scheduled timeline for play….Will the pretty face grace the stage with his presence? Do you think he looks royal enough to be the new Crown Prince?

Source: Star News [MKStartoday]


21 Comments on “Will Kim Kyu-jong become Prince Shin?”

  1. o0o_tripleS_o0o says:

    Ofcouse,he looks royal enough to be new Crown Prince! Jongie no.1! I love u Center!:)

  2. R-love says:

    Sarang hae Kyu Jong! I’ll be there and it’s almost summer vacation hope to see you there ok!!!!!!
    Remember I love you always and keep the faith in SS501!

  3. R-love says:

    Sweet I cheer you up!

  4. Grace says:

    of course, he is handsome, cool, adorable, and other great things. he WILL definitely make it. no matter what happened, i will support him.

  5. maria says:

    i dunnoooooooo about this.. O_o

    although this just totaally reminds me how much i miss joo ji hoon!

  6. maricar youngsaeng says:

    nice love this

  7. Florss501 says:

    go go go kim kyu jong ss501 fighting !!!!!!

  8. Konstance says:

    Hasn’t see him in news. Hope he’s doing well.

  9. Janice says:

    Nice~ Debuting as musical actor too??

    The picture above was kinda funny though…Hyung Jun UNDERNEATH Kyu Jong’s…ok..SOZ. ^^’

  10. dee;) says:

    well, i’m sure he’ll try his best..he always does!!
    fighting Kyu! i know you will be daebak!!

  11. Em says:

    Kyu fighting! 😀

  12. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    So….. What’s gonna happen to SS501?
    Are they just going solo for a little while, or are they going to split?

  13. Glamorous Sky says:

    whoa!! im really just dont expect Kyu Jong will take role as Prince Lee SHin. he is soo cold like Baek Seung Jo and Yoon Ji Hoo. i bet this is so interesting for Kyu Jong. wish him best of luck! i know he got talent in acting.

    • crazyMAL says:

      ayt, Prince shin is also like baek seung jo a cold man ;p haha but i know our pretty boy could really do it! Im happy for him to get a chance to act as a leading man! It’s a new opportunity for him and let’s be ready too to welcome new triple s… Haha! For sure they’ll be mesmerized by our pretty- handsome Crown prince, Jongie oppa ! ^^

  14. ShereeN says:

    I Do Not KNow U Guys..But i Feel i Wanna Scream Went i See His New’s Face…i Miss SS501 A Lot….

  15. MIN501 says:

    what theee with the photo ? are anti-kyu ? if not,put a proper photo please ….yeyy kyu welcome to musical lesson from min n jun okeeee??

  16. queenbqty says:

    KYU JONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. crazyMAL says:

    wow! Royal prince shin.. Hope we could be able to watch it… Wanna see him our pretty boy became a crown prince. Congrats oppa

  18. tangerines says:

    he cn totally pull off prince shinz role although hiz image normally is sweet and caring typz but if u c him in music videoz of ss501 mini drama n women are like that u get 2 c his serious side which luks wayyy much hotter on him dan his usulal shy self. i wz hoping he cumz in sm serious role la8er n m sooo happy he is…its a gr8 start 4 my kyutie !!! break a leg !! FYTING !!!!

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